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Bwe Karen As a Two-Tone Language?

Henderson, Eugenie (Ed.)
BWE KAREN AS A TWO-TONE LANGUAGE? 301Notes 324Bibliography 325

Front matter for: A Nanumea lexicon

Ranby, Peter (Ed.)
Contents iiiIntroduction vAbbreviations viiBibliography viii

Front matter for: Towards a typology of the Finisterre-Huon languages, New guinea

K.A. McElhanon
Contents iiiMap: Languages of the Finisterre-Huon Group ivLanguage List v

On the Development of Contrastive Word Accent: Pangasinan, a Case in Point

Zorc, R. (Ed.)
ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF CONTRASTIVE WORD ACCENT: PANGASINAN, A CASE IN POINT. 241 1. PROTO-PHILIPPINE ACCENT 241 2. THE POSITION OF PANGASINAN 243 3. THE LOSS OF PPH ACCENT IN PRE-PANGASINAN 245 4. THE DEVELOPMENT OF CONTRASTIVE LENGTH IN PANGASINAN 248 4.1. Compensatory length derived from the reduction of *qC clusters 248 4.2. Compensatory length derived from the reduction of geminate clusters 249 4.3. The evidence in doublets for borrowing 250 5. RESIDUAL PROBLEMS AND...

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