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A Report on the Geology of a Portion of the Whittier Hills, Southern California

Stanley William Lohman
The area described in this report occupies a block of approximately 20 square miles, the northwest corner of which is 10 miles east of the center of Los Angeles. (See Figure 1) The southwest corner of the area is occupied by the city of Whittier. The area is situated at the intersection of four quadrangles, including the southeast corner of the El Monte Quadrangle, the southwest corner of the Puente Quadrangle, the northwest corner of...

Structural Studies in the Whipple Mountains, Southeastern California

Luis Emmett Kemnitzer
The rocks of the Whipple Mountains include a basement complex of pre-Cambrian age overlain by middle Tertiary volcanics and sedimentary. These are unconformably overlain by flat-lying Pleistocene and recent beds. The broad structural feature of the mountains is a faulted dome, elongated roughly east-west. The dome is out lined on the north and northeast flanks by an arcuate fault which dips away from the mountains. The northeast area of the mountains is broken into southwest-tilted...

Device Architecture for Improved Redox Couple Mass Transport in Silicon Microwire Photoelectrodes and Electrical Contacts to Silicon Microwire Photovoltaics

Andrew Chengsi Meng
Applications of silicon microwires to solar energy conversion are investigated in this thesis, which is divided into two chapters. In the first chapter, silicon microwires are investigated as photoelectrodes in photoelectrochemical cells. The mass transport limitations of redox couple is studied in these liquid junction solar cells, and a device architecture proposed and successfully demonstrated to improve device performance. This work was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and is...

Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy of Amino Acids and Sugars

Matthew James Kelley
A time-domain spectrometer for use in the terahertz (THz) spectral range was designed and constructed. Due to there being few existing methods of generating and detecting THz radiation, the spectrometer is expected to have vast applications to solid, liquid, and gas phase samples. In particular, knowledge of complex organic chemistry and chemical abundances in the interstellar medium (ISM) can be obtained when compared to astronomical data. The THz spectral region is of particular interest due...

Plasma oscillations and radio noise from the disturbed sun. A field analysis of the M type backward wave oscillator

Roy Walter Gould
I. Plasma Oscillations and Radio Noise from the Disturbed Sun. Many investigators have suggested that plasma oscillations in the solar corona may be the source of large bursts of radio noise in the meter wavelength region. Two aspects of this problem are considered in this report: (a) the excitation of plasma oscillations by directed beams of charged particles, and (b) the conversion of energy in the longitudinal plasma oscillations to transverse electromagnetic waves by means...

Nuclear Scattering of High Velocity Electrons. Part I: Nuclear Scattering of High Velocity Electrons. Part II: Reflection of Electrons from Solid Surfaces

Henry Victor Neher
Part I. The results reported in this thesis may be summarized as follows: 1. Nuclear scattering by thin foils has been extended from 80,000 to 145,000 volts. 2. A more critical criterion for single scattering by thin foils is obtained which depends on the shape of the curve connecting ρ, the amount of scattering, with the angle. 3. Secondary electrons are eliminated by applying high equivalent stopping potentials. 4. Dependence of scattering on energy of...

Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Studies of Iron-oxides as Paleoenvironmental and Tectonic Archives

Hayden Bryce Dutcher Miller
Geochemical records of continental weathering environments are limited despite their critical value to understanding how past climates functioned. This thesis seeks to address this limitation by drawing together innovative lines of research in geochronology, stable isotope geochemistry, and chemical weathering. Two distinct projects are described; each project designed to provide new insight into the paleoenvironmental and tectonic history of continental weathering environments. These projects, though distinct in their methods and samples, are unified by their...

How Single Cells Sense Smad3 Signal

Christopher Lee Frick
Animal cells possess the remarkable ability to send, receive, and respond to molecular signals. Accurate processing of these signals is essential for the development and maintenance of complex cell fates and organization. The regulation of cell behavior in response to signal is mediated by signal transduction pathways, which are highly conserved protein-protein interaction networks. Recent work has shown that the activation of biomolecular networks is highly sensitive to natural cellular variation in protein levels, making...

