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Carbon, nitrogen and water content of the active layer from sites across the Canadian Arctic

ADAPT (Arctic Development And Adaptation To Permafrost In Transition)
It is presumed that significant quantities of carbon are stored in permafrost soils and that the thawing permafrost could substantially raise atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. ADAPT has developed a standard protocol to coordinate and increase common fieldwork sampling/record efforts in order to help document and precise the assessments of carbon stock in the permafrost and the active layer from sites all across the Canadian Arctic. According to the active layer sampling standard protocol for C/H/N...

Climate station data from Macpès research forest in the Rimouski area, Quebec, Canada

Dominique Arsenault, François Vézina, Luc Sirois, Thomas Buffin-Bélanger & Bernard Hétu
The data are collected from three stations in the Forêt d’enseignement et de recherche de Macpès which is located about 20 km south of the city of Rimouski in Quebec, Canada. Station 1 and 2 are located in a mature forest of 50 years and station 3 is located in a logging area. Data from air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction which are situated at 4 different heights (2-8-14-20m) are presented. The soil...

Lemming monitoring on Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada

Gilles Gauthier
Lemming abundance and demography are monitored using three methods: Capture by snap trapping is done using Museum Special traps at three sites during the summer from mid-July to early August since 1994. At least 500 trap-nights are cumulated annually at each site. From 1994 to 2006, there were 50 trapping stations with one trap per station and trapping sessions lasted for 10 or 11 consecutive days. Trapping stations were spaced out every 10 m along...

Groundwater monitoring network from the Umiujaq region in Nunavik, Quebec, Canada

Richard Fortier
Following the 2006-2012 action plan on climate change entitled "Le Québec et les changements climatiques, un défi pour l’avenir", the Government of Quebec implemented the tools needed to ensure that Quebec can adapt to the impacts of climate change that will affect Quebec over the next decades. Action 22 of this plan focuses on strengthening the monitoring network of climate, water resources and groundwater. The implementation of the monitoring network of groundwater in Quebec (réseau...

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