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Whatever. A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies, Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Whatever. A transdisciplinary journal of queer theories and studies

Whatever. A Transdisciplinary Journal Of Queer Theories And Studies
A preface to the first issue of Whatever A queer whatever: political figures of non-identity...1-33 A research programme for queer studies...35-73 The Chinese encyclopedia and the living dead...75-91 Gay orgies under the big top...93-103 On doing ‘being a misfit’: towards a constrastive grammar of ordinariness...105-121 Why bisexuality is queer...123-156 Queer histories and identities on the Ecuadorian coast...157-182 Tony Duvert: a political and theoretical overview...183-197 Queering the box(e)...199-214 Voci aliene...215-232 Performare la specie...233-263 Queer narratives of...

Queering the box(e)

Elisa Virgilii
This analysis starts with an ethnographic research (participant observation as a data collection method) that aims to compare two types of boxing gyms: a “commercial” gym (a gym that does not prepare a competitive level athletes but offers a fee based courses) and a “community” gym (usually in occupied spaces, often for free and it is based on shared values among athletes such as anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-sexism and anti-ableism). The purpose of this part of...

Codice Pelavicino. Edizione digitale

Enrica Salvatori
Edizione critica digitale del Codice Pelavicino, un manoscritto della fine del XIII secolo conservato presso l’Archivio Capitolare Lunense (Sarzana) e contenente diversi documenti tra cui il Liber Iurium della Chiesa di Luni. L'opera si compone di un insieme di testi di corredo, materiali di consultazione, le immagini del manoscritto e l’edizione critica vera e propria, ed è consultabile sul web grazie al software open source EVT. L’edizione digitale del codice consente lo studio del manoscritto...

The Fire in the Voice : Songs and Sounds on Queer South African Life

Ernst van der Wal
This article investigates queer vocality as it impacts on contemporary experiences and imaginings of race, gender and sexuality within the South African context. By examining the very applicability of queer (as term and methodology) within the South African context, and paying particular attention to its relationship to voice, this article explores how ideas surrounding race, gender and sexuality bears on South Africa as a sonic environment. The work of South African performing artist Umlilo is...

Enhanced Biodegradability in Vegetable Tannery Wastewater by Sonication

Alireza Mohammadi Aghdam
The tanning industry in Italy represents a significant contribution to the European economy. At the same time, it is well known that this industry generates significant amounts of contaminated wastewater. Vegetable Tannery wastewater contains high concentrations of organic matter (COD) with a significant percentage of recalcitrant organic compounds. Vegetable tannery wastewater shows several drawbacks due to the complexity of the chemical composition. Contaminants have to remove to avoid significant environmental impacts. In another hand, Activated...

La fondazione del FUORI e la mobilitazione degli artisti (1971-1974)

Sergio Cortesini
This article discusses the foundation of the FUORI – the first national organization of Italian homosexuals in 1971– and its journal, Fuori!, from an unprecedented angle, that is the contribution of the artists to the politics of visual and discursive representation of the new social subject. Working on primary sources, the author casts a light on the stimulating microsocial milieu of intellectuals, artists, designers in Turin that originated the FUORI and describes how artistic vanguard...

The Chinese encyclopedia and the living dead

Mattia Petricola
This article presents a case study in queer hermeneutics dealing with the construction of a corpus in a comparative study. More specifically, I propose to queer the category ‘living dead’ by restructuring its internal taxonomy. This will be achieved through the intersection of two approaches to categorization, both developed in the field of cognitive sciences as elaborations of Wittgenstein’s notion of ‘family resemblance’: Eleanor Rosch’s prototype theory and George Lakoff’s discussion of classification strategies in...

Listening for a queer utopia : unexpected pleasures in Baroque castrato roles

Rogers Camille
This article seeks out queer resonances in the peculiar lives and sensational music of the castrati: castrated male singers who, on operatic stages of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, proved their virility not through the strength or reproductive capacity of their unusual bodies, but through the breathtaking virtuosity of their voices. Problematizing not only binaries of gender and sexuality, but also those of mind vs. body and verbal vs. non-verbal, this paper uses music as...

