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Nuove frontiere nella valutazione linguistica

Graziano Serragiotto
<div> <p>The aim of this paper is to focus on new trends for languages as far as assessment and evaluation are concerned. After analysing some important elements referring to evaluation and stressing the necessity for teachers to be trained in order to assess and evaluate according to specific criteria, the attention is focused on three aspects: CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), intercultural competence and the use of technologies. They are considered above all when...

A new Interpretation of the Edicts of Aśoka from Kandahar

Francesco Maniscalco
<p>From Alexandria of Arachosia, present-day Kandahar, we have two edicts in Greek issued by the sovereign Maurya Aśoka (c. 270-230 BC). Arachosia, the ancient Eastern satrapy of the Achaemenid Empire − corresponding to present-day southeastern Afghanistan − had long seen the meeting of the Iranian world to the west and the Indian world to the east. As from the end of the fourth century BC, after conquest by Alexander the Great and occupation of the...

Il <em>nawrūz</em> di strada

Massimiliano Borroni
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La guerra di Crimea come fattore di modernizzazione

Giulia Lami
<p>The essay analyses the impact of Crimean war on the Russian and Ottoman empires. These were both pushed, in a different way but with a similar intent, to begin a complex policy of modernisation, giving its fruits in the 1860s and 1870s. Both Empires, located at the periphery of Europe, were governed by autocratic monarchs, lacked a tradition of civil rights and self-government and suffered from the comparison with the West, which represented in the...

Come presentare saggi a EL.LE

Carlos Alberto Melero Rodríguez
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The Donkey in the Graeco-Egyptian Papyri

Rita Lucarelli
<p style="text-align: justify; margin-top: 12px; margin-bottom: 0px; line-height: normal;">In ancient Egyptian religion, the donkey is generally associated to Seth and to its manifestation as a donkey and in the Graeco-Egyptian papyri Seth and the donkey are also commonly identified with Typhon. However, in a few spells the donkey occurs as a ritual and sacrificial animal, not necessarily in relation to the god Seth but just as an example of <i>materia magica</i>. In this article, on...

Minimalia Crimeana

M. Marcella Ferraccioli & Gianfranco Giraudo
<p>A survey of the history of Crimea since the Schythic period up to our days, of its peoples (Byzantines, Goths, Tatars, Jews, Russians, and Ukrainians), of its culture, of the travellers that wrote of it, and of its economy.</p>

<em>Más sabe el loco en su casa que el cuerdo en la ajena y el natural vizcaíno</em>

Karin Chirinos Bravo
<div> <p>The aim of this article is to explore the boundaries between the Venetian theater of Carlo Goldoni and the comedia de Figurón, genre of the Spanish Golden Age. We have select one play <i>Más sabe el loco en su casa que el cuerdo en la ajena y el natural vizcaíno</i> (1791) of José de la Concha wich bears a closer resemblance to the plays of Goldoni in the 18th century. A comparative study may...

Tra passione e sopravvivenza

Orazio Giancola & Emanuele Toscano
<div> <p>In the past fifteen years, radical normative changes (Laws 230/2005 and 240/2010) and cuts to university and research budgets have generated a reduction of the already limited “entrance gates” to academic careers. These difficulties in the path towards stabilisation have produced a high number of precarious researchers and academics, who fight to have a remunerated position in the academia, despite bad working conditions and the constant treat of expulsion from the academic system. Notwithstanding...

La fête et le spectacle carnavalesques dans <em>Le Mât de cocagne</em> (1979) et <em>Hadriana dans tous mes rêves</em> (1988) de René Depestre

Irene Alvarez Domenech
<div> <p>The aim of this article is to bring together two of René Despestre’s novels, <i>Le Mât de cocagne</i> (1979) and <i>Hadriana dans tous mes rêves</i> (1988), and place them within the tradition of the carnivalesque as it was discussed by Mikhail Bakhtin in <i>L’œuvre de François Rabelais et la culture populaire au Moyen Âge et sous la Renaissance</i>. By taking into account this wider perspective, I intend to show that the presence of a...

