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Inspection d'une maison ancienne : liste de vérification

C. S. Strelka
Cette Note devrait aider l'acheteur d'une maison ancienne à effectuer une inspection détaillée. Les listes ci-jointes passent en revue les principaux éléments et servent à évaluer les coûts des réparations qui s'imposent.

Local Climate in the Ottawa Region: 1953

D. W. Boyd
During 1953 the Climate Services of the Meteorological Division computed the average temperatures and precipitations for the 30-year period, 1921 to 1950 inclusive, for all the Canadian stations that were reporting throughout this period. These 30-year averages are called normals. The only station in Ottawa with normals for this standard period is the Experimental Farm and hence the 1953 observations from the Farm are used in this report to show how 1953 differed from normal.

Proposed Change in Snow Load Requirements for Houses

National Research Council Canada. Division Of Building Research.

Linus Pauling award speech

Gerhard Herzberg
The Gerhard Herzberg fonds is held at the NRC Archives. Contact NRC.DR-DN.CNRC@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca for information about access.

CNA wave pump platform design concept evaluation : numerical modelling of floating moored bodies in regular sea states

Renee Boileau & Wayne Raman-Nair
This report presents the results of numerical simulations for the purpose of assessing the survivability of a moored platform in the Lord's cove environment. A time domain numerical model was used to predict platform motions and line tensions under both typical operating conditions and in extreme conditions (hurricane). Inputs to the numerical model were provided by the results of model tests, computations by ANSYS AQWA and published data for the mooring lines. Results indicate that,...

Modified Lifeboat Pendulum Tests at MUN

Leslie Oxford
This report describes an experiment conducted by the National Research Council Institute for Ocean Technology (NRC-IOT) at the Structures Laboratory located in the S.J. Carew Building on the Memorial University campus. The experiment was conducted in order to evaluate the performance of two acrylic panels, and the instrumentation therein, that were added to the hull of a Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft (TEMPSC Lifeboat). Also included in the objectives of this experiment is the...

Graphical Analysis: Lifeboat Evacuation Test Program in Ice

C. Power
In an event of an emergency situation on an offshore vessel or installation, the evacuation must occur in the conditions that prevail at the time of the emergency. Very little, to date is known about the effects of ice conditions on the performance of a lifeboat in an evacuation. In 2003, Research Officers Antonio Simões Ré, and Dr. Brian Veitch headed an experimental study with the purpose of establishing performance limits for conventional lifeboats in...

Dual-channel rotating coupler for navigational and docking radar

F.V. Cairns
A dual-channel rotating coupler for the NRC Navigational and Docking Radar is described. The characteristics of this coupler are a) A voltage standing-wave ratio of less than 1.14/1 in the transmitting channel, and a voltage standing-wave ratio of less than 1.20/1 in the receiving channel, over the NAD radar frequency band of 9375 ± 30 megacycles per second; b) 0.3 decibel attenuation in each channel; c) 76 decibels decoupling between channels, d) an estimated power-handling...

Indoor passive panel technologies: test methods to evaluate toluene and formaldehyde removal and re-emission, and by-product formation

Zuraimi Sultan, Robert Magee, Gregory Nilsson & Chantal Arsenault
This test method was developed by the National Research Council Canada (NRC) to determine the initial performance of indoor passive panel technologies (IPPT) in their removal of formaldehyde and toluene gas as well as assess re-emissions of captured gases and harmful by-product formation. This new protocol builds on existing sorption-based standards to evaluate performance of both sorptive- and PCO-based IPPT in removing indoor formaldehyde and toluene. Considering that some PCO-based IPPT may be influenced by...

Speech by Dr. G. Herzberg on the occasion of his installation as Chancellor of Carleton University, Ottawa, 2 November 1973

Gerhard Herzberg
The Gerhard Herzberg fonds is held at the NRC Archives. Contact NRC.DR-DN.CNRC@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca for information about access.

Second order waves before and after the floor work in the OEB in 2010 : Part B

Hasanat Zaman, Shane McKay & NRC Ocean, Coastal And River Engineering
This is a continuation of the work reported in TR-2013-003. In summer 2010, the south-west side trenches (0.3m x 0.4m) under and in front of the wave makers in the OEB have been permanently filled-up to provide a homogeneous bottom and uniform water depth all over the basin. This work is to understand the improvement of the wave quality after the floor work. Two sets of experimental data comprised of mono- and bi-chromatic waves before...

International Road Tunnel Fire Detection Research Project - Phase II Task 2: Full-Scale Fire Tests in a Laboratory Tunnel

Z. G. Liu, G. P. Crampton, A. Kashef, G. D. Lougheed, E. Gibbs & S. Muradori
This report presents the research works completed in Task 2 of the International Road Tunnel Fire Detection Research Project ? Phase II. The capabilities and limitations of nine fire detectors/detection systems were investigated in a laboratory research tunnel with various challenging fire scenarios.

The I.R.E. Convention at New York City: March 3-6, 1947

W.C. Brown & F.M. Hanna
I.R.E. Convention at New York City: March 3-6, 1947

Economic impact of efficiency gains in building and construction

E. Deroukakis
Studies have shown that the Canadian construction industry needs to increase its productivity. This paper reviews the highlights of several international studies that explored the effects of an increase in the efficiency of the construction sector on other sectors and on the economy as a whole.

Communications jamming with a periodically quenched oscillator

J.K. Pulfer

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