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Serum Endocannabinoid Levels in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease

Hamid Moradi, Christina Park, Miki Igarashi, Elani Streja, Donovan A. Argueta, Melissa Soohoo, Jennifer Daglian, Amy S. You, Connie M. Rhee, Moti L. Kashyap, Nicholas V. DiPatrizio, Nosratola D. Vaziri, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh & Daniele Piomelli
Context: Previous studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system, through the actions of its main mediators 2-arachidonoyl-sn-glycerol (2-AG) and anandamide (AEA), plays a major role in the energy metabolism. Objective: We examined serum levels of major endocannabinoid mediators and their association with clinical parameters in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Design and Setting: Serum concentrations of 2-AG and AEA were measured in patients on maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) and correlations with various clinical and laboratory...

Crystal Cove Marine Conservation Area Science Monitoring

Conservancy Crystal Cove
Crystal Cove Conservancy operates the Crystal Cove Marine Protected Area Science Cruise in partnership with Newport Landing Sportfishing. Under the supervision of trained Crystal Cove Conservancy staff, junior high school and high school students collect data on fish and plankton biodiversity and nearshore water quality in the Crystal Cove Marine Conservation Area, following protocols designed in partnership with UCI and other researchers. See README file for more detailed information. “Data made available in the OC...

Solar-J and Cloud-J models version 7.6c

Michael Prather & Juno Hsu
This dataset includes the models (fortran code, matlab code, data) used to simulate the heating and photolysis rates in a spherical atmosphere. Both Solar-J v7.5 and Cloud-J v7.3c have been published previously, but with the publication of Prather and Hsu, "A round Earth for climate models" in PNAS (2019) both models have been merged in terms of overlapping subroutines and both now include option for (0) a flat-Earth atmosphere, (1) solar ray tracing through a...

Supporting data for Formation of Highly Oxidized Molecules from NO3 Radical Oxidation of Δ-3-Carene: A Computational Mechanism

Danielle Draper, Nanna Myllys, Noora Hyttinen, Kristian Moller, Henrik Kjaergaard, Juliane Fry, James Smith & Theo Kurten
NO3 radical oxidation of most monoterpenes is a significant source of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) in many regions influenced by both biogenic and anthropogenic emissions, but there are very few published mechanistic studies of NO3 chemistry beyond simple 1st generation products. Here, we present a computationally-derived mechanism detailing the unimolecular pathways available to the 2nd generation of peroxy radicals following NO3 oxidation of Δ-3-carene, defining generations based on the sequence of peroxy radicals formed rather...

Phase-Based Antarctica Ice Velocity Map

Jeremie Mouginot, Eric Rignot & Bernd Scheuchl
Complete map of ice motion in Antarctica combining phase data in the interior and speckle tracking in the fast-moving sectors. We present a new map of Antarctic ice velocity that is ten times more precise than prior maps and reveals ice motion at a high precision over 80% of the continent versus 20% in the past. The ice motion vector map provides novel constrains on interior ice motion and its connection with the glaciers and...

Rhythm of Attention

Haleh Farahbod, Kourosh Saberi & Gregory Hickok
Modulation patterns are known to carry critical predictive cues to signal detection in complex acoustic environments. The current study investigated the persistence of masker modulation effects on post-modulation detection of probe signals. Hickok et al. (2015) demonstrated that thresholds for a tone pulse in stationary noise follow a predictable periodic pattern when preceded by a 3-Hz amplitude modulated masker. They found entrainment of detection patterns to the modulation envelope lasting for approximately 2 cycles after...

Google Forms - A Novel Solution to Blended Learning

Kalnow, A; Little, A; Casey, J; Lloyd, C

Transfusion Related Emergencies

Boysen Osborn, M,; Tran, M,

Annual Survey of Orange County 1987

Mark Baldassare
This year, the Orange County Annual Survey highlights growth and its effects on the quality of local life. This topic moves to the forefront in 1987 and joins traffic congestion among the most discussed issues in the county. The sample size is 1,010 Orange County adult residents. Online data analysis & additional documentation in Link below.

Pneumonia Diagnosed by Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Patel, A,; Bunch, S,; Alvarado, M,; Lahham, S,; Fox, JC,

Wildlife Camera Project

Laguna Canyon Foundation
Monitor wildlife use of park corridors. For more detailed metadata, including data access and usage instructions, please download and consult README.txt file.

Novel Emergency Medicine Curriculum Utilizing Self-Directed Learning and the Flipped Classroom Method: Psychiatric Emergencies Small Group Module

King, A,; Greenberger, S,; Prats, M,; Boulger, B,; Tyransky, A,; Thompson, L,; Kman, N,; Leung, MD, C,; Mitzman, J,; Barrie, M,; Khandelwal, S,; San Miguel, C,

Various Degrees of Thermal Burns

Ehsani-Nia, H; Ehsani-Nia, M; Collins, J

Emergency Medicine Curriculum Utilizing the Flipped Classroom Method: Infectious Disease and Immunology

Ostro, B; King, A; Branditz, L; Martin, D; Bachmann, D; Panchal, A; Barrie, M

Post-termination Hemorrhage

Wray, A; Niknafs, N

Thyroid Storm

Ferretti, N; Yee, J

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