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Development of a global energy management system (GEMS) for the life sciences industry

Finnerty, Noel, ; Coakley, Daniel, ; Sterling, Raymond, ; Keane, Marcus M., ; Coffey, Ronan,

FinSentiA: sentiment analysis in English financial microblogs

Gaillat, Thomas Sousa, ; Annanda Zarrouk, ; Manel Davis, Brian,

Some geotechnical characteristics of soft soil deposits along the Terryland River Valley, Galway

Quigley, Paul, ; McCabe, Bryan A. ; Hunt, Pat ; Rodgers, Michael ;

Mechanisms of flooding in Cork City

Olbert, Agnieszka Indiana; Comer, Joanne; Nash, Stephen; Hartnett, Michael

Heave-ho! A laboratory model of an underfloor environment incorporating pyritiferous fill

McKeon, E.P. ; McCabe, Bryan ; A. Sexton, Brian G. ; Cavalcante, M. ; Ibanez-Valle, J.L. ; O'Connell, A.M.;

Behaviour of hybrid concrete lattice girder flat slab system using insitu structural health monitoring

Newell, D ; Goggins, J, ; Hajdukiewicz, Magdalena, ; Holleran, D,

Mechanical characterisation of green Sitka spruce logs

Krajnc, Luka, ; Farrelly, Niall, ; Harte, Annette,

What people with dementia want: designing MARIO an acceptable robot companion

Casey, D, ; Felzmann, H, ; Pegman, G, ; Kouroupetroglou, C, ; Murphy, K, ; Koupis, A, ; Whelan, S,

Using Social Media Data for Online Television Recommendation Services at RTÉ Ireland

Barraza-Urbina, Andrea ; Hromic, Hugo ; Heitmann, Benjamin ; Hayes, Conor ; Hulpus, Ioana

MARIO: Managing active and healthy Aging with use of caRing servIce rObots

Reforgiato Recupero, D, ; Gangemi, A, ; Mongiovi, M, ; Nolfi, S, ; Nuzzolese, A, ; Presutti, V, ; Raciti, M, ; Messervey, T, ; Casey, D. ; Dupourque, I. ; Pegman, G. ; Gkiokas, A. ; Bleaden, A,; Greco, A,; Kouroupetroglou, C, ; Handschuh, S,

Particle transport velocity correction for complex boundaries in the Finite Volume Particle Method

McLoone, Maryrose, ; Moghimi, Mohsen H., ; Quinlan, Nathan J.,

Parameterization of turbulence models using 3DVAR data

Olbert, Agnieszka Indiana; Nash, Stephen; Hartnett, Michael

Attraction and love in schoolchildren in Ireland – Pilot

András Költő

The development of entrustable professional activities for the Irish intern year

Byrne, Dara, ; Lydon, Sinéad, ; Madden, Caoimhe, ; O’Dowd, Emily, ; Boland, Josephine, ; O’Connor, Paul,

Cost per unit abated for selected nitrogen mitigation strategies on Irish farms

Chyzheuskaya, Aksana, ; O'Donoghue, Cathal, ; Ryan, Mary, ; O'Neill, Stephen,

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