La differenza queer della traduzione a teatro : Il caso di Porci e cani di Caryl Churchill

Serena Guarracino
Questo contributo esplora il ruolo della traduzione teatrale come forma di attivismo femminista e queer attraverso l’analisi di Porci e cani (2017), traduzione italiana di Pigs and Dogs (2016) della drammaturga britannica Caryl Churchill. Parte di un più ampio progetto per sostenere la ricezione di un’autrice ancora poco rappresentata sulle scene italiane, questa traduzione e la sua drammatizzazione ad opera di Bluemotion si inseriscono in un ampio scenario di ricerca sulla messa in scena dei...

Why bisexuality is queer

Laura Corradi
The essay starts with the author’s Positioning, a feminist practice of disclosing her own intellectual and political perspectives – since knowledge is situated, never neutral. In section 1. Coming to terms with bisexuality naming practices, labeling and definitions are discussed, to introduce the reader to the arena of debate around bisexuality and queer, and introduce intersectional and decolonial perspectives. Section 2. From the margins of queer theory demonstrates how bisexuality has occupied, from its very...

Whatever. A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies, Vol 2 No 1 (2019):

Whatever. A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies
Whatever. A Transdisciplinary Journal of Queer Theories and Studies is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access, yearly academic journal published online under the auspices of CIRQUE, Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca Queer.

Performare la specie

Marco Reggio
In the novel Birdy, William Wharton tells the story of a boy who wants to become a bird. The process of building a post-human subjectivity on the part of the protagonist can be explored through some conceptual tools attributable to queer theory, in particular that of “performativity” developed by Judith Butler. These theoretical constructs will be reviewed in relation to the construction of the species binarism ( “performativity of species”, “animal drag”, etc.) and the...

A research programme for queer studies

Carmen Dell'Aversano
Starting from a definition of queer as the deontologization of categories and the denaturalization of performances, this paper aims to delineate a research programme for queer studies based on American sociologist’s Harvey Sacks’s work on social categories. This would make it possible both to generalize the application of queer theory to the analysis of the repressive consequences of all forms of categorization, and to elucidate these repressive effects in a huge variety of social contexts...

Analysis and design of devices for medium temperature solar thermal energy conversion

Marco Francesconi
The increase of energy consumption as well as the growth of the prices of fossil fuels and the need to reduce pollutant emissions strongly stimulate the development of renewable sources and waste heat recovery. Large scale power generation from renewable energy sources or from waste heat recovery inherently relies on a large number of small size distributed energy systems. At the moment, the components which can be employed in those applications still need a large...

Tony Duvert: a political and theoretical overview

Ezio Puglia & Irene Peano
The late French writer Tony Duvert gave voice, scandalously, to the child-lover he never hid he was. He outlined, with rare precision, a desiring subjectivity struggling for existence in a hostile society, which portrayed him as a criminal. The right to homosexuality; the battle against the condemnation and the repression of underage sexuality; the deconstruction of the scary image of the ‘paedophile’, a bugbear typically represented as a rapist ogre; the invective against parents (the...

That Dog Is Real: Queer Identities in the New Wes Anderson’s Film Isle of Dogs

Bianca Friedman
The representation of animals in movies deals with an unavoidable premise which has pragmatic consequences: movies are made by humans, for humans. Therefore, since humans usually define their identity in opposition to animals, representing them as individuals implies a problematic application of human categories to animal characters’ performance. Trying to combine queer theories with Animal Studies, I propose an analysis of Wes Anderson’s latest movie, Isle of Dogs, and in particular a reflection on the...

Ambivalence in encounters with my big fat Greek closet

Spyridon Chairetis
Both fat people and queer people diverge from the norms that control who is perceived as societally normal versus abnormal. While literature on the closet has encapsulated the experiences of the two subject positions as distinct entities, limited scholarship examines the relationship between fatness and queerness vis-à-vis the closet. Drawing on fat studies, queer theory, and autoethnography, I critically examine my encounters with the closet both inside and outside of Greece. Reflecting on my experience...

On doing ‘being a misfit’: towards a constrastive grammar of ordinariness

Alessandro Grilli
This paper aims at exploring the shaping of normality, in the hegemonial patterns which constitute the difference between the performances of social failure and success, by presenting the methodology and some key results of an extensive ongoing research project about the representation of misfits in Western literature. Through the analysis of the literary representation of a variety of interactions between misfits and ‘normals’, my work aims to investigate the primordial shaping of normative constructs in...

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