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Data presented in the paper “Water motion and vegetation control the pH dynamics in seagrass-dominated bays”

James, R.K. (Rebecca), Van Katwijk, M.M. (Marieke), Herman, P.M.J. (Peter) & Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
This dataset contains data collected from three sites on the eastern side of St Martin, Caribbean. A sheltered site (Galion Bay), exposed site (Orient Bay) and a site with strong unidirectional flow currents (Islets de L’embouchure). Monitoring of diurnal pH, waves, vegetation cover, light and temperature were conducted at each site. Additionally, an experiment was conducted at the unidirectional flow site to investigate the influence of water residence time and vegetation on diurnal pH fluctuations....

Morphodynamic Delft3D models of erosional, depositional and balanced environments

Baar, A.W. (Anne), Albernaz, M.B. (Marcio Boechat) & Van Dijk, W.M. (Wout)
The data set contains 1 analytical model in Matlab and 5 Delft3D models for different scales and environments (erosional, depositional or balanced). The analytical model determines the theoretical equilibrium between channel incision and transverse sediment transport. The Delft3D models were used to quantify the effects of increased downslope sediment transport on morphology.

Data presented in the PhD thesis "Cucumber Mildew Resistance Identification of Cucumber Genes Involved in Susceptibility and Resistance to Powdery and Downy Mildew"

Berg, J.A. (Jeroen)
The aims of this thesis were to identify genes involved in cucumber-mildew interactions, in order to better understand these pathosystems, thus providing new leads for the breeding of mildew resistant cucumbers. As resistances against both PM and DM were previously shown to be usually recessive, special attention is given to the concept of susceptibility genes (S genes), loss-of-function alleles of which can contribute to effective and durable resistance.

Horsing Around -- A Dataset Comprising Horse Movement

Kamminga, J.W. (Jacob)
Movement data was collected at a riding stable over the course of 7 days. The dataset comprises data from 18 individual horses with more than 1.2 million 2-second data samples, of which 93303 samples are labeled. Data from 11 subjects was labeled but for 6 subjects the data was labeled more extensively for 6 activities.

Supplementary data for the paper: How pure mode I can be obtained in bi-material bonded DCB joints: a longitudinal strain-based criterion

Lopes Fernandes, R. (Romina), Wang, W. (Wandong), Teixeira De Freitas, S. (Sofia), Zarouchas, D. (Dimitrios) & Benedictus, R. (Rinze)
Purpose of the test campaign: the purpose of these experiments was to investigate a new design criterion for mode I characterization of bi-material bonded joints. The bi-material Double Cantilever Beam (DCB) specimens were tested. Test equipment: all tests were performed on a 20 kN tensile test machine. The crack length was measured by means of a Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system or a camera system. The applied force and displacement were measured by the tensile...

Data on the harmonization of image velocimetry techniques, from six different countries

Perks, M.T. (Matthew), Dal Sasso, S.F. (Silvano Fortunato), Detert, M. (Martin), Hauet, A. (Alexandre), Pearce, S. (Sophie), Peña-Haro, S. (Salvador), Tauro, F. (Flavia), Grimaldi, S. (Salvatore), Hortobágyi, B. (Borbála), Jodeau, M. (Magali), Le Coz, J. (Jérôme), Maddock, I. (Ian), Pénard, L. (Lionel) & Manfreda, S. (Salvatore)
Here, we present a range of datasets that have been compiled from across six countries in order to facilitate image velocimetry inter-comparison studies. These data have been independently produced for the primarily purposes of: (i) enhancing our understanding of open-channel flows in diverse flow regimes; and (ii) testing specific image velocimetry techniques. These datasets have been acquired across a range of hydro-geomorphic settings, using a diverse range of cameras, encoding software, controller units, and with...

Tabu-Based Adaptive Large Neighbourhood Search for Time/Sequence-Dependent Scheduling Problems with Time Windows

He, L. (Lei), De Weerdt, M.M. (Mathijs) & Yorke-Smith, N. (Neil)
The dataset contains the benchmark data for a class of scheduling problems with time/sequence-dependent setup times and time windows. It includes a real-world multi-orbit agile Earth observation satellite scheduling problem, and an order acceptance and scheduling problem. The source code of the algorithm ALNS/TPF is also included.

Data resulting from a splash phenomenon experiment that were performed on a model soil.

Nieznaj, E. (Ernest)
A splash experiment was carried out on a model soil.The dataset contains the number of ejected particles in eachexperiment. Also, for each splash we registered the travel distance of displaced particles.

Theoretical test for the work "Hinterland freight transportation replanning model under the framework of synchromodality".

Qu, W. (Wenhua)
We build a replanning model for hinterland freight transportation. To test the difficulties of solving the model, we test it with more theoretical cases. The dataset is shared on this open platform for the reviewer and readers to check.

An Air-to-Soil Transition Model for Discrete Scattering–Emission Modelling of L-Band Radiometry at Maqu site, the Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Zhao, H. (Hong), Zeng, Y. (Yijian) & Su, Z. (Bob)
In situ ELBARA-III radiometer observations of brightness temperature T_B^p (with p = H, V) in Maqu site, the eastern Tibetan Plateau were used for investigations on roughness effects over natural land surface and on coherent and incoherent emission processes in radiative transfer modelling. Aided by in situ soil moisture (SM) and temperature profile measurments and the MCD15A2H - MODIS/Terra+Aqua Leaf Area Index, the study simulated T_B^p and demonstrated a necessity of an air-to-soil transition (AS)...

