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Seasonal ice cover and catchment changes at northern thermokarst ponds in Nunavik: Observations from automated time-lapse cameras

Reinhard Pienitz, Frédéric Bouchard, Biljana Narancic, Warwick F. Vincent & Denis Sarrazin
Thermokarst ponds and lakes are common features of Arctic and subarctic landscapes, developing in depressions that result from the thawing of ice-rich permafrost. Most of these water bodies are shallow (les than 1m depth), and they are widespread in lowland areas of western and northern Alaska, Canada and Siberia. Studies into the dynamics and evolution of these widespread thaw ponds and lakes in the Northern Hemisphere are sparse. However, direct on-the-ground observations (monitoring) are necessary...

Water column physico-chemical profiles of lakes and fiords along the northern coastline of Ellesmere Island

Long-term monitoring of the water column properties of lakes and fiords along the northern coastline of Ellesmere Island provides information about the effects of climate change on the vertical structure of these aquatic ecosystems. This dataset spans from 1954 until 2016. It has been compiled as a contribution by the program NEIGE (Northern Ellesmere Island in the Global Environment) from profiling measurements by NEIGE researchers and from published and unpublished records from other researchers working...

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  • 2016