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Discharge simulations for the Blue Nile at gauge El Diem based on uncorrected and bias-corrected GCM and RCM inputs

This dataset contains daily discharge simulations for the River Blue Nile at gauge El Diem in Ethiopia, close to the border to Sudan. The simulations have been performed by the Soil and Water Integrated Model (SWIM) developed at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. The hydrological model was forced by 5 climate model ensembles (uncorrected and bias-corrected GCMs [5 models] and RCMs [10 models] ensembles and one selected model ensemble [10 models]) under RCP4.5...

Data presented in the paper "Impact of the invasive parasitic copepod Mytilicola orientalis on native blue mussels Mytilus edulis in the western European Wadden Sea"

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Research objective: Invasive species can indirectly affect native species by modifying parasite-host dynamics and disease occurrence. This scenario applies to European coastal waters where the invasive Pacific oyster (Magallana gigas) co-introduced the parasitic copepod Mytilicola orientalis that spills over to native blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) and other native bivalves. In this study, we investigated the impact of M. orientalis infections on blue mussels by conducting laboratory experiments using controlled infections with larval stages of the...

Dataset for the paper "Establishing a sediment budget in the newly created ‘Kleine Noordwaard’ wetland area in the Rhine-Meuse delta"

This dataset was collected as part of the NWO-TTW project "Delta engineering - Drowning or Emerging (project no. 12431). This project and the fieldwork was facilitated by Staatsbosbeheer. For this project we take advantage of a recently opened tidal freshwater system to study the sediment depositionor erosion in newly created tidal wetlands. Therefore, we quantified both the magnitude and spatial patterns of sedimentation and erosion in the former polder area “Kleine Noordwaard”, a freshwater tidal...

Kirkwood–Buff integrals of finite systems: geometric functions w(x)

This dataset contains the geometric functions w(x) needed to computed finite-size Kirkwood-Buff integrals. w(x) is provided for spheroids and cuboids with different aspect ratios. The definition of w(x) is provided in our recent publication:

Fatalities due to hurricane Katrina (2005)

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In order to analyse the loss of life due to hurricane Katrina (2005), a database was compiled that gives information on the recovery locations and individual characteristics for 771 fatalities in the state of Louisiana. The input data that was used in this database was supplied by the LSU Hurricane Center and it includes the following information: date of recovery, recovery location (geographical coordinates, state, parish), type of facility in which the body was found,...

Break planning with multi-label Dijkstra and time-dependent contraction hierarchies

Mandatory breaks for truck drivers are nowadays scheduled after the route has been decided. However, in some cases it is beneficial to plan these breaks during waiting time caused by truck driving bans. Optimally planning a single break considering driving bans can be done using Dijkstra's algorithm with multiple labels (Algorithm SBG in dataset). To improve the computation times, a single-label variant (SBG-SL) as well as a novel heuristic version of multi-label and single-label time-dependent...

A Statistical Model Checker for Nondeterminism and Rare Events (Artifact)

The Modest Toolset for quantitative modelling and verification includes the 'modes' statistical model checker. We present 'modes' in our TACAS 2018 tool paper titled "A Statistical Model Checker for Nondeterminism and Rare Events", with a particular focus on its capabilities in automated rare event simulation and in approximating optimal schedulers on nondeterministic models. In the paper, we present an experimental evaluation of the capabilities (in terms of the kinds of supported models and analyses), performance,...

Vegetation map of Lake Tana basin

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Lake Tana basin is one of the most important watersheds of Nile basin. It is of great importance for the economy and politics of Ethiopia. In past decades, natural vegetation of Lake Tana basin was heavily destroyed for continuous expansion of cropland. Vegetation conservation and restoration have to be performed in order to protect natural environment and maintain the biodiversity in Lake Tana basin. To provide detailed information of actual vegetation for planning of vegetation...

Data presented in the paper "The impacts of seawater Mg/Ca and temperature on element incorporation in benthic foraminiferal calcite"

Laser ablation-ICP-MS data on single foraminiferal shells that were cultured at a range of seawater Mg/Ca and temperatures

Inventory of RDM policy for a selection of academic publishers and journals in 2016

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This spreadsheet contains an inventory of data policies of publishers and journals. It has been compiled in the scope of the annual program of the Working group Research Data from the Dutch consortium of the thirteen university libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands (UKB). The selection of journals in the inventory is taken from the CRIS of four Dutch universities. We selected the top 10 journals for eight disciplines in which researchers from...