Aircraft Maintenance Check Scheduling Data Set

Deng, Q. (Qichen)
Data set for aircraft maintenance check scheduling optimization

Data underlying the publication: Design of an ultra-thin steerable probe for percutaneous interventions and preliminary evaluation in a gelatine phantom

Scali,M. (Marta), P.A.H.(Paulien) Veldhoven, Henselmans, P.W.J. (Paul), D.(Dimitra) Dodou & P.(Paul) Breedveld
Dataset belonging to the journal article "Design of an ultra-thin steerable probe for percutaneous interventions and preliminary evaluation in a gelatine phantom". PLOS ONE.

Computer-based Fear Regulation during Virtual Reality Exposure for Social Anxiety

Hartanto, D. (Dwi), Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul), Kampmann, I.L. (Isabel), Morina, N. (Nexhmedin), Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (Paul) & Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
Although several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of virtual reality exposure therapy, current virtual reality systems require therapists to manually adjust anxiety stressors for the patient to elicit the required anxiety response during exposure. Introducing a feedback-loop mechanism to measure anxiety and adjust anxiety stressors automatically enables a more autonomously delivery of anxiety exposure. To study effectiveness of such an automatic regulation mechanism, an experiment was conducted to examine the system’s ability of keeping individuals’...

Data underlying the publication: Home-Based Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy with Virtual Health Agent Support.

Hartanto, D. (Dwi), Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul), Kampmann, I.L. (Isabel), Morina, N. (Nexhmedin), Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (Paul) & Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
To increase the accessibility and efficiency of virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) this paper proposes a system for home-based use where patients with social phobia are supported by a virtual health agent. We present an overview of our system design, and discuss key techniques such as (1) dialogue techniques to create automated free speech dialogue between virtual characters and patients in virtual reality worlds; (2) a multi-modal automatic anxiety feedback-loop mechanism to control patients’ anxiety...

Rainfall observations datasets from Personal Weather Stations

De Vos, L.W. (Lotte)
Two datasets of rainfall observations from Netatmo personal weather stations in the Amsterdam metropolitan area (25 months) and the Netherlands (1 month). Included are metadata files with the station locations and a readme.txt file with details on the dataset.

Data underlying the publication: Controlling Social Stress in Virtual Reality Environments

Hartanto, D. (Dwi), Kampmann, I.L. (Isabel), Morina, N. (Nexhmedin), Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (Paul), Neerincx, M.A. (Mark) & Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul)
Virtual reality exposure therapy has been proposed as a viable alternative in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder. Therapists could benefit from extensive control of anxiety eliciting stimuli during virtual exposure. Two stimuli controls are studied in this study: the social dialogue situation, and the dialogue feedback responses (negative or positive) between a human and a virtual character. In the first study, 16 participants were exposed in three virtual reality scenarios: a...

Improving the precision and accuracy of animal population estimates with aerial image object detection

Eikelboom, J.A.J. (Jasper)
Aerial imagery of savanna wildlife counts used to automatically detect elephant, giraffe, and zebra with a deep learning algorithm

Vegetation recovery on neighboring tidal flats forms an Achilles’ heel of tidal marsh resilience to sea level rise

Zhu, Z. (Zhenchang), Van Belzen, J. (Jim), Qin Zhu, Q (Qin), Van De Koppel, J. (Johan) & Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
Supplementary data for the paper: "Revegetation of tidal flats forms an Achilles’ heel of saltmarsh resilience to sea level rise". This dataset includes: 1) a csv file that contains field data of seed persistence and corresponding wave conditions at each site; 2) R codes (two versions) for the marsh revegetation model.

Data gathered related to the study of ‘Attitudes towards fashion clothing among youthful consumers’

Yeboah, A. (Abraham)
The data set was collected for the purpose of the study titled ‘attitudes towards fashion clothing among youthful consumers’. The data was collected using Qualtrics and evaluated through R-Studio.

Pelargonium geometric morphometric data

Van De Kerke, S.J. (Sara)
Photographs and TPS file including landmark placement for Pelargonium species included in the SPUR and PETAL dataset. Outcome of the virtual3D reconstruction analysis.

Data underlying the study into the housing capacity of the inhabitants of Mount Elgon

Smits, M.W.M. (Michiel)
A questionnaire guide, questionnaire instructions, a questionnaire in English and a questionnaire in Swahili for inhabitant dwelling capacity evaluation for household survey Mt. Elgon (Kenya). Including a dataset with the answers from 200 households.

Non-conventional Fibre Metal Laminate Crack Growth Data

Van Maris, R.F.H. (Rutger)
Fatigue crack growth tests performed on non-conventional fibre metal laminates on the MTS 250 kN, at the Delft Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory (DASML) at a frequency of 10 Hz. The crack on one side is measured by a digital camera. From this picture, in which measuring tape is included, the crack length is determined. The crack length on the other side of the specimen is measured by making use of Digital Image Correlation (DIC)....

Data underlying the figures presented in the paper: A global empirical GIA model based on GRACE data

Riva, R.E.M. (Riccardo) & Sun, Y. (Yu)
Data used to generate the figures presented in the draft paper: A global empirical GIA model based on GRACE data by Yu Sun and Riccardo E. M. Riva.

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