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Robust Near-Threshold QDI Circuit Analysis and Design

Sean Jason Keller
The two most important digital-system design goals today are to reduce power consumption and to increase reliability. Reductions in power consumption improve battery life in the mobile space and reductions in energy lower operating costs in the datacenter. Increased robustness and reliability shorten down time, improve yield, and are invaluable in the context of safety-critical systems. While optimizing towards these two goals is important at all design levels, optimizations at the circuit level have the...

Octopamine neurons mediate flight-induced modulation of visual processing in Drosophila melanogaster

Marie Patricia Suver
Activity-dependent modulation of sensory systems has been documented in many organisms, and is likely to be essential for appropriate processing of information during different behavioral states. However, the mechanisms underlying these phenomena, and often their functional consequences, remain poorly characterized. I investigated the role of octopamine neurons in the flight-dependent modulation observed in visual interneurons in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. The vertical system (VS) cells exhibit a boost in their response to visual motion...

Antitumor activity of Py-Im polyamides

Fei Yang
Molecules that inhibit DNA dependent processes are the most commonly used agents for the treatment of cancer. The genotoxicity associated with their mechanisms of action, unfortunately, make them extremely toxic to the patient and cancer cells alike. The work presented in this thesis outlines the development of Py-Im polyamides as non-genotoxic DNA-targeted antitumor molecules that interfere with RNA polymerase II elongation. We initially characterized the pharmacokinetic profiles of two hairpin polyamides to establish their bioavailability...

Where Tori fear to tread : hypermassive neutron star remnants and absolute event horizons Or topics in computational general relativity

Jeffrey Daniel Kaplan
Computational general relativity is a field of study which has reached maturity only within the last decade. This thesis details several studies that elucidate phenomena related to the coalescence of compact object binaries. Chapters 2 and 3 recounts work towards developing new analytical tools for visualizing and reasoning about dynamics in strongly curved spacetimes. In both studies, the results employ analogies with the classical theory of electricity and magnitism, first (Ch. 2) in the post-Newtonian...

Tools for the study of dynamical spacetimes

Fan Zhang
This thesis covers a range of topics in numerical and analytical relativity, centered around introducing tools and methodologies for the study of dynamical spacetimes. The scope of the studies is limited to classical (as opposed to quantum) vacuum spacetimes described by Einstein's general theory of relativity. The numerical works presented here are carried out within the Spectral Einstein Code (SpEC) infrastructure, while analytical calculations extensively utilize Wolfram's Mathematica program. We begin by examining highly dynamical...

Random Propagation in Complex Systems: Nonlinear Matrix Recursions and Epidemic Spread

Hyoung Jun Ahn
This dissertation studies long-term behavior of random Riccati recursions and mathematical epidemic model. Riccati recursions are derived from Kalman filtering. The error covariance matrix of Kalman filtering satisfies Riccati recursions. Convergence condition of time-invariant Riccati recursions are well-studied by researchers. We focus on time-varying case, and assume that regressor matrix is random and identical and independently distributed according to given distribution whose probability distribution function is continuous, supported on whole space, and decaying faster than...

Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) Data Archive

Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) Team
The Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) is a network of ground-based Fourier Transform Spectrometers that record direct solar absorption spectra of the atmosphere in the near-infrared. From these spectra, accurate and precise column-averaged abundances of atmospheric constituents including CO2, CH4, N2O, HF, CO, H2O, and HDO, are retrieved. This is the 2014 data release.

Airplane Takeoff Performance

Victor John Martin
In this paper a general equation for calculating the takeoff performance of landplanes is developed in terms of the usual airplane parameters. The analysis enables the ground effect, wind and atmospheric conditions, altitude, and the use of flaps to be taken into account. A simple and rapid method is presented for the determination of the best flap angle to be used for takeoff. Variation in takeoff performance due to changes in any of the airplane...

A Proposed New Standard for High Voltage Measurements

Simon Ramo
It is suggested that the electrostatic force of attraction between spheres, rather than the sparking voltage, be adopted as the standard method of measuring high voltage. This proposal is based on the following investigations and results: 1. The sparking voltage of 50 centimeter standard testing spheres varies considerably even when corrections are made for changing air density. At larger spacings, the gap is influenced by the unavoidable presence of ground planes. 2. Accurate force measurements...

Characteristics of Braked, Locked and Free-Wheeling Two- and Three-Bladed Propellers

Frank Joseph Malina & William W. Jenney
The use of multi-engined aircraft has introduced the problem of aircraft performance when one or more power units have either become unusable or voluntarily shut down during cruising flight. If the use of the engine is to be discontinued because of mechanical failure, the desirable procedure is obviously to stop it altogether, so as to prevent possible destruction to the engine. This can be accomplished by locking the propeller, by a free-wheeling arrangement, or by...

The Geology of the East Coachella Tunnel of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. A San Diego Fauna in the Vicinity of Val Verde, California

Donald Dominic MacLellan
The Geology of the East Coachella Tunnel of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California: The following paper describes the geology of the East Coachella Tunnel of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. This tunnel extends along the southern flank of the Little San Bernardino Mountains, in Riverside county, California. Four rock types were encountered in the excavation of the tunnel: a regionally metamorphosed series of schists and gneisses of sedimentary origin, here called...

