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New Methods of Solving the Equations for the Flow of a Compressible Fluid

Francis Hettinger Clauser & Milton Ure Clauser
The usual equations for the flow of a compressible fluid are non-linear in character and difficult to solve. It has been found that if the components of velocity are taken as independent variables, the resulting equations are linear. These equations are developed and new forms introduced. A new function, Γ is introduced and a method advanced for effecting the transformation from the plane where the velocity components are coordinates, to the physical plane where x...

Structure and Stratigraphy of a Portion of San Gabriel Foothills in the Northern Third of the Sunland Quadrangle, Los Angeles County, California

Claude Byron Nolte
The area is located in San Fernando Valley, California, northwest of the small town of Sunland. The area extends 2½ miles eastward from Little Tujunga Canyon to Ebbie Canyon along the north side of Tujunga Wash and thence northward one mile up Ebbie Canyon to the basement complex; it extends 1½ miles north-eastward from Tujunga Wash up Little Tujunga Canyon. To reach the area from Pasadena, drive 20 miles west from the center of town...

The Brinelling of Small Ball Bearings

Frederick Hamilton Allardt
The brinelling of ball bearings is a subject which has had comparatively little study. Since ball bearings have found most of their applications in such things as rotating shafts, there has been little reason to study their action under static loading conditions. This research was suggested by the Fafnir Ball Bearing Company because of the increasing use of ball bearings for static loads in aircraft. In the aircraft business, the designers, because of strict weight...

The Effect of Curvature on the Transition from Laminar to the Turbulent Boundary Layer

Milton Ure Clauser & Francis Hettinger Clauser
In the flow over the upper surface of a wing, a discrepancy between the predicted and actual point of transition from laminar to turbulent boundary layer had been found. This effect may be due to the comparatively small radius of curvature of the upper surface of the wing. The present tests were undertaken to investigate this effect. As no available channel was suitable for this work, a new channel with two working sections was built....

Geology of Area Near Sunland, California

Leonard Frederick Schombel
I. Introduction. An area of approximately four square miles lying 20 miles northwest of Pasadena California was mapped to satisfy the senior thesis requirement in geology at the California Institute of Technology. The area mapped lies around the mouth of Big Tujunga Canyon which in turn is 2 miles east of Sunland, Calif. II. Physical Conditions. A series of sediments and volcanics was mapped which lie at the base of the western slope of the...

Effect of Auxin on Chlorella vulgaris and Studies on the Movement of Leaves

Hung-Chang Yin
[Part 1] Chlorella vulgaris of a re-isolated clone was cultured in Knop's solution to which different amounts of pure heteroauxin were added. The results show that auxin promotes the enlargement of the individual cells. Particularly in the young cultures the cell volume is proportional to the logarithm of the auxin concentration. In older cultures the matter is complicated by the shortage of another factor, presumably food. At high concentrations auxin retards cell division. This probably...

A Late Quaternary Mammal Fauna from the Tar Seeps of McKittrick, California

John Russell Schultz
Forty-three species of mammals are known at present from the McKittrick tar seeps, in addition to a larger number of bird species and a smaller number of plant types. In the McKittrick fossil assemblage Recent or still living forms are more abundant than extinct types. Since at Rancho La Brea the reverse is generally true, it appears that McKittrick is a somewhat later accumulation. The interval does not appear to be greater, however, than that...

A Two-Parameter Wind Tunnel Rigging System

Bradley Hobart Young
In January of 1935, definite steps were taken in a two part program to modernize the ten-foot wind tunnel of the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. Part one of the program was the design and construction of a new wind tunnel rigging system based on concepts originally laid down by Dr. A. L. Klein, Associate Professor at the same institution. Part two of the program, to be carried on intensively immediately...

The Conditions Necessary for the Absorption of Ultra-Short Waves in Hydrogen

Charles Kirkwood Alexander
A review is given of the work published to date on the absorption of ultra-short radio waves in excited hydrogen. A fairly detailed quantum mechanical analysis is given of the whole problem of intensity ratios for the Balmer line components. Theoretical intensity ratios are calculated; and the application of these results to the experimental problem is pointed out, together with the necessity for making preliminary investigations of the experiment values of these ratios. The experiment...

Geology and Ore Deposits of the Darwin Silver-Lead Mining District, Inyo County, California

Vincent Cooper Kelley
The survey of the geology and ore deposits of the Darwin Hills presents two major problems. The first is the origin of the stratified silicate aureole about the Darwin stock. Such silication may be accomplished by pure thermal metamorphism or by additive processes. Field relations, supported by petrographic and chemical evidence, indicate that metasomatism played the dominant role. Considerable silica and other materials were introduced into the limestones by the magmatic emanations. The second major...

