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ORCID and DATACITE Interoperability Network (ODIN)

The British Library, Monash University, ORCID EU, European Organization For Nuclear Research, DataCite, Cornell Unversity & Duke Unversity
'Data as infrastructure' is a critical concept for a fully-integrated European Research Area (ERA) to drive innovation forward as envisaged by the Digital Agenda for Europe. The lack of data availability hinders this vision. In academic publishing, peer review and citation have long been recognised as mechanisms for endorsing the trustworthiness of research outputs and incentivizing researchers to contribute. Trustworthy research data will only be widely available if the same principles are applied. Key, participative,...

DataCite Blog

Patricia Cruse, Laura Rueda, Kristian Garza & Martin Fenner
DataCite staff writes about topics relevant to DataCite members and the wider data citation community.

Technical and Human Infrastructure for Open Research (THOR)

Adam Farquhar, Amir Aryani, Josh Brown, Adrian Burton, Patricia Cruise, Sünje Dallmeier-Thiessen, Angela Dappert, Robn Dasler, Tom Demeranville, Michael Diepenbroek, Maike Duine, Martin Fenner, Kristian Garza, Paul Groth, Laurel Haak, Veronique Kiermer, Rachael Kotarski, Catriona MacCallum, Johanna McEntyre, Salvatore Mele, Guilherme Mello, Laura Rueda, Markus Stocker & Todd Vision
Five years ago, a global infrastructure to uniquely attribute to researchers their scientific artefacts (articles, data, software…) appeared technically and socially infeasible. Since then, DataCite has minted over 3.5m unique identifiers for data. ORCID has deployed an open solution for identification of contributors with over 850,000 registrants in less than 2 years. THOR will leverage these emerging global infrastructures to support the H2020 goal to make every researcher digital and increase creativity and efficiency of...

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