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Spontaneous spiking activity of thousands of neurons in rat hippocampal dissociated cultures.

Nicholas M. Timme, Najja Marshall, Nicholas Bennett, Monica Ripp, Edward Lautzenhiser & John M. Beggs

Interspersed Distribution of Selectivity to Kinematic Stimulus Features in Supragranular Layers of Mouse Barrel Cortex.

Francisco J. Martini, Manuel Molano-Mazón & Miguel Maravall

Single-neuron spike train recordings from macaque prefrontal cortex during a somatosensory working memory task.

Ranulfo Romo, Carlos D. Brody, Adrián Hernández & Luis Lemus

Multi-electrode recordings from retinal ganglion cells

Yi-Feng Zhang, Hiroki Asari & Markus Meister

Auditory cortex and thalamic neuronal responses to various natural and synthetic sounds

Hiroki Asari, Michael Wehr, Christian K. Machens & Anthony M. Zador

Extracellular recordings in rat barrel cortex during a whisker based discrimination task of tactile stimuli that varied in whisker deflection speed at short and fast time scales.

Leah M. McGuire, Gregory Telian, Keven Laboy-Juárez, Toshio Miyashita, Daniel J. Lee, Katherine A. Smith & Daniel E. Feldman

fMRI of human visual areas in response to natural images

Mark Lescroart, Kendrick Kay, Thomas Naselaris, Ryan Prenger, Michael Oliver & Jack Gallant

Extracellular recordings using a dense electrode array allowing direct comparison of the same neural signal measured with low and high impedance electrodes

Joana P. Neto, Pedro Baião, Gonçalo Lopes, João Frazão, Joana Nogueira, Elvira Fortunato, Pedro Barquinha & Adam R. Kampff

Extracellular recordings from multi-site silicon probes used for clustering of neuron responses in rat hippocampal and entorhinal regions.

K. Mizuseki, A. Sirota, E. Pastalkova, K. Diba, A. Peyrache & G. Buzsáki

Extracellular recordings using an ultra-high density array from many brain areas of anesthetized rat

Joana P. Neto, George Dimitriadis, Gonçalo Lopes, Joana Nogueira & Adam R. Kampff

Single-unit recordings from two auditory areas in male zebra finches

Frederic E. Theunissen, ME Hauber, Sarah M. N. Woolley, Patrick Gill, SS Shaevitz, Noopur Amin, A Hsu, NC Singh, GA Grace, Thane Fremouw, Junli Zhang, P Cassey, AJ Doupe, SV David & WE Vinje

Recordings of electrical potentials in the in vivo human brain induced by transcranial electrical stimulation

Y. Huang, A. Liu, B. Lafon, D. Friedman, M. Dayan, X. Wang, M. Bikson, O. Devinsky & L. Parra

Activity of neurons in rat medial prefrontal cortex during learning and sleep.

Adrien Peyrache, Mehdi Khamassi, Karim Benchenane, Sidney I Wiener & Francesco Battaglia

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