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Particle-associated microbial community dynamics in the Southern Beaufort Sea

Jody Deming, Shelly Carpenter, Eric Collins, Marcela Ewert-Sarmiento, Colleen Kellogg & Min Lin
Our project examines the role that microbes play in attenuating particle flux on Arctic Shelves. We are coupling geochemical and microbiological analyses in a joint effort, with Kirk Cochran's lab at Stony Brook University in New York, to examine particle flux, the diversity and extracellular enzymatic (hydrolytic) activities of microbes associated with particles of different size classes, and corresponding chemical composition and likely source (marine or terrestrial) of the POM. Our specific objectives are threefold:...

Dynamic Inuit social strategies in changing environment: A long term perspective

Max Friesen, Arthur Dyke, Daniel Gendron, James Savelle, Julie Ross, Lauren Norman, Lisa Hodgetts, Peter Dawson & Sarah Finkelstein
For the IPY project Dynamic Inuit Social Strategies in Changing Environments: A Long-Term Perspective, archaeologists and other scientists from across Canada collaborated with Inuit community and heritage organizations to better understand how Inuit culture developed and changed over the past 1,000 years. Six research teams brought together Inuit traditional knowledge, excavation of important archaeological sites, and information about changing Arctic environments. The research took place across the Canadian Arctic, with fieldwork occurring in Nunavut near...

Small mammal monitoring at Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island

Canadian Wildlife Service Josée Lefebvre
We monitor lemming abundance using four methods. (1) Dead trapping using snap-traps at 2 sites in early August; we cumulate 709 trap-nights at each site by trapping during 3 days (2007-2009). (2) Survey of lemming winter nests after snow-melt in late June using the line transect method (2007-2008). (3) Survey of lemming burrows within an area of 1 ha in late July (2008 only). (4) Survey of lemming runways using the line transect method in...

Interview and focus group data on intergenerational resilience in Aklavik, NWT, 2009

Council Of Yukon First Nations Cindy Dickson, Department Of Resource Economics Andrea Rawluk, Department Of Resource Economics Brenda Parlee, Ehdiitat Renewable Resource Council & Gwich'in Council International
The data consists of quantitative and qualitative data. 26 interviews semi-structured interviews using an interview guide to collect quantitative and qualitative data were done with elders (n=9), adults (n=8) and youth (n=9). 2 focus groups were done with youth (n=6) and elders (n=6). There are audio files and transcriptions for all interviews. 7 unstructured interviews were done with elders (n=5) and youth (n=2) to collect qualitative data

Interview data on employment in the wage economy, food security, and effects on the traditional economy in Paulatuk NWT, April 2008 to August 2009.

Council Of Yukon First Nations Cindy Dickson, Department Of Resource Economics Zoe Todd, Department Of Resource Economics Brenda Parlee, Paulatuk Community Corporation & Paulatuk Hunters And Trappers Committee
The data consists of 22 semi-directed interviews, with quantitative survey questions and open-ended interview questions. Interviews are in the form of audio files and transcriptions. 2 interviews were done in Inuvik, and 20 in Paulatuk. In Paulatuk, the 20 participants are between the ages of 20 to 83, with 9 participants being female and 11 being male. Extensive notes from a workshop conducted in August 2009 were also taken. 2 additional interviews were conducted in...

Feeding ecology of the Greenland shark under different ice conditions

Aaron Fisk, Bailey McMeans, Brian Fryer, Carlos Idrobo, Fikret Berkes, Michael Arts, Steven Campana & Susan Dennard
To date, five sampling trips to Cumberland Sound have been completed, three during times of open water (July-August 2007, 2008, 2009) and two during times of ice cover (April 2008, 2009). Preliminary results indicate that the Greenland shark is feeding at a high trophic position and on benthic and pelagic resources, based on chemical tracers. The Greenland shark appears to feed on seal during both open water and ice cover, and does not appear to...

2005-2009 River and Soil Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) concentrations, Cape Bounty

Melissa Lafreniere
Samples were vacuum filtered using a glass filtration apparatus and precombusted 0.7 um GF/F glass fibre filters. In 2007 and 2008, samples were pressure filtered using a stainless steel apparatus. Filtration apparatus was soaked overnight in 30% hydrogen peroxide or 3% HCl, and triple rinsed with deionised water and sample for each use. Samples were stored cool in the dark (refrigerated) in amber glass EPA vials, and acidified to a pH of 2 upon return...

Lakes and Permafrost in Old Crow Flats

Lance Nagwan, Chris Burn, Blayne Brown, Dougie Charlie, Kibbe Tetlich & Pascale Roy-Leveille
Two sets of thermistor cables will be installed, one at a site in the OCF where drill depth will target 50 m, and the other closer to the community. The site in OCF will be used to obtain the curvature in the ground temperature profile, and establish the apparent response to recent regional increases in air temperature. The sites nearer to Old Crow will be established to 10 m depth, and will be monitored monthly...

