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Quebec: A History of Culture and Politics

Gumart, Catherine (Author), (Author), (Editor), (Funder) & (Translator)
In discovering the uniqueness of Quebec, its culture and politics, this paper follows an historical timeline of five sections: Historical Review; The Great Darkness; The Quiet Revolution, Modernity and Globalization; and Conclusion.

Grounded Theory: The Moral Order of Cannabis Hemp in Canada

Slinger, Matthew P. (Author), (Author), (Editor), (Funder) & (Translator)
Cannabis legalization is coming to Canada in 2018. The Liberal government in Canada has promised to follow through on their campaign policy of legalizing cannabis after seeing a strong demand from the public for a change in drug laws. The troubling reality is that it has taken the Canadian government a suspiciously long time to draft legislation that continues to operate off an ambiguous, speculative, and unsubstantiated framework. The present paper argues that CBC and...

Surveillance in Digital Technology as a Threat to Democracy

Nourkeyhani, Bana (Author), (Author), (Editor), (Funder) & (Translator)
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate ways in which surveillance in digital technology is a threat to democracy.With the rapid evolution of digital technologies comes myriads of opportunities for growth, and as these technologies continue to evolve, the vulnerability of our global democracy becomes increasingly vulnerable. This paper uses a quantitative method as well as literature reviews to establish ways in which the use of surveillance via tools of digital technology are a...

The Façade of the Hollywood “Female-Lead” Film

Van Buuren, Hannah (Author), (Author), (Editor), (Funder) & (Translator)
Despite female-lead films being more prevalent in Hollywood than ever, media coming out of the mainstream continues to construct women from the male gaze. Films that falsely claim to escape this gaze work against feminist equality, leaving audiences desperate for content that both promotes diverse representation and also fulfills a new gaze. This paper will first define the concepts of the male and female gaze and discuss the theorists behind them. It will then assess,...

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