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Ultraviolet absorption cross-sections of methylbromide at stratospheric temperatures

D. Gillotay & P.C. Simon

Negative ion chemistry in the terrestrial D-region and signal flow graph theory

J. Wisemberg & G. Kockarts

Development Study of Improved Models of the Earth's Radiation Environment

J. Lemaire, M. Roth, J. Wisemberg, P. Domange, D. Fonteyn, J.M. Lesceux, G. Loh, G. Ferrante, C. Garres, J. Bordes, S. McKenna-Lawlor & J.I. Vette

La structure de l'hétérosphère terrestre

M. Nicolet

New model of magnetospheric current-voltage relationship

V. Pierrard

Ground-based visible measurements at the Jungfraujoch station since 1990

M. Van Roozendael, M. De Maziere & P.C. Simon

Stratospheric nitrogen dioxide from infrared absorption spectra

M. Ackerman & C. Muller

Atmospherisch ozon

C. Muller

Densité d'un gaz neutre dans l'exosphère

M. Godart

Simultaneous upper air composition measurements by means of UV monochromator and mass spectrometer

M. Ackerman, P. Simon, U. Von Zahn & U. Laux

The magnetohydrodynamical drag on artificial satellites

E. Aerts

The determination of the optical depth at large solar zenith distances

M. Swider

elf-oscillations and predictability in climate dynamics

C. Nicolis

Infrared Cross Sections and Global Warming Potentials of 10 Alternative Hydrohalocarbons

C. Clerbaux, R. Colin, P.C. Simon & C. Granier

Second flight of the spacelab grille spectrometer during the Atals-1 mission

M. De Maziere, C. Muller, C. Lippens, J. Vercheval, D. Fonteyn, R. Armante, C. Camy-Peyret, V. Achard, J. Besson, J. Marcault, D. Henry, N. Papineau, J.P. Meyer & D. Frimout

Les vents dans la haute atmosphère

E. Van Hemelrijck

Absorption in the spectral range of the Schumann-Runge bands

M. Ackerman, F. Biaume & M. Nicolet

The oblateness effect on the extraterrestrial solar radiation

E. Van Hemelrijck

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