Fatty acids from multiple species of invertebrates, teleosts, elasmobranchs, and marine mammals sampled in Cumberland Sound, 2007-2009

Aaron Fisk, Bailey McMeans & Michael Arts
Samples of macroaglae (Fucus distichus), several zooplankton species (e.g. Calanus hyperboreus, Sagitta spp.), benthic invertebrates (e.g. scallop Chlamys islandica, snail Buccinum cyaneum, clam Hiatella arctica), teleosts (herring Clupea harengus, capelin Mallotus villosus, char Salvelinus alpines, sculpin Myoxocephalus scorpioides (adults and larvae), turbot Reinhardtius hippoglossoides), two elasmobranchs (arctic skate Amblyraja hyperborea, Greenland shark Somniosus microcephalus), two pinnipeds (harp seal Pagophilus groenlandicus, ringed seal Pusa hispida) and two cetacean (beluga whale Delphinapterus leucas , narwhal Monodon monoceros)...

Inupiaq and Gwitch'in Plant Presence in Stories and Legends, 2007-2008

Suzanne Simard & Christopher J Mallon
The data were collected by searching written stories for nouns that correspond to plants or plant products. A quantitative assessment of the number of nouns that refer to plants within a select sample of Inupiaq and Gwitch'in stories was produced.

Traditional knowledge of the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, 2007-2011

Prince Of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Tom Andrews, Prince Of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Glen MacKay & Tulita Dene Band Leon Andrew
Data collected in semi-structured interviews. Data types include recordings, interview forms, and paper maps. Map information digitized and stored in a GIS-linked database.

The Kwäday Dän Ts'inchi Discovery: Expanding Our Understanding Through Linked Scientific and Community Studies

Sheila Greer, A. P. Mackie, D. Yang, Frances Oles, K. Mackie, Kate Helwig, P. Mudie, Sheila Joe-Quock & Valery Monahan
The Kwäday Dän Ts'inchi Discovery project is one of two confirmed projects within the IPY Activity #435 titled "Recovery Research and Stabilization of Culturally and Scientifically Significant Specimens From Melting Ice and Cryosols." This activity involves science and social science research that has been initiated as a result of the recent melting of glaciers and alpine ice patches. Melting of these scientific "deep freezes" is providing unanticipated data sources that are giving us insight into...

Spit crest, Stokes Point West 1970 - 1996, Ivvavik National Park, Yukon, northern Canada

Sheila Hynes, Donald L. Forbes & Dustin Whalen
Field work and airphoto studies were undertaken between 1953-1996 along the Yukon coast of the Beaufort Sea in Ivvavik National Park to determine coastal erosion rates, processes and hazards in relation to archeological and cultural heritage sites, many of which are concentrated along the coast in this region. The work was carried out on behalf of Parks Canada (Canadian Heritage, Western Arctic District, Inuvik) at Niakolik Point, Stokes Point, Catton Point/Ptarmigan Bay, Nunaluk Spit and...

Water column chemical data of lakes and fiords along the northern coastline of Ellesmere Island (Ward Hunt Island observatory)

Warwick Vincent, Marie Lionard, Julie Veillette, Patrick Van Hove, Sophie Charvet & Sébastien Bourget
Water samples were taken down the water column of several lakes and fiords (Lake A, Lake B, Lake C1, Lake C2, Lake C3, Ward Hunt Lake, Disraeli Fiord, Milne Fiord and Taconite Inlet) located along the northern coastline of Ellesmere Island (Nunavut, Canada) to investigate their chemical characteristics (TN, TP, Nitrate-nitrite, SRP, DOC, TOC, DIC). Chemical analyses were processed at the National Laboratory for Environemental Testing (NLET, Burlington, Ontario, Canada) or at Institut national de...

Trichinella spp larvae in muscles of 18 species of terrestrial and marine mammals collected from Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut and Northwest Territories in northern Canada, between 2006 and 2010

Nunavik Research Center Manon Simard, Canadian Food Inspection Agency Lorry Forbes, Canadian Food Inspection Agency Alvin Gajadhar, University Of Guelph Andria Jones, Department Of Environment Brett Elkin, University Of Guelph Erica Pufall, DFO Ole Nielsen & DFO Tanya Brown
The data set includes sample identification, species, collection location (described using one or more of the following: name of a prominent geographic feature, nearest community, latitude and longitude), date of collection, date of testing, age, sex, sample type, sample weight, larvae recovered per g of sample, and Trichinella spp or genotype recovered. Laboratory protocols are described including recovery of larvae from muscle usng a pepsin-HCl muscle digestion procedure with a double separatory funnel step to...

Canadian Coastal Information System (CIS) - CIS Points, Beaufort Sea Coast 1984, 1999 and 2000

Nicole Couture, Paul Fraser & Dustin Whalen
Shore-zone classification data for the Canadian Beaufort Sea coast form part of a GIS database, the Coastal Information System (CIS), developed and maintained by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC-Atlantic), Natural Resources Canada, at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, NS. Coastal attributes in the CIS have been interpreted and mapped from low-level, oblique, aerial photography and video imagery with accompanying audio commentary. The CIS is hierarchical in that coastal forms are classified based...

