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Survey of Consumer Finances, 2004

U.S. Board Of Governors Of The Federal Reserve Bank

Survey of Consumer Finances, 1989 Cross Section

Kennickell, Arthur B.; Board Of Governors Of The Federal Reserve Board

How parents fare: Mothers’ and fathers’ subjective well-being in time with children

Kelly Musick, Ann Meier & Sarah Flood
The shift to more time-intensive and child-centered parenting in the U.S. is widely assumed to be positively linked to healthy child development, but implications for adult well-being are less clear. We assess multiple dimensions of parents’ subjective well-being in activities with children and explore how the gendered nature of time potentially contributes to differences in mothers’ and fathers’ parenting experiences. Relying on nationally representative time diary data linked to respondents’ feelings in activities from the...

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  • 2018

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