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Development Study of Improved Models of the Earth's Radiation Environment

J. Lemaire, M. Roth, J. Wisemberg, P. Domange, D. Fonteyn, J.M. Lesceux, G. Loh, G. Ferrante, C. Garres, J. Bordes, S. McKenna-Lawlor & J.I. Vette

Recent stratospheric spectra of NO and NO2

M. Ackerman, J.C. Fontanella, D. Frimout, A. Girard, L. Gramont, N. Louisnard, C. Muller & D. Nevejans

CCI/C3S Total Ozone Column Data from GOME

Christophe Lerot, Thomas Danckaert, Michel Van Roozendael & Robert Spurr
The CCI/C3S level-2 total ozone Essential Climate Variable product contains harmonized total ozone vertical column densities retrieved from a number of nadir space sensors. The present data set provides ozone total columns as well geophysical information for ground pixels observed by the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME, aboard the ERS-2 satellite; descending node equator crossing time: circa 10:30 hrs local time) for the period June 1995 - July 2011. The product also contains diagnostic metrics...

A thermospheric model based on satellite drag data

F. Barlier, C. Berger, J.L. Falin, G. Kockarts & G. Thuillier

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