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Dataset for: Standard Evaluation Trial for Potato Virus X

Mihovilovich, Elisa (International Potato Center); Aponte, Maruja (International Potato Center); Bonierbale, Merideth (International Potato Center)

Dataset for: Life-table of Diglyphus begini

Mujica, Norma (International Potato Center); Garcia, Jaqueline (International Potato Center); Carhuapoma, Pablo (International Potato Center); Kroschel, Jurgen (International Potato Center); Kreuze, Jan (International Potato Center)

Replication data for: Impact Evaluation of the Scaling Up Sweetpotato Through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN) Project in Rwanda: Baseline Household Survey and Listing Data, 2014-2015

Peters, Caroline; Farris, Jarrad; Porter, Maria (Michigan State University); Maredia, Mywish (Michigan State University); Jin, Songqing (Michigan State University)

Dataset for: The photosynthesis recovery, a key trait as indicator of an appropriate irrigation criteria in potato crop

Silva, Cecilia (International Potato Center); Ramirez, David (International Potato Center); Rinza, Javier (International Potato Center)

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  • 2018

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