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Theoretical Plasma Distributions Consistent with Ulysses Magnetic Field Observations in a Solar Wind Tangential Discontinuity

J. De Keyser, M. Roth, J. Lemaire, B.T. Tsurutani, C.M. Ho & C.M. Hammond

Some aspects of the solar radiation incident at the top of the atmospheres of Mercury and Venus

E. Van Hemelrijck & J. Vercheval

Modeling of stratospheric ions: a first attempt

G. Brasseur & A. Chatel

Low and very low level DC amplifiers (Part II) Theory (II)

P. Ville

The temperature coupling of ions in the ionosphere

P.M. Banks

Neutral atmosphere modeling

G. Kockarts

The solar radiation incident at the top of the atmosphere of Uranus and Neptune

E. Van Hemelrijck

Stratospheric NO2 observations at the Jungfrauch station between June 1990 and May 1992

M. Van Roozendael, C. Hermans, M. De Maziere & P.C. Simon

L'interaction du vent solaire avec les comètes

M. Roth

Heat balance and thermal conduction

G. Kockarts

Acetonitrile in the atmosphere

G. Brasseur, E. Arijs, A. De Rudder, D. Nevejans & J. Ingels

On the vertical distribution of carbon monoxide and methane in the stratosphere

M. Nicolet & W. Peetermans

Achievements in calibration of solar ultraviolet irradiance instruments in the 1980's

P.C. Simon & E. Hilsenrath

An estimate of the solar radiation incident at the top of Pluto's atmosphere

E. Van Hemelrijck

The dectection of dust grains by a wire dipole antenna: The Radio Dust Analyzer

P. Meuris, N. Meyer-Vernet & J. Lemaire

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