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Languages of the Western Madang District

Z'Graggen, John (Ed.)

On the original relationship between Chinese and Kam-Tai

Baoya Chen

Front matter for: Hawaiian sentence structures

Emily Hawkins
Contents iii

Verb concatenation in Kachin

James Matisoff

Body part terms in Kammu

Felix Ahlner

Katuic Phonological Features

Ryan Gehrmann & Johanna Conver
Katuic languages are spoken in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.The internal phonological diversity of the Katuic branch is not as great as that of neighboringAustroasiatic branches such as Bahnaric or Vietic, but noteworthy differences in phonological typology are found.This article provides an overview of Katuic phonological typology, reviewing previous synchronic anddiachronic phonological studies, then presenting of our own research.We will highlight some of the important issues that remain to be explored in the study of...

Fundaments of Austronesian roots and etymology

Cohen, E.M. (Ed.)

Serial verbs and propositions in White Hmong

Elizabeth Riddle

The Malay language in New Guinea

Seiler, Walter (Ed.)

Front matter for: One hundred Paiwan texts

Early, Robert (Ed.) & Whitehorn, John (Ed.)
Contents vPreface viAbbreviations and Symbols viiMap of Paiwan language area viii

Syllabic M in Tai-Lue and Neighbouring Tai Dialects

Hartmann, John (Ed.)

Agencies of Language Standardization in Australia

Thuan, Elizabeth (Ed.)
AGENCIES OF LANGUAGE STANDARDIZATION IN AUSTRALIA. 79 1. Technical Terminology and Place Names 81 2. Standardization of Usage 82 3. Standardization of Varieties 84Notes 86Bibliography 87

Problems with Proto Central Pacific

Geraghty, Paul (Ed.)

The New Hebridean Outliers

Clark, Ross (Ed.)

A checklist of Kammu plant names

Lennart Engstrand, Marie Widén, Pjörn Widén, Kàm Ràw & Jan-Olof Svantesson

On sesquisyllabic structure

David Thomas

Lexical and phonological sources of Hmong elaborate expressions

Brenda Johns & Strecker David

Front matter for: Kobon phonology

H.J. Davies
Contents iiiAbbreviations and Symbols v

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