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Peter Kao, Andrew Lee, Luke Schuster, Ryan Oh, Theresa Kikuchi, Shavonne Yu, Asia Shmock, Jeanie Suparman, Laurent Lousky, Darren Fum, Janet Chen, Weijun Chu, Sepand Dyanatkar, Karen Qi, Jason Ngan, Gowtham Mohan, Travis Anderson & Arthur Green

Disentangling the roles of cue visibility and knowledge in learning cognitive control

Christina Bejjani, Jack Dolgin, Ziwei Zhang & Tobias Egner
The current study aims to replicate and extend the findings of Farooqui and Manly (2015). The Stage 1 manuscript has been accepted-in-principle at Psychological Science.

Are perceived prevalences of infection also biased and how? Lessons from large epidemics of mosquito-borne diseases in tropical regions

Jocelyn Raude
Objectives: Although people have been repeatedly found to underestimate the frequency of risks to health from common diseases, we still do not know much about reasons for this systematic bias, which is also referred to as “primary bias” in the literature. In this study, we take advantage of a series of large epidemics of mosquito-borne diseases to examine the accuracy of judgments of risk frequencies. In this aim, we assessed the perceived versus the observed...

Current Librarian RDM Training

Sarah Clarke & Candace Norton
Research Data Management training opportunities for librarians as of Spring 2019.

Voltage dip diagnosis

Emiliano Reynares, Katarzyna Witkowska, Jorge Vega & Emmanuel Sangoi
Diagnosis of voltage dips on electrical power networks by applying ML techniques

Fractions | Frações

Leonardo Barichello
Lesson plans about addition and substraction of fractions | Planos de aula sobre adição e subtração de frações

Can changes in songbird stopover duration explain observed shifts in migration phenology?

Nicholas Dorian, Trevor Lloyd-Evans & J. Reed
Shifts in migration phenology have been widely documented across taxa, but comparatively little attention has been paid to how these shifts are occurring. We analyzed 46 years of banding data from coastal Massachusetts to determine whether stopover duration in seven migratory songbirds changed between 1970–1980 and 1990–2015 and, if so, whether changes could explain observed shifts in phenology for those species. To estimate stopover duration for each species and banding season (spring and fall), we...

Facial appearance and electoral success: Are trustworthy-looking politicians more successful In corrupt regions?

Bastian Jaeger, Anthony Evans & Ilja van Beest
People rely on the facial appearances of political candidates when voting. However, there is conflicting evidence regarding which perceived traits (e.g., competence, trustworthiness, or attractiveness) are associated with electoral success. In line with situational leadership theories, we test the hypothesis that trait preferences for politicians vary as a function of election context. For example, trustworthy-looking politicians may be more successful in regions where corruption is a salient issue. We analyze data from the 2016 Italian...

MEDLIB-L: March 2011-March 2016

Richard James
Nancy Start on January 23, 1991 founded MEDLIB-L, an email discussion listmanaged by the Medical Library Association for Health InformationProfessionals. It continues today to be an online gathering space forreference questions, help with difficult search strategies, placing andfilling interlibrary loan requests, posting job vacancies, notingappreciation of good advice and weaving threads of conversations. Thispaper analyzes the demographics and contents of MEDLIB-L archives fromMarch 2011 – March 2016. The data truly captures a snapshot of the...

University of Edinburgh Psychology Open Day Sample Lecture Slides

Sarah Stanton
Sample lecture on navigating romantic conflict from Dr Stanton's Psychology honours course, Science of Close Relationships. Presented at the University of Edinburgh's Open Days.

Fear of cybercrime - Malware attack simulation

Francisco Castro-Toledo & Miriam Esteve
Fear of crime (FOC) has been one of the most compelling scientific phenomena since the 60s. Its scope has traditionally been limited to assess this emotional experience predominantly in physical space. However, studies on FOC experiences are gradually increasing in this new area of ​​criminal opportunity, which is cyberspace. The aim of this paper is to analyze in real time the FOC dynamics elicited from several simulations of cyber attacks by malware infection, including the...

The Human Penguin Project: Climate, Social Integration, and Core Body Temperature

Hans IJzerman, Siegwart Lindenberg, İlker Dalğar, Sophia Weissgerber, Rodrigo Vergara, Athena Cairo, Marija Čolić, Pinar Dursun, Natalia Frankowska, Rhonda Hadi, Calvin Hall, Youngki Hong, Chuan-Peng Hu, Jennifer Joy-Gaba, Dusanka Lazarevic, Ljiljana Lazarevic, Michal Parzuchowski, Kyle Ratner, David Rothman, Samantha Sim, Claudia Simao, Mengdi Song, Darko Stojilović, Johanna Blomster, Rodrigo Brito … & Janis Zickfeld
Social thermoregulation theory posits that modern human relationships are pleisiomorphically organized around body temperature regulation. In two studies (N=1755) designed to test the principles from this theory, we used supervised machine learning to identify social and non-social factors that relate to core body temperature. This data-driven analysis found that complex social integration (CSI), defined as the number of high contact roles one engages in, is a critical predictor of core body temperature. We further used...

A multidimensional approach to perfectionism and self-compassion

Rebecca Linnett & Fraenze Kibowski
Research suggests that maladaptive perfectionism impedes the development of self-compassion, a self-attitude with numerous biopsychosocial benefits. The precise relationship between these constructs remains unclear, but accurate modelling could foster an understanding of the barriers that perfectionists experience to self-compassion, enabling focused interventions to be developed. This study used structural equation modelling within a convenience-sampled, general, population (n=428; mean age=34.3 yrs, SD=12.1) to analyze how multidimensional perfectionism related to multidimensional self-compassion. The maladaptive perfectionism dimensions (Concern...

ISRCTN10492618: RCT of optimal press release wording on health-related news coverage

Chris Chambers, Petroc Sumner & Rachel Adams
Open data and materials for ISRCTN10492618: RCT of optimal press release wording on health-related news coverage

Theory of mind and peer relationships: The role of social anxiety

Luca Ronchi, Robin Banerjee & Serena Lecce
A sample of 66 Italian children (36 boys) took part to this study investigating the developmental association between Theory of mind (ToM) and peer relationships (peer acceptance and peer rejection) after the transition from primary to secondary school. Main aim of the study was investigating the potential role of social anxiety as mediator in the association between early ToM and later peer relationships. All the children were native Italian speakers and none of them was...

Integrating Electrokinetic and Bioremediation Process for Treating Oil Contaminated Low Permeability Soil

Bimastyaji Ramadan, agus effendi & Qomarudin Helmy
The massive operation of oil mining activities sometimes ignores environmental aspects which may cause contamination in soil and environment. Low-permeability soil oil contamination complicates the recovery process because it requires substantial energy for excavating and crushing the soil. Electrokinetic technology can be used as an alternative technology to treat soil in-situ and improve bioremediation process (biostimulation) through transfer of ions and nutrient that support microorganism growth. This study was conducted using a combination of electrokinetic...

Flexibles Lernen in der Hochschule mit Digitalen Differenzierungsmatrizen

Franziska Greiner
The idea of one-size-fits-all, still predominant in higher education, can not address the heterogeneity of students sufficiently. The present paper reveals insight into a didactic concept providing a digital learning envorinment, which allows for individual aquisition of competency in the university context: The digital differentiation grid. Theoretically founded and practically orientated, the current paper also presents two specific application examples for university teaching.

AfSIS soil + spectral diagnostic workflows

Markus Walsh, Keith Shepherd, Andrew Sila, Elvis Weullow & Wendy Gregory
Soil property reference data and spectral prediction workflows for Africa

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