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Spatial Profiles in the Singular Solutions of the 3D Euler Equations and Simplified Models

Pengfei Liu
The partial differential equations (PDE) governing the motions of incompressible ideal fluid in three dimensional (3D) space are among the most fundamental nonlinear PDEs in nature and have found a lot of important applications. Due to the presence of super-critical non-linearity, the fundamental question of global well-posedness still remains open and is generally viewed as one of the most outstanding open questions in mathematics. In this thesis, we investigate the potential finite-time singularity formation of...

Narrow-Linewidth Si/III-V Lasers: a Study of Laser Dynamics and Nonlinear Effects

Yaakov Vilenchik
Narrow-linewidth lasers play an important role in a wide variety of applications, from sensing and spectroscopy to optical communication and on-chip clocks. Current narrow-linewidth systems are usually implemented in doped fibers and are big, expensive, and power-hungry. Semiconductor lasers compete favorably in size, cost, and power consumption, but their linewidth is historically limited to the sub-MHz regime. However, it has been recently demonstrated that a new design paradigm, in which the optical energy is stored...

Toppling Analysis of Precariously Balanced Rocks under Earthquake Excitation

Swetha Veeraraghavan
Toppling analysis of a precariously balanced rock (PBR) can provide insights into the nature of ground motion that has not occurred at that location in the past and, by extension, realistic constraints on peak ground motions for use in engineering design. Earlier approaches have targeted simplistic 2-D models of the rock or modeled the rock-pedestal contact using spring-damper assemblies that require re-calibration for each rock. These analyses also assume that the rock does not slide...

Fiber-Optic Integration and Efficient Detection Schemes for Optomechanical Resonators

Justin Daniel Cohen
With the advent of the laser in the year 1960, the field of optics experienced a renaissance from what was considered to be a dull, solved subject to an active area of development, with applications and discoveries which are yet to be exhausted 55 years later. Light is now nearly ubiquitous not only in cutting-edge research in physics, chemistry, and biology, but also in modern technology and infrastructure. One quality of light, that of the...

Information-theoretic Studies and Capacity Bounds: Group Network Codes and Energy Harvesting Communication Systems

Wei Mao
Network information theory and channels with memory are two important but difficult frontiers of information theory. In this two-parted dissertation, we study these two areas, each comprising one part. For the first area we study the so-called entropy vectors via finite group theory, and the network codes constructed from finite groups. In particular, we identify the smallest finite group that violates the Ingleton inequality, an inequality respected by all linear network codes, but not satisfied...

Study of the origins of toughness in amorphous metals

Glenn Robert Garrett
Amorphous metals that form fully glassy parts over a few millimeters in thickness are still relatively new materials. Their glassy structure gives them particularly high strengths, high yield strains, high hardness values, high resilience, and low damping losses, but this can also result in an extremely low tolerance to the presence of flaws in the material. Since this glassy structure lacks the ordered crystal structure, it also lacks the crystalline defect (dislocations) that provides the...

Neural and Computational Representations of Decision Variables

Daniel Ciarán McNamee
These studies explore how, where, and when representations of variables critical to decision-making are represented in the brain. In order to produce a decision, humans must first determine the relevant stimuli, actions, and possible outcomes before applying an algorithm that will select an action from those available. When choosing amongst alternative stimuli, the framework of value-based decision-making proposes that values are assigned to the stimuli and that these values are then compared in an abstract...

Electromyographic Signal Processing With Application To Spinal Cord Injury

Zhao Liu
An Electromyogram or Electromyographic (EMG) signal is the recording of the electrical activity produced by muscles. It measures the electric currents generated in muscles during their contraction. The EMG signal provides insight into the neural activation and dynamics of the muscles, and is therefore important for many different applications, such as in clinical investigations that attempt to diagnose neuromuscular deficiencies. In particular, the work in this thesis is motivated by rehabilitation for patients with spinal...

Endoscopic optical coherence tomography : design and application

Jian Ren
This thesis presents an investigation on endoscopic optical coherence tomography (OCT). As a noninvasive imaging modality, OCT emerges as an increasingly important diagnostic tool for many clinical applications. Despite of many of its merits, such as high resolution and depth resolvability, a major limitation is the relatively shallow penetration depth in tissue (about 2∼3 mm). This is mainly due to tissue scattering and absorption. To overcome this limitation, people have been developing many different endoscopic...

Fast Numerical Methods for Mixed, Singular Helmholtz Boundary Value Problems and Laplace Eigenvalue Problems - with Applications to Antenna Design, Sloshing, Electromagnetic Scattering and Spectral Geometry

Eldar Akhmetgaliyev
This thesis presents a novel class of algorithms for the solution of scattering and eigenvalue problems on general two-dimensional domains under a variety of boundary conditions, including non-smooth domains and certain "Zaremba" boundary conditions - for which Dirichlet and Neumann conditions are specified on various portions of the domain boundary. The theoretical basis of the methods for the Zaremba problems on smooth domains concern detailed information, which is put forth for the first time in...

Advancements in Jet Turbulence and Noise Modeling: Accurate One-way Solutions and Empirical Evaluation of the Nonlinear Forcing of Wavepackets

Aaron S. Towne
Jet noise reduction is an important goal within both commercial and military aviation. Although large-scale numerical simulations are now able to simultaneously compute turbulent jets and their radiated sound, lost-cost, physically-motivated models are needed to guide noise-reduction efforts. A particularly promising modeling approach centers around certain large-scale coherent structures, called wavepackets, that are observed in jets and their radiated sound. The typical approach to modeling wavepackets is to approximate them as linear modal solutions of...