Francesco Ferrara, il primo degli economisti cafoscarini

Riccardo Faucci
<div> <p>The paper presents the important personality of the great Italian economist Francesco Ferrara who has been the first Director of the new School of Commerce founded in Venice in 1868. The paper is divided in two parts: the first part presents the main features of Francesco Ferrara as an economist, showing how he was clearly a supporter of a free-market oriented vision of the economic analysis and of the economic policy, not liking at...

Arquitectura y Poesía

Luis García Montero
<div> <p>This article presents some considerations about the specific way in which poetry has interacted with architecture in its desire to create meaning. The architect’s imagination fall far from any calculation of structures and risk assessment. But no matter how modest the point of departure, the consequences are ambitious because poetic reflections on architecture inevitably lead to a complicated terrain: the questioning of identity, that is, the inevitable tension between a wish in empty space...

Baltasar Porcel in English: a Chronicle of the Translation of <i>Cavalls cap a la fosca</i>

Francesc Borrull
<div> <p>This paper chronicles John Getman’s English translation of Baltasar Porcel’s <i>Cavalls cap a la fosca</i>, published by the University of Arkansas Press in 1995. At the same time, the commission, publication and reception of this translation are also analyzed.</p> </div>

Internships and Volunteering in Europe

Sylvie Contrepois
<div> <p>The idea to professionalize studies has gradually emerged as the best way to overcome youth unemployment across Europe. Amongst the different schemes developed from the ’80s, internships appear to have been favoured by employers and have grown significantly. However the effective contribution these schemes are making to training is contested, while interns employment terms and condition are often denounced. The research presented in this paper explores and compares interns situations in six countries –...

Theatrical Life and Cultural Development in Liverpool Between 1740 and 1820

Cristina Consiglio
<div> <p> The pace of theatrical life in Romantic Liverpool – as in the provinces in general – was a tight schedule that involved both the lives of managers, actors and actresses, and the management of every season, as the provincial theatres were places where the players, while experiencing theatrical conditions different from those in the capital, might serve their apprenticeship, practise their skills and test the reaction of the public as well. After tracing back...

Phonemic Awareness in English as a Foreign Language

Michela Gronchi
<div> <p>The present paper discusses the results of an action-research study involving a 15-year-old student who was diagnosed with severe dyslexia after coming to Italy through international adoption. The study investigates the literature on language acquisition in cases of early deprivation and the implications of the phonological deficit in students with dyslexia in a foreign language learning environment. The essay also reports the results of a learning program concerning phonological awareness that has been delivered...

L’acquisizione dell’italiano in Bambini con Adozione Internazionale

Egidio Freddi
<div> <p>One of the least examined aspects in literature is the development of the linguistic proficiency in internationally adopted individuals, who must learn the Italian language in our country. In this contribution we will analyze the specific linguistic and psycholinguistic conditions of these little learners during their Italian language acquisition. The language learning process in this children population exhibits extremely interesting phenomena and characteristics that pose questions about the premature mechanism of learning and solidification...

3 L’innovazione e le relazioni inter-organizzative

Anna Moretti & Francesco Zirpoli
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The Book of Rules

Geoffrey Philp
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Pio XI nella crisi europea | Pius XI. im Kontext der europäischen Krise

Raffaella Perin
This book collects the papers presented at the Italian-German Conference held in Villa Vigoni in May 2015, <em>Pius XI’s pontificate in the European Crisis: historiographic questions</em>. Pope Pius XI reigned in crucial decades of the European history (February 1922 - February 1939). The interwar period saw the rise of authoritarian governments, the growth of a totalitarian control on individuals and societies, and the spread of legalized racism and antisemitism. The Catholic hierarchy (the pope, the...

Gli studi postcoloniali a Ca’ Foscari

Shaul Bassi
<div> <p>This chapter presents an overview of the development of postcolonial studies in English, from their genesis in the 1960s through Bernard Hickey’s courses on Australian literature to the establishment of a separate departmental division in the 2000s. The main scholarly contribution and events are summarised with reference to the broader trajectory of postcolonial studies in the English-speaking world, the contribution made by the Venetian school to the Italian debate, and to the conferences, publications,...

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