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AfSIS soil + spectral diagnostic workflows

Markus Walsh, Keith Shepherd, Andrew Sila, Elvis Weullow & Wendy Gregory
Soil property reference data and spectral prediction workflows for Africa

What drives individual differences in statistical learning? The role of perceptual fluency and familiarity

Amy Perfors & Evan Kidd
Humans have the ability to learn surprisingly complicated statistical information in a variety of modalities and situations, often based on relatively little input. These statistical learning (SL) skills appear to underlie many kinds of learning, but despite their ubiquity, we still do not fully understand precisely what SL is and what individual differences on SL tasks reflect. Here we present experimental work suggesting that at least some individual differences arise from variation in perceptual fluency...

Participatory artisanal fisheries management in islands: Application to the Canary Islands (Spain)

Serafin Corral & David Manrique
Socio-economic development of small-island fishing communities is greatly dependent on local coastal and marine resources. However, illegal fishing and aggressive practices in insular ecosystems lead to over-exploitation and environmental deterioration. Moreover, a lack of scientific data increases uncertainty and prevents the adequate monitoring of marine resources. This paper focuses on the integration of local fishing communities into decision-making processes with the aim of promoting artisanal fishing on the Island of Tenerife (the Canary Islands), as...

Dataset for OpenFace Articulatory Tracking Validation

Peter Krause
This dataset goes with our recently submitted paper for a special issue of LabPhon

Type M error can explain Weisburd's Paradox

andrew gelman
Simple calculations seem to show that larger studies should have higher statistical power, but empirical meta-analyses of published work in criminology have found zero or weak correlations between sample size and estimated statistical power. This is “Weisburd’s paradox” and has been attributed by Weisburd, Petrosino, and Mason (1993) to a difficulty in maintaining quality control as studies get larger, and attributed by Nelson, Wooditch, and Dario (2014) to a negative correlation between sample sizes and...

Pre-print #1

Nonie Finlayson, Benjamin de Haas & D. Samuel Schwarzkopf
Perceptual bias is inherent to all our senses, particularly in the form of visual illusions and aftereffects. However, many experiments measuring perceptual biases may be susceptible to non-perceptual factors, such as response bias and decision criteria. Here we quantify how robust Multiple Alternative Perceptual Search (MAPS) is for disentangling estimates of perceptual biases from these confounding factors. First our results show that MAPS can detect the spatial heterogeneity of actual perceptual biases; however, we find...


M. Umanailo
Tidak lepas dalam ingatan kita, bagaimana Jean Baudrilard menelanjangi konsumerisme dengan karya besar tentang masyarakat konsumsi, Yasraf Amir Piliang mencoba untuk meretas konsumerisme lewat tafsir Cultural Studies atas matinya Makna, sementara itu Ritzer, Douglas, maupun Barry Smart yang masih setengah hati menafsirkan makna dari konsumerisme. Kesemuanya itu adalah upaya mengkonstruksi dan meleburkan nilai-nilai yang terkandung dan terbangun dalam suatu essay lepas untuk menumbuhkan kesadaran bahwa konsumerisme siap menerkam kita kapan saja dan dimana saja

Study of the mechanical behavior of recycled fibers. Applications to papers and paperboards.

Imtiaz Ali
Incorporation of recycled fibres in high value paper products can reduce cost and environmental loads. Papermaking potential of cellulosic fibres decreases with recycling. The phenomenon of fibre hornification during pressing and drying is normally held responsible for the loss in strength. To study the impacts of recycling on pulp, fibre and paper properties some non conventional characterisation techniques like fibre saturation point, X-rays microtomography, environmental scanning electron microscopic observations, atomic forcemicroscope (PeakForce QNM mode) and...

Penggunaan Media Audio-Visual Berbasis Kearifan Lokal Pada Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk Menanamkan Sikap Nasionalisme

balqis husain
Media pembelajaran adalah segala sesuatu yang dapat digunakan untuk menyalurkan pesan dari pengirim ke penerima sehingga dapat merangsang pikiran, perasaan, perhatian, dan minat serta perhatian siswa sedemikian rupa sehingga proses belajar mengajar berjalan dengan efektif. Salah satu media pembelajaran yang efektif diterapkan adalah media pembelajaran audio visual yaitu jenis media yang selain mengandung unsur suara juga mengandung unsur gambar, bahkan pengajaran akan menjadi lebih menarik dan efektif apabila media audio visual di rancang dengan memasukkan...

Yacovone, Moya, & Snedeker (submitted)

Anthony Yacovone, Emily Moya & Jesse Snedeker
This is an EEG study on the costs associated with code-switching in English-Spanish bilinguals

Cortical inactivation and risk assessment during an interval timing task

Estela Nepomoceno
The insular cortex (IC) comprises a region of sensory integration that appears to detect salient events to guide goal-directed behavior, code error awareness, and estimate the passage of time. Projections between the IC and medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) - found both in rats and humans - also suggest a possible role of these structures in the integration of autonomic responses during ongoing behavior. This study aims to investigate the role of the IC and mPFC...

أهمية الإسناد فى تعليم العلوم الشرعية

Kholil Syu'aib
أكثر من عرف الإسناد في علوم الحديث، ولكن لم يخصص فيها العلماء المتقدمون والمتأخرون، وإنما يعممون في سائر العلوم من العلوم الشرعية. روى الديلمي (ت 509 ه) عن ابن عمر (ت 73 ه) رضي الله تعالى عنهما مرفوعا: العلم دين والصلاة دين، فانظروا عمن تأخذون هذا العلم وكيف تصلون هذه الصلاة فإنكم تسألون يوم القيامة. وفى أوائل صحيح مسلم عن ابن المبارك (ت 171 ه): الإسناد من الدين، لو لا الإسناد لقال من شاء على...

Neoliberalism and contemporary reform efforts in Mississippi's public education system

Kamden Strunk, Leslie Locke & Melandie McGee
Mississippi’s performance on educational outcomes has consistently ranked among the lowest in the nation. As such, reform efforts have been continuous. However, the condition of Mississippi’s public educational system cannot be fully understood without first considering historical factors, such as desegregation and integration, which have shaped contemporary reform efforts. The push for racial equality in Mississippi education faced strict opposition by Whites following the Brown (1954) court ruling. Over time, this resistance led to resegregated...

Mild Cognitive Impairment in Primary Care

Dewanto Andoko
Currently, more and more attention is paid to mild and moderate cognitive impairment that does not cause occupational, social problems, or family relationship disturbance are especially common in primary care practice. Cognitive disorders that do not reach the degree of dementia often co-occur with disorders of the anxiety-depressive spectrum. Diagnosis and management of mild cognitive impairment in primary care, must be carried out at the initial stages of the pathological process, long before the onset...

Psychiatrist and Occupational Burnout Syndrome

Dewanto Andoko
Active professional activity of psychiatrists is associated with inevitable emotional and moral overload, which is the basis for the emergence of the so-called syndrome of “emotional burnout." This article provides a brief review of the scientific literature on the topic of burnout among psychiatrists.

Continuous ratings of movie watching reveal idiosyncratic dynamics of aesthetic enjoyment

Ayse Isik
This repository contains the data and analysis scripts used in the project: "Continuous ratings of movie watching reveal idiosyncratic dynamics of aesthetic enjoyment"

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