Replication Data for: Spatially varying environmental properties controlling observed sand wave morphology, Part 1

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Dataset belonging to the publication: Spatially varying environmental properties controlling observed sand wave morphology Sand waves, Spatial differences, Netherlands Continental Shelf, Bedforms, Marine sediments (2017-06-21) Sand wave morphology and dynamics on continental shelves vary substantially and we hypothesize that these spatial variations depend on local bed properties and hydrodynamic characteristics. To date, process-based modelling studies have not been able to simulate realistic equilibrium sand wave heights and empirical studies are mostly limited to case studies....

SINBAD fixed bed experiment

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Large-scale experiments conducted in the CIEM wave flume at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, focused on hydrodynamics and sand transport under breaking waves. The SINBAD database contains datasets corresponding to two experimental campaigns: 1) a mobile-bed experiment; 2) a fixed-bed experiment. This is the fixed bed experimental dataset.

Governance of the Integrated North Sea Offshore Grid: Simulation of Expansion Planning Constraints - Discount Rate Analysis

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The dataset contains data setup and results with parameters for the discount rate sensitivity analysis of the paper “Expansion Planning of the North Sea Offshore Grid: Simulation of Integrated Governance Constraints” journal article. It also contains results for the original case studies of the dataset:Gorenstein Dedecca, J. (João); Hakvoort, R.A. (Rudi); Herder, P.M. (Pauline) (2017) Governance of the Integrated North Sea Offshore Grid: Simulation of Expansion Planning Constraints. TU Delft.

Methodology for the analysis of propagation of PQ disturbances through the power networks

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MIGRATE Project,WorkPackage 5:Deliverable 5.3 (D5.3) Propagation of PQ disturbances through the power networks

An estimation of the effects of Ensis directus on the transport and burial of silt in the near-shore Dutch coastal zone of the North Sea

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Data forming the basis for the publication:An estimation of the effects of Ensis directus on the transport and burial of silt in the near-shore Dutch coastal zone of the North Sea. Journal of Sea Research, Volume 127, September 2017, Pages 95-104.

CPC Unified Gauge-Based Analysis of Daily Precipitation over CONUS

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Monthly means of daily accumulated CPC .25x.25 Daily US Unified Gauge-Based Analysis Precipitation v1.0 in mm

E-OBS precipitation dataset v12.0 0.25 deg. regular grid

M.R. Haylock, N. Hofstra, A.M.G. Klein Tank, E.J. Klok, P.D. Jones & M. New
The datafile contains gridded data on a 0.25 degree regular grid of daily precipitation sums in mm.We acknowledge the E-OBS dataset from the EU-FP6 project ENSEMBLES ( and the data providers in the ECA&D project (

Input parameters for hydrological model W3RA and wflow routing

Parameter fields from the hydrological model W3RA and the routing module wflow. Elaborated explanation in readme file.

Actual evaporation from GLEAM v3.0a

Monthly means of actual evaporation over land from GLEAM (Global Land Evaporation Amsterdam Model) version 3.0a

Shapefile Rhine and Mississippi basin

Deltares Delft
Shapefiles from large river basins in the world where we used the shapefile for the Rhine and Mississippi basin

Mean daily observed discharge at Vicksburg (Mississippi river)

The Global Runoff Data Centre
Mean daily discharge at station Vicksburg (GRDC no: 4127800), Mississippi RiverThe Global Runoff Data Centre, 56068 Koblenz, Germany

Mean daily observed discharge at Lobith (Rhine river)

The Global Runoff Data Centre
Mean observed daily discharge at Lobith (GRDC no: 6435060), Rhine river in m3/sThe Global Runoff Data Centre, 56068 Koblenz, Germany

Datasets used for the study: An evaluation of the importance of spatial resolution in a global climate and hydrological model based on the Rhine and Mississippi basin

This repository contains the observational data and the parameter fields for the hydrological model which is used in the study by Imme Benedict et al., 2018: An evaluation of the importance of spatial resolution in a global climate and hydrological model based on the Rhine and Mississippi basin, Hydrology and Earth System Science. More specific, this repository contains the following datasets: • Precipitation over Europe from E-OBS:E-OBS dataset version 12.0 at 0.25° from 1985 until...

Monocular obstacle avoidance with persistent Self-Supervised Learning

Raw data belonging to paper: Persistent self-supervised learning: from stereo to monocular vision for obstacle avoidance.

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