Microfluidics-based single-cell functional proteomics microchip for portraying protein signal transduction networks within the framework of physicochemical principles, with applications in fundamental and translational cancer research

Wei Wei
Single-cell functional proteomics assays can connect genomic information to biological function through quantitative and multiplex protein measurements. Tools for single-cell proteomics have developed rapidly over the past 5 years and are providing unique opportunities. This thesis describes an emerging microfluidics-based toolkit for single cell functional proteomics, focusing on the development of the single cell barcode chips (SCBCs) with applications in fundamental and translational cancer research. The microchip designed to simultaneously quantify a panel of secreted,...

Organic Structure Directing Agent Free Synthesis of Small Pore Zeolite Catalysts for the Methanol-to-Olefins Reaction

Yuewei Lucy Ji
Light olefins, ethylene and propylene, are two of the highest produced petrochemicals globally. The methanol-to-olefins (MTO) reaction is a promising route for making these chemicals from non-petroleum feedstocks such as natural gas and coal that has been successfully commercialized. The catalysts employed for this reaction are typically microporous molecular sieves with Brønsted acidity, e.g., zeolites and silicoaluminophosphates, that generally require costly organic structure directing agents (OSDAs) to synthesize. This thesis explores an alternative, low cost...

Tools For Spatiotemporally Specific Proteomic Analysis In Multicellular Organisms

Kai P. Yuet
The emergence of mass spectrometry-based proteomics has revolutionized the study of proteins and their abundances, functions, interactions, and modifications. However, in a multicellular organism, it is difficult to monitor dynamic changes in protein synthesis in a specific cell type within its native environment. In this thesis, we describe methods that enable the metabolic labeling, purification, and analysis of proteins in specific cell types and during defined periods in live animals. We first engineered a eukaryotic...

Sulfur-Cycling in Methane-Rich Ecosystems: Uncovering Microbial Processes and Novel Niches

Abigail Green Saxena
Microbial sulfur cycling communities were investigated in two methane-rich ecosystems, terrestrial mud volcanoes (TMVs) and marine methane seeps, in order to investigate niches and processes that would likely be central to the functioning of these crucial ecosystems. Terrestrial mud volcanoes represent geochemically diverse habitats with varying sulfur sources and yet sulfur-cycling in these environments remains largely unexplored. Here we characterized the sulfur-metabolizing microorganisms and activity in 4 TMVs in Azerbaijan, supporting the presence of active...

Sparse time-frequency data analysis : a multi-scale approach

Peyman Tavallali
In this work, we further extend the recently developed adaptive data analysis method, the Sparse Time-Frequency Representation (STFR) method. This method is based on the assumption that many physical signals inherently contain AM-FM representations. We propose a sparse optimization method to extract the AM-FM representations of such signals. We prove the convergence of the method for periodic signals under certain assumptions and provide practical algorithms specifically for the non-periodic STFR, which extends the method to...

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Topological Strings, Double Affine Hecke Algebras, and Exceptional Knot Homology

Ross Filip Elliot
In this thesis, we consider two main subjects: refined, composite invariants and exceptional knot homologies of torus knots. The main technical tools are double affine Hecke algebras ("DAHA") and various insights from topological string theory. In particular, we define and study the composite DAHA-superpolynomials of torus knots, which depend on pairs of Young diagrams and generalize the composite HOMFLY-PT polynomials from the full HOMFLY-PT skein of the annulus. We also describe a rich structure of...

Heteroepitaxy of Group IV and Group III-V semiconductor alloys for photovoltaic applications

Christopher Tien Chen
Photovoltaic energy conversion represents a economically viable technology for realizing collection of the largest energy resource known to the Earth -- the sun. Energy conversion efficiency is the most leveraging factor in the price of energy derived from this process. This thesis focuses on two routes for high efficiency, low cost devices: first, to use Group IV semiconductor alloy wire array bottom cells and epitaxially grown Group III-V compound semiconductor alloy top cells in a...

Engineered Antibody and Monobody Domains with T Cell Receptor-Like Selectivity for Tumor Associated Peptide-MHC Antigens

Samy Hamdouche
Monoclonal antibody (mAb)-based therapeutics have established themselves as meaningful components of the treatment paradigm for a variety of tumors. However, since the approval of rituximab in 1997 as the first mAb-based therapy for cancer, there has been a paucity of novel, validated cancer targets for therapeutic intervention by mAbs. In effect, numerous challenges lie in the discovery of suitable extracellular or transmembrane antigens that permit the differentiation of tumor from healthy tissue. The adaptive immune...

Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance at the Superionic Phase Transitions of Mixed Ion-Electron Conducting Materials

David Ross Brown
The quality of a thermoelectric material is judged by the size of its temperature de- pendent thermoeletric-figure-of-merit (zT ). Superionic materials, particularly Zn4Sb3 and Cu2Se, are of current interest for the high zT and low thermal conductivity of their disordered, superionic phase. In this work it is reported that the super-ionic materials Ag2Se, Cu2Se and Cu1.97Ag0.03Se show enhanced zT in their ordered, normal ion-conducting phases. The zT of Ag2Se is increased by 30% in its...

The Atmospheric Dynamics of Pulsar Companions

Adam Sean Jermyn
Pulsars emit radiation over an extremely wide frequency range, from radio through gamma. Recently, systems in which this radiation significantly alters the atmospheres of low-mass pulsar companions have been discovered. These systems, ranging from ones with highly anisotropic heating to those with transient X-ray emissions, represent an exciting opportunity to investigate pulsars through the changes they induce in their companions. In this work, we present both analytic and numerical work investigating these phenomena, with a...

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