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Understanding resilience in later life in a low resource setting

African Population
Estimates indicate that close to 60% of the urban population in Kenya live in slums and informal settlements. Further, a growing number of migrants are ageing 'in situ', resulting in an increasing number of older people living in slum areas Ageing in these setting can be challenging particularly given the lack of formal support systems. Given this context, this study seeks to better understand resilience among older people in coping with stresses and shocks, and...

Population and Health Dynamics in Nairobi’s Informal Settlements

African Population
This report documents demographic characteristics and health conditions of Nairobi City's slum residents based on a representative sample survey of urban informal settlement residents carried out from February to June 2000. The aims of the "Nairobi Cross-sectional Slums Survey (NCSS)" were to determine the magnitude of the general and health problems facing slum residents, and to compare the demographic and health profiles of slum residents to those of residents of other urban and rural areas...

Nairobi Cross-sectional Slums Survey (NCSS), 2012

African Population
The overarching goal of NCSS 2012 was to strengthen the evidence base to guide policies and programs aimed at improving the wellbeing of the urban poor. Specifically, the survey pursued three main objectives: 1. To document current population and health challenges among the residents of Nairobi's informal settlements. 2. To take stock of the changes (or the lack thereof) in health outcomes, livelihood conditions and demographic behavior among slum dwellers in Nairobi, ten years after...

NUHDSS - Amenities and Livelihoods Information for All Households

African Population
Under the NUHDSS we visit households in two informal settlements in Nairobi every four months to collect information on health and other related issues so that we can understand the health and well-being of members of these communities. Specifically, we would like to know a bit about the nature of amenities and facilities as well as the household income, expenditure and the coping strategies that households have in case of a problem. The results from...

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