Towards High Performance Robotic Actuation

Nikola-Zlatkov Georgiev
The main objective of this thesis is to enable development of high performance actuation for legged, limbed and mobile robots. Due to the fact that such robots need to support their own weight, their actuators need to be light weight, compact and efficient. Furthermore, a dynamics analysis, shows that the actuators' design may have significant impact on a robot's dynamics sensitivity. These consideration motivate improvements in all actuator design aspects. First, the application-specific design of...

Characterization of Adaptor Binding and Substrate Processing by VCP/p97

Emily E. Blythe
Valosin-containing protein (VCP/p97) is an essential AAA+ ATPase that is critical to numerous important cellular pathways, such as ER-associated degradation. p97 works in concert with a repertoire of adaptor proteins to extract ubiquitylated proteins from membranes or complexes and, often, target them for degradation by the protesome. The nature of the p97 system—dependent upon a complex network of accessory proteins and targeted to substrates that are unstable and heterogeneous—makes the mechanism of substrate processing challenging...

Applications of the Enantioselective Allylic Alkylation Toward the Synthesis of Complex Natural Products

Steven Anthony Loskot
The Stoltz group, and moreover the synthetic community at large, has long been interested in the development of methods for the synthesis of enantioenriched all-carbon quaternary stereocenters. This thesis present three projects all unified by the development and use of the palladium-catalyzed decarboxylative allylic alkylation to synthesize enantioenriched all-carbon quaternary stereocenter containing cyclopentanones as well as the natural product total synthesis.

Statistical Methods for Gene Differential Expression Analysis of RNA-Sequencing

Lynn Yi
RNA-Sequencing ("RNA-Seq") is performed to measure gene expression, often to ask the question of what genes are differentially expressed across various biological conditions. Statistical methods have been used to model RNA-Seq quantifications in order to determine differential expression, and have traditionally be divided into gene-level methods and transcript-level methods. There has been little attempt to connect the statistical divide, although transcript expression and gene expression are biologically inextricably linked. In this thesis, we provide a...

Probing the Roles of Receptor Structure, Drug-Receptor Interactions, and Receptor Crosstalk in Ligand-Gated Ion Channel Function

Walrati Limapichat
Ligand-gated ion channels are multi-subunit transmembrane proteins that play crucial roles in synaptic transmission in the nervous system. These include the Cys-loop receptor superfamily, the ionotropic glutamate receptor (iGluR) family, and the purinergic P2X receptor family. Binding of specific neurotransmitters at the ligand-binding site triggers a series of conformational changes that ultimately leads to ion channel opening. This dissertation describes three molecular-scale functional studies on these receptors. The first project (Chapter 2) describes structure-function studies...

Development of Nickel-Catalyzed Asymmetric Reductive Cross-Coupling Reactions

Kelsey Elizabeth Poremba
Asymmetric reductive cross-electrophile coupling is a powerful method to forge C–C bonds and access enantioenriched small molecules, which can be further functionalized to access scaffolds present in natural products and bioactive pharmaceutical agents. However, an innate challenge of this methodology is identifying a chiral catalyst that achieves optimal cross-selectivity and stereocontrol. Herein, we report studies on the asymmetric cross-coupling of C(sp3) electrophiles, such as benzyl chlorides, α-chloroesters, and N-hydroxyphthalimide esters, with several classes of C(sp2)...

Computational Imaging: a Quest for the Perfect Image

Jaebum Chung
A physical lens is limited in its ability to capture an image that is both high- resolution and wide-field due to aberrations even with a sophisticated lens design. This thesis explores computational methods that expand on the recently developed Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM) to overcome the physical limitations. New algorithms and imaging methods extend the computational aberration correction to more general imaging modalities including fluorescence microscopy and incoherent bright-field imaging so as to allow even...

Nonlinear Physics in Soliton Microcombs

Qifan Yang
Like rulers of light, optical frequency combs consist of hundreds to millions of coherent laser lines, which are capable of measuring time and frequency with the highest degree of accuracy. Used to rely on table-top mode-locked lasers, optical frequency combs have been recently realized in a miniaturized form, namely the microcomb, using monolithic microresonators. Besides a reduction of footprint, microcombs could also achieve parity with traditional frequency combs in performance by mode-locking through the formation...

