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Involuntary attentional orienting to counterproductive exogenous cues

Sarina Evens, Gilles Pourtois & Antonio Schettino
ABSTRACT: In the literature, there is an ongoing debate regarding the nature of attentional orienting towards non-reportable exogenous cues. Some argue that even though bottom-up orienting can occur towards conscious stimuli, it is consistently modulated by endogenous factors in the case of unconscious stimuli. This would suggest that there may be no purely exogenous shifts of attention towards unconscious stimuli. In this thesis, we set out to provide compelling evidence for an automatic nature of...

Russian World

Pavel Simashenkov
The project presents an original perception of human history, based on Christian values as vital coordinates system. I hope this project will revive the interest to the Russian school of thoughts and to humanism in general.

Brazilian Portuguese Alphabetic Principles Knowledge Test: pilot validity study.

Rodrigo de Almeida, Juliane Ventirelli, Ângela Pinheiro & Leonor Cabral
Step 1 in the Alphabetic Principles Knowledge Test: pilot items validity.


Vitradesie Noekent
The main objective of this study is planning for development the agricultural sector, especially food plants in order to improve the local economy. The steps taken is to examine the performance of the agricultural sector in the district, identify potential food plants to be developed in each sub district, construct a hierarchy of centers of social services and economic development, planning the development of agriculture food plants in the district, then describe it in a...

OAI11 keynote Against all odds we only see numbers

ST Dr. Dasapta Erwin Irawan
Slides and supporting materials for OAI11 keynote Geneva 19 June 2019. List of keynotes: https://indico.cern.ch/event/786048/page/15854-presenter-profiles; Abstract: https://indico.cern.ch/event/786048/contributions/3361013/

Essentialist Beliefs and Social Distance towards Gay Men and Lesbian Women: A Latent Profile Analysis

Elena Agadullina, Andrey Lovakov & Natalia Malysheva
Psychological essentialism is the layperson’s belief that social categories are natural and entitative. Studies have shown that essentialist beliefs are strongly connected with different types of prejudice. Previous research into essentialist beliefs predominantly used a variable-centered approach to investigate the relationship between essentialist beliefs and prejudice. Extending this research, we used a person-centered approach to explore the relationship between different essentialist beliefs related to sexual orientation and gender (naturalness, homogeneity, discreteness and informativeness). The study...

Formation of a cohesive floodplain in a dynamic experimental meandering river

Wout van Dijk, Wietse van de Lageweg & Maarten Kleinhans
Field studies suggest that a cohesive floodplain is a necessary condition for meandering in contrast to braided rivers. However, it is only partly understood how the balance between floodplain construction by overbank deposition and removal by bank erosion and chutes leads to meandering. This is needed because only then does a dynamic equilibrium exist and channels maintain meandering with low width–depth ratios. Our objective is to understand how different styles of floodplain formation such as...

A Multi-Scale Analysis of 27,000 Urban Street Networks

Geoff Boeing
OpenStreetMap offers a valuable source of worldwide geospatial data useful to urban researchers. This study uses the OSMnx software to automatically download and analyze 27,000 US street networks from OpenStreetMap at metropolitan, municipal, and neighborhood scales - namely, every US city and town, census urbanized area, and Zillow-defined neighborhood. It presents empirical findings on US urban form and street network characteristics, emphasizing measures relevant to graph theory, transportation, urban design, and morphology such as structure,...

More intelligent people are more likely to deceive

Justyna Sarzyńska, Marcel Falkiewicz, Monika Riegel, Justyna Babula, Daniel Margulies, Edward Nęcka, Anna Grabowska & Iwona Szatkowska

Rapid, Experience-Related Changes in the Organization of Children’s Semantic Knowledge

Layla Unger & Anna Fisher
The organization of knowledge according to relations between concepts is crucially important for many cognitive processes, and its emergence during childhood is a key focus of cognitive development research. Prior evidence about the role of learning and experience in the development of knowledge organization primarily comes from studies investigating naturally-occurring group differenes (such as children from rural vs. ubran settings, or children who own a pet vs. children who don’t). However, we know little about...

Supplemental materials for: The Picture Guessing Game: Robust active statistical learning of syntactic regularities

Fabio Trecca, Felicity Frinsel & Morten Christiansen
Abstract: Language learning requires successfully integrating syntactic, semantic, and other cues to the meaning of an utterance. We present a new experimental paradigm that combines artificial language learning with sentence-picture matching, to investigate active statistical learning via multiple-cue integration. English-speaking participants were presented auditorily with sequences of nonsense words that followed non-English dative patterns: prepositional-dative (S-O1-prep-O2-V, e.g., kav jux ma-rus sook) or double-object (S-O2-O1-V, e.g., kav rus jux sook). For each sequence, participants were shown...

Governance Challenges of Listed State- Owned Enterprises Around the World: National Experiences and a Framework for Reform

Curtis Milhaupt & Mariana Pargendler
Cornell International Law Journal: Vol. 50 : No. 3 , Article 3Despite predictions of their demise in the aftermath of the collapse of socialist economies in Eastern Europe, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are very much alive in the global economy. The relevance of listed SOEs— firms subject to government ownership, but with a portion of their shares traded on public stock markets— has persisted and even increased around the world, as policymakers have encouraged the partial...

Implication of HEIs Environmental Possibilism

Ronald Gomeseria
The Subject Article pertain to Post Graduate Diploma / Master of Environment, and Natural Resources Management (D/MENRM) at the University of the Philippines aligns with "Environmental Natural Resources and Management." And this is one of the approved Doctoral Subject Curriculum Courses towards Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, a research thesis submitted to the Atlantic International University (AIU USA) in 2011. This article paper is one of the "Most Read" in the LinkedIn Publishing and Academia platform...

A North American Biodiversity Hotspot Gets Richer: A New Species of Whirligig Beetle (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae) From the Southeastern Coastal Plain of the United States

Grey Gustafson & Robert Sites
A new species of Dineutus Macleay, 1825 is described from the Southeastern CoastalPlain of the United Sates. Habitus and aedeagus images as well as illustrations of elytralapices, protarsus, palps, and male mesopretarsal claws are provided for Dineutus shorti n.sp. and compared to those of D. discolor Aubé, 1838. The importance of theSoutheastern Coastal Plain as a biodiversity hotspot and the potential conservationconcern of D. shorti n. sp. also are discussed.

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