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National Health Interview Survey, 1981

National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.)

World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers, 1966-1975

United States. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Euro-barometer 16: Noise and Other Social Problems, October 1981

Jacques-Rene Rabier, Helene Riffault & Ronald Inglehart

Newsweek Poll: Volunteerism and Private Sector Programs, 1997

Newsweek, Inc.
This survey was sponsored by Newsweek and conducted by the Princeton Survey Research Associates. A national sample of 656 adults were interviewed on April 14-15, 1997. Major topics covered: volunteerism; reason for volunteering; type of volunteering; volunteer for organized group; "the Summit for America's Future" conference.

Statistical Profiles of Public School Districts, 2002

New York State Education Department
The data supports the report "New York: The State of Learning. Volume 2: Statistical Profiles of Public School Districts. Topics include: Total expenditures/student; Combined wealth ratio; Racial/ethnic distribution of enrolment; free/reduced lunch; average class size; percent of school-aged residents with disabilities; and many more.

Consumer Expenditure Survey, 1990-1993: Addendum Files

United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Estudio Actitudes, Valoraciones y Expectativas de los Adolescentes Colombianos, 1988

Lucero Samudio, J. Mayone Stycos, Marcela Villareeal & Luz Gabriela
This study was a joint project of the Population Development Program at Cornell University and the Universidad Externado de Colombia (Bogota) as part of a series of joint projects in Peru, Colombia, and China by the Population Development Program at Cornell University. Funding was provided by the Rockerfeller Foundation. For purposes of sample selection as well as field work, the country was divided into the five geographical/cultural areas accepted by the national statistics institute (DANE)....

Elmira Community Study, 1948

Paul F. Lazarsfeld, Bernard R. Berelson & William N. McPhee

United States Historical Election Returns, 1824-1968

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

Linked Birth/Infant Death Data, 1991 Birth Cohort

National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.)

Selected Vital Statistics for Cities and Villages in New York State over 10,000 Population, 1991-2000

New York (State). Bureau of Biometrics
Text files for 1991 to 2000 were received in May 2003 from Peter Herzfeld of the New York State Health Department, Bureau of Biometrics. These files were converted into Excel files and reformatted. They are similar to Table 54 published in the annual Vital Statistics of New York State (Table 53 in the web-based version of this publication), which includes data for cities and villages over 15,000 population. According to Mr. Herzfeld, there are 61...

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