Studies of Zγ Production and Constraints on Anomalous Triple Gauge Couplings in pp Collisions at √s = 7 TeV

Jan Veverka
In this thesis, we test the electroweak sector of the Standard Model of particle physics through the measurements of the cross section of the simultaneous production of the neutral weak boson Z and photon γ, and the limits on the anomalous Zγγ and ZZγ triple gauge couplings h3 and h4 with the Z decaying to leptons (electrons and muons). We analyze events collected in proton-proton collisions at center of mass energy of sqrt(s) = 7...

Nonlinear Optics and Wavelength Translation Via Cavity-Optomechanics

Jeffrey Thomas Hill
The field of cavity-optomechanics explores the interaction of light with sound in an ever increasing array of devices. This interaction allows the mechanical system to be both sensed and controlled by the optical system, opening up a wide variety of experiments including the cooling of the mechanical resonator to its quantum mechanical ground state and the squeezing of the optical field upon interaction with the mechanical resonator, to name two. In this work we explore...

Characterization of Diverse Megathrust Fault Behavior Related to Seismic Supercycles, Mentawai Islands, Sumatra

Belle Philibosian
Long paleoseismic histories are necessary for understanding the full range of behavior of faults, as the most destructive events often have recurrence intervals longer than local recorded history. The Sunda megathrust, the interface along which the Australian plate subducts beneath Southeast Asia, provides an ideal natural laboratory for determining a detailed paleoseismic history over many seismic cycles. The outer-arc islands above the seismogenic portion of the megathrust cyclically rise and subside in response to processes...

Advanced Density Functional Theory Methods tor Materials Science

Steven Brian Demers
In this work we chiefly deal with two broad classes of problems in computational materials science, determining the doping mechanism in a semiconductor and developing an extreme condition equation of state. While solving certain aspects of these questions is well-trodden ground, both require extending the reach of existing methods to fully answer them. Here we choose to build upon the framework of density functional theory (DFT) which provides an efficient means to investigate a system...

Identification of Fucose-α(1-2)-Galactose Binding Proteins in the Mammalian Brain

Arif Wibowo
Fucose-α(1-2)-galactose (Fucα(1-2)Gal) carbohydrates have been implicated in cognitive functions. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms that govern these processes are not well understood. While significant progress has been made toward identifying glycoconjugates bearing this carbohydrate epitope, a major challenge remains the discovery of interactions mediated by these sugars. Here, we employ the use of multivalent glycopolymers to enable the proteomic identification of weak affinity, low abundant Fucα(1-2)Gal-binding proteins (i.e. lectins) from the brain. End-biotinylated glycopolymers containing...

Iridium and Rhodium Analogues of the Shilov Cycle Catalyst; and The Investigation and Applications of the Reduction-Coupled Oxo Activation (ROA) Mechanistic Motif towards Alkane Upgrading

Ross Fu
This dissertation will cover several disparate topics, with the overarching theme centering on the investigation of organometallic C-H activation and hydrocarbon transformation and upgrading. Chapters 2 and 3 discuss iridium and rhodium analogues of the Shilov cycle catalyst for methane to methanol oxidation, and Chapter 4 on the recently discovered ROA mechanistic motif in catalysts for various alkane partial oxidation reactions. In addition, Chapter 5 discusses the mechanism of nickel pyridine bisoxazoline Negishi catalysts for...

Synthetic Molecular Machines for Active Self-Assembly: Prototype Algorithms, Designs, and Experimental Study

Nadine L. Dabby
Computer science and electrical engineering have been the great success story of the twentieth century. The neat modularity and mapping of a language onto circuits has led to robots on Mars, desktop computers and smartphones. But these devices are not yet able to do some of the things that life takes for granted: repair a scratch, reproduce, regenerate, or grow exponentially fast–all while remaining functional. This thesis explores and develops algorithms, molecular implementations, and theoretical...

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