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Factors associated to poor physical performance in older adults of 11 Peruvian high Andean communities

Diego Pastor
The objective of this study was to evaluate factors associated with poor physical performance by using the Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) in older adults living in 11 Peruvian high Andean communities.

Mindfulness and decision-making: Sunk-costs or escalation of commitment?

Neil Schmitzer-Torbert
Mindfulness is related to a number of positive health outcomes, such as decreased stress, anxiety and improved physical functioning. Recent studies have also identified cognitive benefits of mindfulness, including work by Hafenbrack, Kinias and Barsade (2014) who found that higher trait mindfulness and brief mindfulness inductions significantly improved decision-making, by reducing escalation of commitment to a course of action which has proven to be disadvantageous. Such work demonstrates that beyond well-being, mindfulness may be related...

Penentuan Prioritas Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kualitas Website Unika De La Salle Manado Dengan Metode Analytical Hierarchy Process

Junaidy Sanger
Unika De La Salle Manado is one of the university in Indonesia who have been using internet technology to support variety of activities such as teaching and learning, administration and other supporting activities. One of service that was established by this university is the university’s website. The quality of website assessed by human perception which is very subjective because it involves many variables in the process of decision making. Evaluation of the level of interest...

Characterising the efforts to reduce consumer demand for wildlife products

Diogo Veríssimo & Anita Wan
The unsustainable trade in wildlife is a key threat to the Earth’s biodiversity. While efforts to mitigate this threat have traditionally focused on regulation and enforcement, there is a growing interest in campaigns aimed at reducing the demand for wildlife products. However, we have little understanding of the impacts of these efforts. In this article, we aim to describe the extent to which such campaigns to change consumer behavior have been evaluated, and the existing...

Research can help build trust between MPA managers and community members

In a study of residents living adjacent to the Ningaloo Marine Park in Western Australia, researchers found that scientific research conducted in the park had helped to build trust with regard to management of the MPA. The study also found that trust could be further enhanced through a targeted science communication and engagement strategy that targets different ‘personality types’ throughout the region.

Collaborative peer production as an alternative to hierarchical internet based business systems

ganesh gopal, Debanjum Solanky & Govindaraj Rajamanickam
As we move towards more data intensive, devicecentric global communication networks, our ability to usefully harvest these large datastores is degrading. The widening asym-metry in the explosive growth of data versus our ability to use it, is forcing us towards centralized analytics. This splintered concentration of data further consolidates analytical capabilities in the hands of the few and divides the network into the analysors and the analysed. The fracturing of the system into opaque datastores...

Macro Sociolinguistics: Insight Language

Rohib Sangia
Language can be studied internally and externally. As externally, Sociolinguistics as the branch of linguistics looked or put position in relation to language speakers in the community, because in human society is no longer as individuals, will remain as a social community. Sociolinguistics concerns with two aspects of civilization, language and society, there are appropriate terms which are micro and macro in sociolinguistics. The main differences of them are micro-sociolinguistics or sociolinguistics –in narrow sense-...


Farida Mayar
Karakter disiplin anak dalam pembelajaran menggambar bertujuan untuk mengetahui disiplin anak dalam pembelajaran menggambar di Taman Kanak-kanak (TK). Jenis penelitian kualitatif mengunakan observasi, wawancara. Perekaman, dan pemotretan. Hal ini dilakukan untuk mengkaji data informasi yang berhubungan erat dengan karakter disiplin kegiatan pembelajaran menggambar, dan hasil menggambar anak. Hasil penelitian dapat diketahui Guru membelajarkan anak tentang karakter disiplin dimulai nilai-nilai agama, dengan dari tema diri sendiri, seluruh panca indra diceritakan kepada anak seperti panca indra dikerjakan...

Legal Liability Company Based On Sharing Economy to Service And Consumer Providers

Substantive Justice
This Article has been published at www.substantivejustice.id (July 20, 2018) This research aim to knows and analyzes the responsibility of Sharing economy companies toward providers and consumers. The research used normative method. The results are: the responsibility of sharing economy company could be base on civil law responsibility or administrative. The compony was also able to have a freedom to retacle any problem with a provider which is bias in the constitution. The sharing economy...

KITCHEN Departement Gino Feruci Kebon Jati Hotel

Eneng Widayanti
Peranan food & beverage dalam menunjang SOP di Hotel Gino Ferucci Kebon Jati bandung sangatlah penting. Diantaranya : a. Menunjang kebersihan dalam menjaga kualitas makananb. Memberikan pelayanan yang memuaskan bagi tamu sehingga tamu tidak merasa kecewa dan merasa nyaman di hotelc. Menjadikan penulis menjadi lebih dewasa dalam menyikapi masalahd. Menambah pengetahuan penulis dalam dunia perhotelan khususnya di secton kitchen departement

The compendium of self-enactable techniques to change and self-manage motivation and behaviour

Keegan Knittle, Nelli Hankonen, Matti Heino, Marta Marques, Martin Hagger, wendy hardeman, Franziska Ehbrecht, Marguerite Beattie & Minna Stenius
This work was funded by the Academy of Finland (Project Grant No: 295765) and led by PI Nelli Hankonen.

Impact of tidal height on characteristics of ALOS PALSAR measurements to estimate above ground biomass of mangrove forest in Indonesia

Ketut Wikantika
Mangrove has the most carbon rich forests in the tropics. Mapping and monitoring biomass of mangrove forest is very important to manage ecosystem and field survey of mangrove biomass and productivity is very difficult due to muddy soil condition, heavy weight of the wood, very large area and tidal effect on mangrove area. Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) Phased Array L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (PALSAR) is available for identification and monitoring mangrove forest. The objective...


Nelson Tebbe
113 Michigan Law Review 809 (2015)How should the Constitution change? In Originalism and the Good Constitution, John McGinnis and Michael Rappaport argue that it ought to change in only one way: through the formal mechanisms set out in the Constitution’s own Article V. This is so, they claim, because provisions adopted by supermajority vote are more likely to be substantively good. The original Constitution was ratified in just that way, they say, and subsequent changes...

A continuum damage description for a discrete crack modeling approach for delamination migration in composite laminates

DC Pham
A three-dimensional discrete crack embedded within a continuum damage mechanics (CDM) model is developed for an effective characterization of delamination migration in composite laminates subjected to static loading. 3D Hashin failure criterion is implemented for damage initiation prediction under a 3D stress state. Matrix crack initiation criteria coupled with a maximum principal stress direction are employed to determine the location and orientation of a discrete matrix crack within an element. Given the orientation of the...

Knowde: A Visual Search Interface

Maurice Schleußinger & Maria Henkel
Information Visualizations are well-established to represent high density information in an intuitive and interactive way. There are no popular general retrieval systems, however, which utilize the power of information visualizations for search result representation. This paper describes Knowde, a search interface with purely visual result representation. It employs a powerful information retrieval system and works in a common web browser in real-time. This working prototype, with three different variations of network graphs will assist us...

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