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A Study of the Heavy Minerals of the Modelo Formation in the Eastern Portion of the Santa Monica Mountains

William Maurice Cogen
Within recent years there has been a renewed interest among geologists in the field of sedimentary petrography. This interest has been rewarded by the accumulation of much new and interesting data. Careful studies of the textures and mineral compositions of formations have yielded important clues regarding climatic and geographic conditions during ancient times. These studies have made it possible in some cases to correlate unfossiliferous sediments. In this paper the writer is chiefly concerned with...

Chemical Tools for Protein Imaging in Live Bacterial Cells

Samuel Hin-Yuen Ho
Bacteria spatially and temporally localize their proteins to carry out fundamental cellular processes. Methods for visualizing protein subcellular localization have been critical to our understanding of prokaryotic cell biology. Fluorescent reporters have been instrumental for imaging bacterial proteins in live cells. Small-molecule fluorescent dyes, which have favorable spectral properties, including high brightness and photostability, are attractive in labeling proteins of interest. Here we present a method to site-specifically label the N-termini of bacterial protein targets...

Pressure and Stress Transients in Autoinjector Devices

Jean-Christophe Veilleux
The viscosity of drug solutions delivered parenterally has been increasing over the years. Injecting viscous drug solutions using spring-actuated autoinjector devices is challenging due to a number of technical and human factor constraints. Some of the related challenges are investigated in this thesis. Actuation of autoinjector devices powered using stiff springs can create deleterious pressure and stress transients which are not needed to achieve the normal functions of the device. Experimental measurements have shown that...

Investigations of Turbulent Mixing Regions

Arnold Martin Kuethe
The turbulent mixing of two jets of fluid of the same density is investigated theoretically by means of Prandtl's theory of turbulence and the results compared with experiment. The mixing length is assumed proportional to the breadth of the mixing region with a proportionality constant which is the only empirical constant in the theory. In Part II a solution obtained by Tollmien for the mixing region of a plane jet, in which he considers the...

Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions from Bis(carbene)-Platinum(II) Complexes and Olefin Polymerization and Oligomerization using Group 4 Post-Metallocene Complexes

Rachel Christine Klet
A long-standing challenge in transition metal catalysis is selective C–C bond coupling of simple feedstocks, such as carbon monoxide, ethylene or propylene, to yield value-added products. This work describes efforts toward selective C–C bond formation using early- and late-transition metals, which may have important implications for the production of fuels and plastics, as well as many other commodity chemicals. The industrial Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) process converts synthesis gas (syngas, a mixture of CO + H2) into...

Magnetometer Examination of the Monte Cristo Magnetite-Ilmenite Deposits

Robert Marx Dreyer & Charles Alexander Dawson
Situated in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California is a large body of anorthosite which is associated a number of bodies of ilmenitic magnetite. During the summer of 1937, the E. I. duPont de Nemours Corporation obtained options on a group of properties thought to contain several such deposits. In connection with the exploration of the aforementioned deposits, the authors were employed as geophysicists to conduct a magnetic examination of the area. The data...

Shakespeare’s Crafting of the Ideal King in Henry V

Chaitanya Lakshmidhar Malladi
[Introduction] In Shakespeare’s history Henry V, the playwright depicts the reign of King Harry— specifically with respect to his claim to the throne of France and his subsequent invasion. In the prequel to this play, Henry IV, Harry is shown as an impetuous young boy who engages in mischief around town with his immature friends. However, by the end of the first part of Henry IV, Harry matures and becomes a brave, strong warrior on...

Characterization of Diverse Megathrust Fault Behavior Related to Seismic Supercycles, Mentawai Islands, Sumatra

Belle Philibosian
Long paleoseismic histories are necessary for understanding the full range of behavior of faults, as the most destructive events often have recurrence intervals longer than local recorded history. The Sunda megathrust, the interface along which the Australian plate subducts beneath Southeast Asia, provides an ideal natural laboratory for determining a detailed paleoseismic history over many seismic cycles. The outer-arc islands above the seismogenic portion of the megathrust cyclically rise and subside in response to processes...

Determinantal Hypersurface from a Geometric Perspective

Jingjing Huang
In this paper, we give a geometric interpretation of determinantal forms, both in the case of general matrices and symmetric matrices. We will prove irreducibility of the determinantal singular loci and state its dimension. We also provide detailed description of the singular locus for small dimensions.

Quantum Simulation of Enzyme Catalysis

Nicholas Boekelheide
Separating the dynamics of variables that evolve on different timescales is a common assumption in exploring complex systems, and a great deal of progress has been made in understanding chemical systems by treating independently the fast processes of an activated chemical species from the slower processes that proceed activation. Protein motion underlies all biocatalytic reactions, and understanding the nature of this motion is central to understanding how enzymes catalyze reactions with such specificity and such...

Reaction of Glucose Catalyzed by Framework and Extraframework Tin Sites in Zeolite Beta

Ricardo Bermejo-Deval
The isomerization of glucose into fructose is a large-scale reaction for the production of high-fructose corn syrup, and is now being considered as an intermediate step in the possible route of biomass conversion into fuels and chemicals. Recently, it has been shown that a hydrophobic, large pore, silica molecular sieve having the zeolite beta structure and containing framework Sn4+ (Sn-Beta) is able to isomerize glucose into fructose in aqueous media. Here, I have investigated how...

The Hydration of Isobutene. I. The Hydration Rate of Isobutene in Dilute Nitric Acid. II. The Free Energy of Hydration of Isobutene. III. The Hydration of Isobutene in the Presence of Silver Nitrate

William Ferdinand Eberz
The three articles contained in this thesis describe the investigation of the hydration of isobutene. In the first paper the rates of hydration of isobutene were measured in dilute nitric acid solutions both with and without other ions present to observe possible catalytic effects. In the second paper the equilibrium of the hydration reaction in aqueous solution was determined and, by means of additional data, the standard free energy change and change in heat content...

