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Data mining of fungal genomes for extracellular oxidoreductases by 2016

University Of Natural Ressources And Life Science Vienna & Roland Ludwig
Genomes of wood degrading fungi have been mined for extracellular oxidoreductases using marker sequences. Species specific results are presented in terms of gene occurrence and frequency. Subsets of the data are summarized and presented in graphical form. The dataset is related to a scientific report published in 2016. (doi: xxx)

April 2, 2012




Terrain and Vegetation of Imnavait Creek, AK: Permanent Plots, Version 1.0

D. Walker, N. Lederer & M. Walker
This data report is a summary of environmental, soil, and vegetation information collected from 73 study plots at the Department of Energy R4D research site, located near Imnavait Creek in northern Alaska. Data include site factors, soil classification, description, and physical and chemical properties, and plant species cover. Investigators examined typical and characteristic vegetation communities of the Imnavait Creek watershed.

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  • 2016

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