Structural Studies in the Whipple Mountains, Southeastern California

Luis Emmett Kemnitzer
The rocks of the Whipple Mountains include a basement complex of pre-Cambrian age overlain by middle Tertiary volcanics and sedimentary. These are unconformably overlain by flat-lying Pleistocene and recent beds. The broad structural feature of the mountains is a faulted dome, elongated roughly east-west. The dome is out lined on the north and northeast flanks by an arcuate fault which dips away from the mountains. The northeast area of the mountains is broken into southwest-tilted...

High Temperature Electron-Phonon and Magnon-Phonon Interactions

Fred Chae-Reem Yang
Computational materials discovery and design has emerged in order to meet the surge in demand for new materials for applications ranging from clean alternative energy to human welfare. This acceleration of materials discovery is exhilarating, but the applications of new advanced materials can be limited by their thermodynamic stability. Accurate calculations of the Gibbs free energy, a measure of thermodynamic stability, require a deep understanding of atomic vibrations, a main source of entropy in materials....

Topological Phases of Matter: Exactly Solvable Models and Classification

Zitao Wang
In this thesis, we study gapped topological phases of matter in systems with strong inter-particle interaction. They are challenging to analyze theoretically, because interaction not only gives rise to a plethora of phases that are otherwise absent, but also renders methods used to analyze non-interacting systems inadequate. By now, people have had a relatively systematic understanding of topological orders in two spatial dimensions. However, less is known about the higher dimensional cases. In Chapter 2,...

Linear and Non-linear Interactions in a Rough-Wall Turbulent Boundary Layer

Jonathan P. Morgan
This thesis explores the linear and non-linear interactions which take place in a rough-wall turbulent boundary through experiments and modeling. In order to derive physics-based models for the relation between roughness geometry and flow physics, two very simple periodic roughnesses were 3D printed and placed in a boundary layer wind tunnel for separate experiments. Hot-wire measurements were taken at a grid of points within a single period of the roughness in order to map the...

How Polymers Shape the Physicochemical Environment of the Gut

Asher Preska Steinberg
The gut is where food is digested and nutrients are absorbed, therapeutics are often delivered, and many infections take hold. The gut microbiota is in symbiosis with its host, and can influence host health and behavior. Though the gut holds these central roles, little is understood about the physics of how soft materials interact with and shape the physicochemical environment of the gut. Soft materials abound in the gut in the form of particulates (e.g.,...

Silent Goodbyes

Sirus K. Han
No abstract.

Differential Bandgap Solar Cell Analysis

Alexander Patrick Mccormick Place
This thesis proposes and analyzes a new solar cell design. The base electrode of the new photovoltaic is composed of several electrically isolated nanolattices suspended on top of each other. Doped semiconductors are then deposited onto the beams of this electrode, forming isolated p-n junctions. The deposition thicknesses of one of the doped semiconductors is varied along the height of the device, creating a multi-junction solar cell. The charge ca rrier dynamics in an amorphous...

Feminine Intellectual Fertility in the Writing of Christine de Pizan

Suchita Patil Nety
Feminine Intellectual Fertility in the Writing of Christine de Pizan As Europe’s first professional woman writer, Christine de Pizan was faced with the daunting task of reconciling her femininity and serious literary intent as well as justifying her authority as a writer to a male scholarly audience.

Single Lens Holographic Imaging

Leon Ding
Metasurface phase masks offer a new way of imaging in that the lens sizes are orders of magnitude smaller and allow for batch fabrication of a large number of miniature lenses. Unfortunately, current metasurface lens technology cannot simultaneously overcome the issues of image distortion for objects far from the optical axis and chromatic aberrations. Using simulations in Matlab, we study and design a single lens holographic system using metasurface lenses to drastically reduce both off-axis...

The Women of Othello: Shakespeare's Reinterpretation of "A Moorish Captain"

Gauri G. Shastri
William Shakespeare’s source for his tragedy Othello is the Italian novella “A Moorish Captain,” written by Giraldi Cinthio in 1565 as part of his work Hecatommithi. Shakespeare’s retelling of the story is particularly interesting because Shakespeare alters the roles of the important female characters of the play.

Living with Sisyphus

Kshitij Grover
My aim in this paper will be to get a grip on the absurdist reply to, "What is the meaning of life? How should we live well?". Absurdism, related to pessimism, holds that the world is generally meaningless or purposeless. Specifically, I will provide a detailed exposition of Albert Camus' absurdist philosophy as detailed in The Myth of Sisyphus. I will then aim to present three arguments against Camus' existentialist methodology by examining his principle...

Objects of Interpretation in Othello

Suchita Patil Nety
The disintegration of female power is central to the progression of Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello . Iago’s rapid ascent and control is facilitated by subjugation of the women in the play. The promise of female power is contained in a seemingly inconsequential wisp of linen, Desdemona’s strawberry-patterned handkerchief. The handkerchief is a tangible symbol of female autonomy, both independently and in marriage. The loss of Desdemona’s handkerchief coincides with a rapid upset of the power dynamic...

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