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Redox Signaling in Eukaryotic DNA Replication and Repair

Elizabeth O'Brien
DNA-mediated charge transport chemistry (DNA CT) offers an intriguing regulatory mechanism in biology, as it is long-range, rapid, and sensitive to mismatches and perturbations to base stacking. DNA-processing enzymes in all three domains of life moreover have been shown to contain [4Fe4S] clusters, commonly redox cofactors. Bacterial [4Fe4S] repair proteins have been shown to signal one another using long-range DNA-mediated charge transport (DNA CT), facilitating the redistribution to damaged genomic DNA in cells. The role...

Equations of State, Sound Velocities, and Thermoelasticity of Iron-Nickel-Silicon Alloys in the Earth’s Inner Core

Rachel A. Morrison
The core of the Earth is predominately iron alloyed with approximately 5 wt% nickel along with some amount of light elements, e.g., Si, O, S, C, H, Mg. Mineral physics studies, in conjunction with seismological and cosmochemical observations, provide an opportunity to improve constraints on the composition of the core. In this thesis, we investigate the thermoelastic and vibrational properties of bcc- and hcp-structured Fe0.91Ni0.09 and Fe0.8Ni0.1Si0.1 (atomic percent) at high pressures. We present powder...

Optimal Scaling in Ductile Fracture

Landry Fokoua Djodom
This work is concerned with the derivation of optimal scaling laws, in the sense of matching lower and upper bounds on the energy, for a solid undergoing ductile fracture. The specific problem considered concerns a material sample in the form of an infinite slab of finite thickness subjected to prescribed opening displacements on its two surfaces. The solid is assumed to obey deformation-theory of plasticity and, in order to further simplify the analysis, we assume...

Some Physiological Functions of the Growth Hormone in Higher Plants

Folke Karl Skoog
The results of the experiments are included in the conclusions at the end of different chapters and in the last chapter of each Part. It is therefore only necessary to summarize the main results. Part I. 1. The inhibition of lateral bud development in Vicia and in Pisum is controlled by the growth hormone produced by the terminal bud. 2. The inhibiting effect produced by the terminal bud can be completely substituted by a continuous...

Photonic Crystal Waveguides for Integration into an Atomic Physics Experiment

Andrew Corby McClung
Strongly interacting systems of atoms and photons are an important resource in many active areas of research, including quantum information science, quantum simulation, and metrology. Frequently, the strength of these interactions is enhanced by using an optical resonator to confine light to a small volume. In recent years, there have been efforts to replace traditional Fabry–Pérot resonators, formed from macroscopic mirrors, with micro- and nano-fabricated systems, leveraging techniques and infrastructure from semiconductor manufacture to scalably...

A Study of the Heavy Minerals of the Modelo Formation in the Eastern Portion of the Santa Monica Mountains

William Maurice Cogen
Within recent years there has been a renewed interest among geologists in the field of sedimentary petrography. This interest has been rewarded by the accumulation of much new and interesting data. Careful studies of the textures and mineral compositions of formations have yielded important clues regarding climatic and geographic conditions during ancient times. These studies have made it possible in some cases to correlate unfossiliferous sediments. In this paper the writer is chiefly concerned with...

LIGO S5 Data Release

LIGO Scientific Collaboration

Achieving Higher Fidelity Building Response through Emerging Technologies and Analytical Techniques

Anthony Thomas Massari
The integration of sensor technology into the built environment has created an opportunity for a new approach to infrastructure development and management. Using collected data and principles of general physics, we discuss means and methods of using low cost dense instrumentation to perform damage detection, structural identification, and the benefits of cyber physical systems to community resilience. A nonlinear damping strategy for braced frame structures is introduced incorporating capped levels of damping forces. The study...

Synthetic Circuits for Feedback and Detection in Bacteria

Victoria Hsiao
Synthetic biology, by co-opting molecular machinery from existing organisms, can be used as a tool for building new genetic systems from scratch, for understanding natural networks through perturbation, or for hybrid circuits that piggy-back on existing cellular infrastructure. Although the toolbox for genetic circuits has greatly expanded in recent years, it is still difficult to separate the circuit function from its specific molecular implementation. In this thesis, we discuss the function-driven design of two synthetic...

Statistical Methods for Gene Differential Expression Analysis of RNA-Sequencing

Lynn Yi
RNA-Sequencing ("RNA-Seq") is performed to measure gene expression, often to ask the question of what genes are differentially expressed across various biological conditions. Statistical methods have been used to model RNA-Seq quantifications in order to determine differential expression, and have traditionally be divided into gene-level methods and transcript-level methods. There has been little attempt to connect the statistical divide, although transcript expression and gene expression are biologically inextricably linked. In this thesis, we provide a...

The Distribution of Picric Acid Between Water and Benzene and the Effect on the Equilibrium of Added Sodium and Hydrogen Chlorides

James Ewing Hill
This investigation was undertaken in order to study the distribution of picric acid between the immiscible solvents water and benzene at different concentrations, and to determine the effect upon this equilibrium of the addition of successive amounts to sodium chloride and hydrogen chloride to the aqueous phase. Data of this character is very similar to that relating to the effect of added electrolytes upon the solubility of slightly soluble salts and the theoretical conclusions which...

Data release for event GW151226

LIGO Scientific Collaboration

Nonlinear Optics and Wavelength Translation Via Cavity-Optomechanics

Jeffrey Thomas Hill
The field of cavity-optomechanics explores the interaction of light with sound in an ever increasing array of devices. This interaction allows the mechanical system to be both sensed and controlled by the optical system, opening up a wide variety of experiments including the cooling of the mechanical resonator to its quantum mechanical ground state and the squeezing of the optical field upon interaction with the mechanical resonator, to name two. In this work we explore...

CMB as a Probe of New Physics and Old Times

Vera Gluščević
Cosmic birefringence (CB)---a rotation of photon-polarization plane in vacuum---is a generic signature of new scalar fields that could provide dark energy. Previously, WMAP observations excluded a uniform CB-rotation angle larger than a degree. In this thesis, we develop a minimum-variance--estimator formalism for reconstructing direction-dependent rotation from full-sky CMB maps, and forecast more than an order-of-magnitude improvement in sensitivity with incoming Planck data and future satellite missions. Next, we perform the first analysis of WMAP-7 data...

Methods for Improving Long‐Range Wireless Communication between Extreme Terrain Vehicles

Paul V. Johnson & Dimitri Zarzhitsky
Axel is an extreme terrain, two-wheeled rover designed to traverse rocky surface and sub-surface landscapes in order to conduct remote science experiments in hard-to-reach locations. The rover's design meets many requirements for a mobile research platform capable of reaching water seeps on Martian cliff sides. Axel was developed by the Mobility and Robotic Systems section at the Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Unique design criteria associated with extreme terrain mobility led to a unique rover solution,...

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