Plant primary production and goose grazing impact at Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island

Canadian Wildlife Service Josée Lefebvre & Canadian Wildlife Service Austin Reed
We sample the production of plants (sedges, grasses, forbs and shrubs) and measure the impact of goose grazing in wetlands and mesic habitat since 2007. In both habitat, 6 new exclosures (1 m x 1 m x 50 cm high) made of chicken wire are installed in late June. At the end of the growing season in early August, we sample plant biomass by removing 20 x 20 cm plots in wetland and 20 x...

Teetl'it Gwich'in elder interview transcripts and harvester survey data about Porcupine caribou harvesting, harvesting practices, and perceptions of Porcupine caribou population and health, Fort McPherson, NWT, 2007-2008

Council Of Yukon First Nations Cindy Dickson, Department Of Resource Economics Kristine Wray, Department Of Resource Economics Brenda Parlee, Gwich'in Renewable Resource Board, Gwich'in Social And Cultural Institute & Tetlit Gwich'in Renewable Resource Council
Elders data set consisting of digital audio files and transcripts of interviews wth elders. Harvesters data set consisting of written surveys, and digital audio files and transcripts of interviews with harvesters.

Vegetation Succession on Drained Lakes in Old Crow Flats, 2007-2009

Lance Nagwan, Trevor Lantz & Erika Tizya
Temperature increases in northern ecosystems are altering the freqeuncy of natural disturbance. Increased disturbance is likely to exert a strong influence on terrestrial vegetation. In the Old Crow Flats in the Northern Yukon, we investigated the effect of catastrophic lake drainage on plant community composition, vegetation structure and microenvironment by contrasting drained lake basins of various ages with several undisturbed terrain types. The vegetation that develops on drained lakes basins is typically dominated by canopy...

Hershel Island Snow Depth and Snow Cover

Wildlife Conservation Society Canada Donald Reid
Snow depth measurements are recorded daily at 25 stations along a 250-m transect. Snow cover is evaluated daily from an elevated vantage point starting on the date of our arrival at the study site until the end of snowmelt. ** If data are downloaded and used for analyses, it would greatly be appreciate that the principal investigator be informed.

CFL 0802 - Amundsen Gulf CTD data

Gratton Yves, Marsden Richard, Nudds Shannon, Prieur Louis & Sharatunova Maria
The CTD data was obtained during the 2007-2008 scientific cruise #0802 within the framework of the Circumpolar Flaw Lead Study (CFL). This program included a year round sampling expedition to study the air-sea interactions occurring in the ice-free sections of the southern Beaufort Sea and Amundsen Gulf. The data were collected from March 15 to April 23, 2008, aboard the CCGS Amundsen. There were 132 CTD casts, associated to 10 ice-drift stations, located in the...

N2-fixation data Across the Canadian Arctic

Steven Siciliano, Katherine Stewart & Eric Lamb
Nitrogen inputs via biological N2-fixation are important in arctic environments where N often limits plant productivity. An understanding of the direct and indirect theoretical causal relationships between key intercorrelated variables that drive the process of N2-fixation is essential to understanding N input. An exploratory multi-group Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) approach was used to examine the direct and indirect effects of soil moisture, plant community functional composition, and bryophyte and lichen abundance on rates of nitrogen...

Ecological monitoring of polar bears and seals in Nunavut a step toward the future.

Steven H. Ferguson, Elizabeth Peacock, Andrew Derocher, Mary E. Obbard, Melissa A. McKinney, Nick Lunn, Sebastian Luque, Seth Stapleton, Tara Bortoluzzi & Vicki Sahanatien
We deployed satellite transmitters on live ringed seals captured in Hudson Bay in the summer of 2009. Polar bear transmitters have been deployed in Hudson Bay in 2007, 2008, and 2009. This project will provide management information and advice for the Hudson Bay and Foxe Basin ringed seal stocks by: (1) delineating movements that may bring juveniles and possibly adults into areas hunted by other communities, (2) assessing sex- and age-specific site fidelity of individual...

Nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, dissolved silica concentrations (micromol/L) measured in the Beaufort Sea on multiple casts at 8 stations in 2009

Roger Francois, Jean-Eric Tremblay & Jonathan Gagnon
The concentrations of dissolved nutrients (nitrate, nitrate, phosphate, and dissolved silica) were measured on board ship with a nutrient autoanalyzer to complement the hydrographic data. They were measured on samples collected with the Trace Metal Clean Rosette at Station L1 (71°06'N, 139°10'W), L1.5 (73°19'N, 139°23'W), L2 (74°30'N, 137°00'W, L3 (75°17'N, 137°30'W), L1.1 (72°31'N, 136°41'), and S4 (71°11'N, 132°57'W) and on samples collected with the regular ArcticNet rosette at station S1 (69°30'N, 137°59'W), S2 (70°00'N, 138°30'W),...

Long-term monitoring of incidental natural history information about Fox dens on Akimiski Island, Nunavut

Kenneth F. Abraham
Physical searches for fox dens are made and locations (GPS), activity (active, not active), etc. are recorded during ground searches for goose nests. ** Data from the IPY years 2007-2009 are available for download. If data are downloaded and used for analyses, it would greatly be appreciated that the principal investigator be informed.

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