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Stability of Electrode-Electrolyte Interfaces During Charging in Lithium Batteries

Panagiotis Philippos Natsiavas
In this thesis we study the growth of a Li electrode-electrolyte interface in the presence of an elastic prestress. In particular, we focus our interest on Li-air batteries with a solid electrolyte, LIPON, which is a new type of secondary or rechargeable battery. Theoretical studies and experimental evidence show that during the process of charging the battery the replated lithium adds unevenly to the electrode surface. This phenomenon eventually leads to dendrite formation as the...

The Astrophysics of Strongly Interacting Systems

Tejaswi Venumadhav Nerella
This thesis presents investigations in four areas of theoretical astrophysics: the production of sterile neutrino dark matter in the early Universe, the evolution of small-scale baryon perturbations during the epoch of cosmological recombination, the effect of primordial magnetic fields on the redshifted 21-cm emission from the pre-reionization era, and the nonlinear stability of tidally deformed neutron stars. In the first part of the thesis, we study the asymmetry-driven resonant production of 7 keV-scale sterile neutrino...

Coulomb Drag and Tunneling Studies in Quantum Hall Bilayers

Debaleena Nandi
The bilayer quantum Hall state at total filling factor νT=1, where the total electron density matches the degeneracy of the lowest Landau level, is a prominent example of Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons. A macroscopically ordered state is realized where an electron in one layer is tightly bound to a "hole" in the other layer. If exciton transport were the only bulk transportmechanism, a current driven in one layer would spontaneously generate a current of equal...

Metaconcrete: Engineered Aggregates for Enhanced Dynamic Performance

Stephanie Jane Mitchell
This work presents the development and investigation of a new type of concrete for the attenuation of waves induced by dynamic excitation. Recent progress in the field of metamaterials science has led to a range of novel composites which display unusual properties when interacting with electromagnetic, acoustic, and elastic waves. A new structural metamaterial with enhanced properties for dynamic loading applications is presented, which is named metaconcrete. In this new composite material the standard stone...

Mechanics of Deformable Glacier Beds

Brent Morton Minchew
My focus in this thesis is to contribute to a more thorough understanding of the mechanics of ice and deformable glacier beds. Glaciers flow under their own weight through a combination of deformation within the ice column and basal slip, which involves both sliding along and deformation within the bed. Deformable beds, which are made up of unfrozen sediment, are prevalent in nature and are often the primary contributors to ice flow wherever they are...

Imaging the Earth with Ambient Noise and Earthquakes

Yiran Ma
In this thesis, I develop the velocity and structure models for the Los Angeles Basin and Southern Peru. The ultimate goal is to better understand the geological processes involved in the basin and subduction zone dynamics. The results are obtained from seismic interferometry using ambient noise and receiver functions using earthquake- generated waves. Some unusual signals specific to the local structures are also studied. The main findings are summarized as follows: (1) Los Angeles Basin...

Heterometallic Complexes as Models of Enzymatic Active Sites

Davide Lionetti
This dissertation describes studies on two multinucleating ligand architectures: the first scaffold was designed to support tricopper complexes, while the second platform was developed to support tri- and tetrametallic clusters. In Chapter 2, the synthesis of yttrium (and lanthanide) complexes supported by a tripodal ligand framework designed to bind three copper centers in close proximity is described. Tricopper complexes were shown to react with dioxygen in a 1:1 [Cu3]/O2 stoichiometry to form intermediates in which...

Incremental Control Synthesis for Robotics in the Presence of Temporal Logic Specifications

Scott Carlton Livingston
This thesis presents methods for incrementally constructing controllers in the presence of uncertainty and nonlinear dynamics. The basic setting is motion planning subject to temporal logic specifications. Broadly, two categories of problems are treated. The first is reactive formal synthesis when so-called discrete abstractions are available. The fragment of linear-time temporal logic (LTL) known as GR(1) is used to express assumptions about an adversarial environment and requirements of the controller. Two problems of changes to...

Dynamic Characterization of Micro-Particle Systems

Wei-Hsun Lin
Ordered granular systems have been a subject of active research for decades. Due to their rich dynamic response and nonlinearity, ordered granular systems have been suggested for several applications, such as solitary wave focusing, acoustic signals manipulation, and vibration absorption. Most of the fundamental research performed on ordered granular systems has focused on macro-scale examples. However, most engineering applications require these systems to operate at much smaller scales. Very little is known about the response...

Deep Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of High-Redshift Galaxies: the Physical Growth of Passive Systems

Sirio Belli
The assembly history of massive galaxies is one of the most important aspects of galaxy formation and evolution. Although we have a broad idea of what physical processes govern the early phases of galaxy evolution, there are still many open questions. In this thesis I demonstrate the crucial role that spectroscopy can play in a physical understanding of galaxy evolution. I present deep near-infrared spectroscopy for a sample of high-redshift galaxies, from which I derive...

Thermodynamic properties of organometallic dihydrogen complexes for hydrogen storage applications

David Gregory Abrecht
The mechanism and thermodynamic properties of hydrogen binding to the solid-state complexes [M(CO)dppe2][BArF24] (M = Mn, Re, Tc) and [M'Hdppe2][NTf2] (M' = Fe, Ru, Os) were investigated experimentally and computationally over the temperature range 298K-373K and pressure range 0-2800 torr, based on the Sieverts method. The bulk absorption behavior was found to be accurately described by Langmuir isotherms. Enthalpy and entropy values of ΔH° = -52.2 kJ/mol and ΔS° = -99.6 J/mol-K were obtained experimentally...

Two and Three Finger Caging of Polygons and Polyhedra

Thomas F. Allen
Multi-finger caging offers a rigorous and robust approach to robot grasping. This thesis provides several novel algorithms for caging polygons and polyhedra in two and three dimensions. Caging refers to a robotic grasp that does not necessarily immobilize an object, but prevents it from escaping to infinity. The first algorithm considers caging a polygon in two dimensions using two point fingers. The second algorithm extends the first to three dimensions. The third algorithm considers caging...

Wave induced oscillations in harbors with connected basins

W. M. Keck Laboratory Of Hydraulics And Water Resources

Acceleration Sensing, Feedback Cooling, and Nonlinear Dynamics with Nanoscale Cavity-Optomechanical Devices

Alexander Grey Krause
Light has long been used for the precise measurement of moving bodies, but the burgeoning field of optomechanics is concerned with the interaction of light and matter in a regime where the typically weak radiation pressure force of light is able to push back on the moving object. This field began with the realization in the late 1960's that the momentum imparted by a recoiling photon on a mirror would place fundamental limits on the...

Buoyant slot jets into stagnant or flowing environments

W. M. Keck Laboratory Of Hydraulics And Water Resources

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