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What is the role of nursing students in First Nations communities?

Rosealin Dhaliwal, Alexa Garrey & Andrew Scruton

The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, August 26, 1915]

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The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, May 20, 1915]

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Guidance pole 13

Harold Joe
Keeping a close eye on the work on Thunderbird. Picture taken in Cologne, Germany.

Plan Canada - Volume 41, Number 2 (April-May-June 2001)

(:Unkn) Unknown
A word from the president|Le mot du président / Mark Seasons -- CIP news|Échos de l'ICU -- Canada's place in the world of planning|Le Canada et l'urbanisme / Robert Shipley -- Sustainable communities: Lessons from Japan / Jill Grant -- Un canadien errant: Travels in the Middle East / David Kriger -- The transfer of GIS technology to community planning in Peru / Brent Hall, Daniel Crouse, and Paul A. Peters -- Queen's University in...

Learning from First Nations

David D. Brown
My presentation at this year's CIP Conference looked at how planners, and planning schools in particular, can extend their work in First Nation regions in order to support social development and equity. This follow-up article outlines the social conditions and opportunities for planning in Aboriginal communities, and offers some thoughts on the need for greater Aboriginal involvement in the planning process.

The Cowichan Leader [Saturday, June 30, 1906]

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Self-assessment of online participation: Using a reflective approach to enhancing student experience

Jo Axe, Elizabeth Childs & Lois Fearon
Copyright by AACE. Reprinted with permission of AACE (http://www.aace.org).

The design of a virtual patient based learning model as a process to improve second language learning and cultural competence for healthcare professionals

Jeff Edouard Rouyer
People of Spanish-speaking origin with limited English proficiency is an increasing demographic in many U.S. communities. This group faces language and cultural barriers that affect access to quality healthcare and patient safety. The best way to reduce these barriers is to promote direct bilingual interaction between healthcare professionals and their patients. My research supports this goal through the development and implementation of a Virtual Patient Based Learning Model (VPBLM) as a platform to promote second...

The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, June 27, 1912]

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The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, June 20, 1912]

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The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, December 3, 1925]

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Professional learning through collaborative inquiry

Tara C. Fisher
The purpose of this project was to explore the experiences of a group of elementary school teachers, with regards to professional learning as they moved through a school-based collaborative inquiry process. As the newly seconded Coordinator of Inquiry (inquiry support teacher) in my school, I had the opportunity to develop and facilitate this process within our school. My research focus was the factors that contributed to the ability of our staff to learn and assimilate...

The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, January 13, 1927]

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