Empiricism and Mathematical Knowledge

Gideon J. Leeper
Empiricism asserts that sensory perceptions and experiences are the basis of all knowledge, i.e. essentially everything we know has either been directly perceived or deduced from perceived knowledge. This would seem to conflict with the wealth of mathematical knowledge that we have accrued as a civilization. Mathematics consists primarily of facts concerning ideal objects, such as topological spaces, groups, and categories, which we have never encountered in physical reality, and cannot reasonably expect to. Then...

A Spectral Approach to the Relativistic Inverse Stellar Structure Problem

Nathaniel Michael Indik
We present a new method for solving the inverse stellar structure problem, which determines an expression for the high density range of the neutron star equation of state (EOS) based on observations of total masses, M, and radii, R of these stars. This approach determines spectral representations of the EOS that are very accurate and require only a few spectral parameters to converge. This method can determine the underlying high density EOS from just a...

Investigation of Relation Between Euler and Flat Plate Buckling of "L" Section Struts

Aurelius Bartlett Vosseller & Clayton Charles Jerome
No abstract.

Label-free Detection of Single Molecule Using Microtoroid Optical Resonators

Tsu-Te Judith Su
Being able to detect a single molecule without the use of labels has been a long standing goal of bioengineers and physicists. This would simplify applications ranging from single molecular binding studies to those involving public health and security, improved drug screening, medical diagnostics, and genome sequencing. One promising technique that has the potential to detect single molecules is the microtoroid optical resonator. The main obstacle to detecting single molecules, however, is decreasing the noise...

A Short Investigation of the North Central Portion of the Lang Quadrangle, California

Richard Harvey Allen
This paper consists of a study of the Escondido and Mint Canyon formations and their structural relationships in the Lang Quadrangle, California. The Escondido formation was found to be approximately 4,500 feet thick and folded into a large pitching syncline with a small anticline in the center. This large syncline, which is in fault contact with the basement, is further modified by a series 4 major strike-slip faults in which the east side has moved...

A Linear Strain Seismograph. The Physical Evaluation of Seismic Destructiveness. A Method for the Instrumental Determination of the Extent of Faulting

Victor Hugo Benioff
Part one: A linear strain seismograph: A non-pendular seismograph is described, having a response which depends upon the linear strains between two points of the ground. Essentially, the seismometer consists of two piers separated by an interval of 20 meters, with a horizontal bar which is rigidly fastened to one pier and extending nearly to the other pier. Relative movements of the two piers thus actuate an electromechanical transducer which operates between the free end...

Lagrangian Functions Which Determine a Symmetrical Tensor by Schrodinger's Rule

Hervey Crandall Hicks
The choice of a Lagrangian function to be used in a variational principle may be limited by the condition that the tensor derived from it by Schrodinger’s rule shall be symmetrical. To meet this condition the function must satisfy a certain set of partial differential equations. Particular and general solutions of these equations are found in various cases—according as the function is restricted to depend (A) only on the components of a vector, (B) only...

Geology of the Central Portion of the Sunland Quadrangle, California

Robert Bruce Lockwood
The region in which the geology was mapped includes an area in the central portion of the Sunland Quadrangle, just west of the small town of Sunland and about 20 mi. north west of Los Angles. The sedimentary series here consists of interbedded conglomerates, sandstones, and siliceous shales, lower Modelo in age, which rest depositionally on old granites and gneisses. Above the lower Modelo there is a thin section of typical, highly contorted upper Modelo...

Black Hole Simulations: From Supercomputers to Your Laptop

Vadapalli Vijay S. Varma
In this thesis, I will present various advancements in the modeling of binary black holes (BBHs): two black holes (BHs) that are in orbit around each other. The BHs lose energy to gravitational waves, causing them to spiral towards each other until they eventually merge and leave behind a single BH. BBHs are primary sources for ground based detectors such as the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). As the BHs are about to merge, they...

A Wideband, Low-Noise Superconducting Amplifier with High Dynamic Range

Byeong Ho Eom, Peter K. Day, Henry G. LeDuc & Jonas Zmuidzinas
Amplifiers are ubiquitous in electronics and play a fundamental role in a wide range of scientific measurements. From a user's perspective, an ideal amplifier has very low noise, operates over a broad frequency range, and has a high dynamic range - it is capable of handling strong signals with little distortion. Unfortunately, it is difficult to obtain all of these characteristics simultaneously. For example, modern transistor amplifiers offer multi-octave bandwidths and excellent dynamic range. However,...

Phospholipids and a Protein-Conducting Channel Regulate Cotranslational Protein Targeting

David Akopian
Signal recognition particle (SRP) and signal recognition particle receptor (SR) are evolutionarily conserved GTPases that deliver secretory and membrane proteins to the protein-conducting channel Sec61 complex in the lipid bilayer of the endoplasmic reticulum in eukaryotes or the SecYEG complex in the inner membrane of bacteria. Unlike the canonical Ras-type GTPases, SRP and SR are activated via nucleotide-dependent heterodimerization. Upon formation of the SR•SRP targeting complex, SRP and SR undergo a series of discrete conformational...

The Stratigraphy and Foraminiferal Fauna of the Santa Susana Formation

Frank Wagner Bell
The Santa Susana formation on the north side of the Simi Valley, Ventura County, California consists of 2360 feet of marine sediments. Macro-fossils found by previous workers indicate that the formation represents the the Meganos Eocene. As these fossils came from the upper 300 feet of the formation, nothing was known concerning the correlation of the remainder of the section. Abundant and well preserved foraminifera have been found by the writer through the entire section,...

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