Structural Study of a Portion of the Lang and Humphreys Quadrangles, Los Angeles County, California

Leonard Frederick Uhrig
In this report the area mapped north of the San Gabriel Mountains in the Lang and Humphreys Quadrangles is considered primarily from the structural point of view. A portion of this area at the head of Tick Canyon was mapped by Y. Bonillaas in 1933. During the year 1934-5, Mr. C. Dawson and the writer extended this work independent of the other. W.S. Kew in Bulletin 753 of the U.S.G.S. has described much of the...

An Investigation of the Mill Creek Earthquakes of October, 1935

Ivan Victor Scherb
The purpose of this investigation has been to determine the characteristics of the seismic disturbances which occurred near Mount San Gorgonio, San Bernardino County, California on October 22, October 24, and intermittently thereafter until October 31. The principal shock occurred at 6:47:56.1 Pacific Standard Time on October 24, 1935. Travel-times for several phases have been determined, and the thickness of layers have been determined, and the thicknesses of layers for Southern California have been calculated.

Experiments Testing the Use of the Magnetometer in Determining Geologic Structure

Sidney Schafer
The purpose of this research was three-fold. Firstly, it was conducted in order to acquaint the author with the technique of measuring the vertical and horizontal components of the distorted earth's magnetic field and with the problems which arise during the course of a magnetic survey. Secondly, it was conducted in order to acquaint the author with the usefulness of the magnetometer as an aid to the solution of structural geology problems. Lastly, it was...

Geologic Studies in the Vicinity of Dry Canyon, Los Angeles County, California

Loyal Edward Nelson
The area studied is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Pasadena, about 5 miles north of Saugus, and around Dry Canyon Reservoir. It covers about 3.5 square miles, extending from Haskell Canyon west to San Francisquito Canyon. This field problem was undertaken in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree. A Brunton compass and an enlarged portion (1"-1000') of the Saugus Quadrangle were used in the mapping work. Though the region...

The Calculated Flight Path of the U.S.S. Macon

Thomas Murray Whelan
These calculations are concerned with the flight path of the Macon after the loss of the upper fin and the deflation of the three after gas cells. Taking into account the actual flight conditions, the question was raised whether the ship would rise to an altitude of 4800 feet. For at this altitude, which the record shows was actually reached, the ship had exceeded pressure height by about 2000'. In going over pressure height, the...

Investigations in the Field of Ultra-Short Electromagnetic Waves

Chao-Ying Meng
The production of ultra-short electromagnetic waves by the retarding field method is analyzed. It is found that to generate oscillations of very short wave lengths, it is more effective to reduce the size of the electrodes of the vacuum tube and to design the tubes to oscillate higher orders than to increase the grid potential. Experiments were made with the Pliotron FP-126 tubes as retarding field oscillators. These tubes generated strong normal and higher order...

The Separation of Gaseous Isotopes by Diffusion

Dean Everett Wooldridge
An apparatus has been constructed, similar to that of G. Hertz[3], making use of the difference in the thermal velocities of molecules of different weight to separate the isotopes of a gas. The problems of design and their solution are discussed in detail. Data are given to show the separation and equilibrium time of apparatus of several types, when used to separate mixtures of various initial concentrations of hydrogen and nitrogen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen,...

An Ink Recording Oscillograph for Steady State A.C. Phenomena in the Audio Range

John Robinson Pierce
An oscillograph has been designed and constructed which will reproduce in ink on paper tape the wave form of steady state a.c. voltages or currents in the frequency range 50 to 25,000 cycles. The tracing is done at a speed of approximately 1 cycle in 3 seconds, and represents a recording of the instantaneous voltage or current progressively at different phase positions in the cycle. The principle of the device is that of the Rosa...

A Geiger Counter Study of the Cosmic Radiations

William Hayward Pickering
A discussion of the development of the Geiger counter as applied to cosmic rays is given. The development of coincidence selecting circuits is particularly emphasised and various types of circuits are described in detail. Experiments dealing with the coincidences observed between three counters separated by considerable thicknesses of lead are shown to offer evidence that such coincidences are for the most part caused by the passage of single particles in straight lines through the counters...

Many-Valued Logics

Donald Loomis Webb
No abstract.

Some Physiological Functions of the Growth Hormone in Higher Plants

Folke Karl Skoog
The results of the experiments are included in the conclusions at the end of different chapters and in the last chapter of each Part. It is therefore only necessary to summarize the main results. Part I. 1. The inhibition of lateral bud development in Vicia and in Pisum is controlled by the growth hormone produced by the terminal bud. 2. The inhibiting effect produced by the terminal bud can be completely substituted by a continuous...

Analytic Functions in General Analysis

Angus Ellis Taylor
The theory of functions of a complex variable is distinguished from the theory of functions of a real variable by its simplicity - a simplicity is directly traceable to the complexity of the variable. Two of the remarkable simplicities of the theory are, first, that from the assumption that f(z) is differentiable throughout the neighborhood of a point z = z0 follows the existence of all higher derivatives and the convergence of the Taylor's series...

Butadiene from the Pyrolysis of 2,3-Dichlorobutane

Davis Ayres Skinner
Summary: 1. A satisfactory laboratory apparatus and method for preparing butadiene from 2,3-dichlorobutane, by passing over BaCl2 on pumice, at temperatures ranging from 500-600°C., has been described. 2. An analytical method for the products is developed using maleic anhydride to absorb butadiene, 87 percent sulfuric acid for butenes, and fractional distillation for the separation of chlorobutenes from the butadiene. 3. Butadiene, chlorobutene, butene, lower hydrocarbons, and hydrochloric acid have been shown to result from the...

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