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Two Black Brant II rockets launched at Churchill Research Range March 1966

A. Staniforth, K.A. Steele & D.H. O'Hara
The engineering aspects of preparing and launching two scientific sounding rockets are described. Vehicles AA-II-103 and AK-II-104 were launched from Churchill Research Range in March 1966 as part of a continuing investigation sponsored by the National Research Council's Associate Committee on Space Research. The report includes description of the payload structure and of the scientific experiments. In addition, vehicle performance and engineering measurements are discussed.

Field Study of Office Thermal Comfort Using Questionnaire Software

G. R. Newsham & D. K. Tiller
ScreenSurvey, custom software to automatically administer questionnaires on computer screens, was installed on the computers in open-plan office spaces at four sites. Five questions related to thermal comfort were presented twice per day for three months; internal and external climate data were collected simultaneously. Data from a 10 week period were recovered from 55 participants. Results indicate that this new method of subjective data collection was successful and efficient: the participants had few complaints about...

A major energy conservation retrofit of a bungalow

H. W. Orr & R. S. Dumont
Construction details are presented for a major energy conservation retrofit of a bungalow. The procedure involved the addition of a well sealed air-vapour barrier to the exterior walls and roof of the house and addition of about 300 mm of glass fibre batt insulation. Insulation was also added to the interior of the basement walls and an additional layer of glass was added to each window.

Canadian fire statistics tool technical document

A. Bounagui, N. Bénichou & J. Haines
The analysis of fire statistics can provide a great deal of information that can be used to understand a fire problem, factors affecting life safety and reveal general trends and patterns. Therefore, the Fire Research Program (FR) at the Institute for Research in Construction took the initiative to gather Canadian fire incidents data. This data was consolidated into two databases from which the data can be easily accessed and updated as new data becomes available....

Studies on exterior wall air tightness and air infiltration of tall buildings

G. T. Tamura & C. Y. Shaw
The National Research Council of Canada has taken measurements of the air leakage characteristics of the exterior walls of eight multi-storey office buildings located in Ottawa, Canada. Varying in height from 11 to 22 stories, with curtain wall construction and fixed glazing, they were built during the sixties and early seventies. The results of the measurements are reported in this paper. A method for calculating infiltration rates caused by stack action has been developed and...

Equations and Theory of the Simple Correlation Model of FIERAsystem

P. Feng, G. V. Hadjisophocleous & D. A. Torvi
The Simple Correlations Model of FlERAsystem consists of a number of equations and models that are commonly used by fire protection engineers to quickly estimate various fire characteristics. This report describes the equations used in the Simple Correlations Model, and provides references where more information can be obtained on the underlying theory for each of the equations.

Frequency synthesis and time-signal control system

J.C. Swail & C.F. Pattenson

Learning Analogies and Semantic Relations

Peter Turney & M. Litman
We present an algorithm for learning from unlabeled text, based on the Vector SpaceModel (VSM) of information retrieval, that can solve verbal analogy questions of the kind found in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). A verbal analogy has the form A:B::C:D, meaning 'A is to B as C is to D'; for example, mason:stone::carpenter:wood. SAT analogy questions provide a word pair, A:B, and the problem is to select the most analogous word pair, C:D, from...

St. Lawrence Burns: temperature measurements

G. Williams-Leir
The circumstances that led to the carrying out of fire tests on eight buildings in the project known as the St. Lawrence Burns, and the objectives and the ways in which these were achieved are fully described in a general report. Temperature measurements were made in the course of these experiments and the present report describes the technique used and gives the results.

MOOS-2: Seawater certified reference material for nutrients

Scott Willie, Vincent Clancy, Juris Meija, Zoltan Mester & Lu Yang
Certified values for the concentration of phosphate, silicate, nitrite, and nitrate have been established for this seawater certified reference material (MOOS-2).

National Research Council Canada: quarterly financial report for the quarter ended December 31, 2016 (unaudited)

Conseil National De Recherches Canada
The Government of Canada uses financial information to support decision making, for policy development, for service delivery and for historical reference. These financial statements have been prepared to respond to these requirements. This Departmental Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) reflects the results of the current fiscal period in relation to the Main Estimates, Supplementary Estimates (A) and Supplementary Estimates (B). The QFR should be read in conjunction with the Main Estimates, Supplementary Estimates (A) and Supplementary...

Résumé des activités de recherche sur l’habitation 2014

CNRC Construction
Le but du présent rapport est d’informer les constructeurs sur la recherche en cours, de faire le point sur les projets terminés – un grand nombre de ceux-ci étant, par nature, à long terme – et de rendre compte des activités d’éla-boration des codes et, en particulier, des examens qui prennent place pour étudier les modifications proposées aux codes. Depuis plus de 65 ans, le CNRC fournit un avantage concurrentiel à l’industrie en cherchant des...

Resonant slots in guides: third report

J.W. Dodds, E.W. Guptill, R.H. Johnston & W.H. Watson

Computed energy consumption for new and existing high-rise residential buildings: suggested norms and potential reductions

J. K. Latta
A model apartment building was developed based upon surveys and computer simulations determining the effects of climate and size on energy consumption. A norm was derived for the energy consumption of any high-rise residential building at any location in Canada. Possible reductions in energy consumption resulting from inexpensive modifications in four existing buildings were also determined.

Resistance, self-propulsion and wake survey tests of a Panamax bulk carrier (Model OCRE916)

R. Pallard, H. Mesh & National Research Council Canada – Ocean, Coastal And River Engineering
This report describes experiments carried out on a 1:31.45 scale model of a Panamax Bulk Carrier in the Oceans, Coastal and River Engineering (OCRE) Towing Tank in April 2013. The purpose of these experiments was to evaluate performance of the modifications to the design of this ship in terms of its resistance, propulsion and wake survey characteristics.

Public awareness distribution analysis of 2008-2009

National Research Council Canada. Science Outreach Program

Six-decade counter for luminescence spectra

D. H. O'Hara & J. McDougall
A six-decade up-down counter is described in detail. The instrument has been interfaced with an existing data recording system for luminescence spectra. The sample period is selectable in two ranges from 1 msec to 100 seconds.

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