3,624 Works

The sound system of Proto-Central-Pacific

Geraghty, Paul (Ed.)

Proto Celebic focus revisited

Mead, David (Ed.)

Conference Report: MTBLS5 & HLS16

Fuminobu Nishida

The Bagandji language

L.A. Hercus

Southern Thai deixis

Diller, Anthony (Ed.)

Directional auxiliaries in Daai Chin

Hartmann-So, Helga (Ed.)

Labiodental nasal ɱ in the Angami area

John Hajek

Evidentiality and mirativity in Magar

Karen Grünow-Hårsta

Eastern Malayo-Polynesian: A Subgrouping Argument

Blust, Robert (Ed.)

Four forays into Karen linguistic history

Paul Benedict

Learning to speak about speaking in a pidgin language

Mühlhäusler, Peter (Ed.)

Kunimaipa Phonology: Hierarchical Levels

Pence, Alan (Ed.)

A historical study of rGyarong initials and prefixes

Yasuhiko Nagano

Palaungic Linguistic Bibliography with Selected Annotations

Nathaniel Cheeseman, Elizabeth Hall & Darren Gordon

Perhaps, the tones are in the consonants?

Apiluck Tumtavitikul

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