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Facing the Facts: Reconsidering Business Innovation Policy in Canada

Peter Nicholson
Ottawa’s innovation plan is not ambitious enough, says a new study.

The Renewed Canadian Senate: Organizational Challenges and Relations with the Government

Emmett Macfarlane
Three years into the Senate’s renewal, how has its relationship with the government changed?

Federalism and International Trade Policy

Jörg Broschek & Patricia Goff
Canada needs an intergovernmental framework for international trade policy.

Créer une commission indépendante pour organiser les débats des chefs aux élections fédérales

Institut de recherche en politiques publiques
Un rapport de l’IRPP propose de créer une commission indépendante pour gérer les débats des chefs de parti en période de campagne électorale.

Moving Toward a New and Improved Senate

Paul G. Thomas
Further changes needed to anchor more independent culture in the Senate.

A Digital Strategy for Canada

David A. Wolfe
Canada needs a focused digital strategy to help firms scale up and go global.

A Costly Gap: The Neglect of the Demand Side in Canadian Innovation Policy

Jakob Edler
Canada’s lopsided innovation policy: Too much focus on supply, not enough on demand.

Universal Pharmacare and Federalism

Colleen M. Flood, Bryan Thomas, Asad Ali Moten & Patrick Fafard
Universal pharmacare: Study calls on federal government to negotiate new national framework.

The Emerging Policy Relationship between Canada and the Métis Nation

Janique Dubois
A true government-to-government relationship with the Métis will require a strong and ongoing commitment to respect them as partners in policy-making.

Interpreting Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying Legislation

Jocelyn Downie & Jennifer A. Chandler
Interpretive confusion about Bill C-14 puts Canadians at risk.

Renewal of the Canadian Senate: Where to from Here?

Institute for Research on Public Policy
Senate renewal represents progress, but further changes are necessary.

Coordinating Federalism: Intergovernmental Agenda-Setting in Canada and the United States

Jared J. Wesley
To become more influential on the national stage, Canada’s Council of the Federation must develop a more focused internal agenda.

Rethinking Criminal Justice in Canada

Institute for Research on Public Policy
Review of criminal justice system must take into account the social determinants of justice.

Le renouvellement du Sénat du Canada : poursuivre dans quelle voie ?

Institut de recherche en politiques publiques
Le renouvellement du Sénat marque un progrès mais doit s’accompagner d’autres changements.

British Columbia-Indigenous Nation Agreements: Lessons for Reconciliation?

Michael Hudson
Agreements with BC are giving Indigenous nations a greater say in economic development and helping to advance reconciliation.

Indigenous Self-Determination in Northern Canada and Norway

Gary N. Wilson & Per Selle
Indigenous self-determination takes different paths in Northern Canada and Norway.

A National Urban Policy for Canada? The Implicit Federal Agenda

Neil Bradford
More intergovernmental collaboration needed to strengthen urban policy-making in Canada.

Operationalizing Indigenous Consent through Land-Use Planning

Roshan Danesh & Robert McPhee
Experts chart path to implementing Indigenous consent in resource- development decisions.

Repenser le système canadien de justice pénale

Institut de recherche en politiques publiques
L’examen du système de justice pénale doit prendre en compte les « déterminants sociaux de la justice ».

Les services de garde subventionnés : l’exception du Québec dans le contexte fédéral

Gabriel Arsenault, Olivier Jacques & Antonia Maioni
Une nouvelle étude de l’IRPP examine les facteurs à l’origine de l’exception québécoise dans le domaine des services de garde.

Improving Advance Medical Directives: Lessons from Quebec

Louise Bernier & Catherine Régis
Advance medical directives must be more than a simple checklist. Canadians should be able to meaningfully express their preferences for end-of-life care.

Creating an Independent Commission for Federal Leaders’ Debates

Institute for Research on Public Policy
A report proposes recommendations for creating an independent commission to manage leaders’ debates in federal election campaigns.

Are Low-Income Savers Still in the Lurch? TFSAs at 10 Years

Richard Shillington
TFSA benefits going untapped: Low-income Canadians leaving retirement money on the table.

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