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Summary of influenza A subtypes in wild birds from GenBank and 50 studies

Wildlife Conservation Society & Sarah Olson
Wild aquatic birds are recognized as the natural reservoir of avian influenza A viruses (AIV), but across high and low pathogenic AIV strains, scientists have yet to rigorously identify most competent hosts for the various subtypes. We examined 11,870 GenBank records to provide a baseline inventory and insight into patterns of global AIV subtype diversity and richness. Further, we conducted an extensive literature review and communicated directly with scientists to accumulate data from 50 non-overlapping...

Interaction of soil fauna and plant litter composition on decomposition processes across the litter-soil interface

Yolima Carrillo & Becky Ball
Plant chemical composition and the soil community are known to influence litter and soil organic matter decomposition. Although these two factors are likely to interact, their mechanisms and outcomes of interaction are not well understood. Studies of their interactive effects are rare and usually focus on carbon dynamics of litter, while nutrient dynamics in the underlying soil have been ignored. Further, litter and soil are considered to constitute a decomposition continuum, but whether litter and...


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