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Q Methodology and Its Position in the Mixed-Methods Continuum

Susan E. Ramlo & Isadore Newman

Q Bibliographic Update (Continued)

Steven R. Brown

The Social Identities of Women Lawyers

Harriette Marshall

Intentionality: Or How to Buy a Loaf of Bread

William Stephenson

2008 Democratic Campaign: Perceptions of the Obama-Clinton Nomination Struggle

James C. Rhoads & Dennis F. Kinsey

News, Notes & Comment

Steven R. Brown

Perspectives on Q Methodology: III. A Creative Nexus

William Stephenson

Q Bibliographic Update (Continued)

Steven R. Brown

Harvesting Suggestions: A Strategy for Promoting Policies Designed to Improve Academic Life for International Students

Han Zhang, Mayagul Satlykgylyjova, Merfat Almuhajiri & Steven Brown

Q Bibliographic Update (Continued)

Steven R. Brown

Technique of Factor Analysis

William Stephenson

Prospective Student Teachers’ Concerns Regarding the Student-Teaching Experience

Ruth A.W. Berry, Bruce A. Shields, Susan R. Krickovich & Joanne T. Sadler

Reflections on Parallel Studies of Doctoral Student Completion

Eric C. Baltrinic, David Burkholder, Steven Brown, Christopher Janson & Jennifer A. Waugh

The Structure of Attitudes Toward America's World Role

James M. Carlson, Douglas Blum & Bruce McKeown

Sustainability of local complementary currencies: conclusions from an empirical study in Poland

Grzegorz Sobiecki
This paper draws out key conclusions from a research project – a pilotempirical study on local complementary currencies (exchangesystems). The study comprised 15 interviews with coordinatorsrepresenting 13 existing alternative currency systems in Poland out of20 identified. The research was conducted between February and April2017. The main goal of the study was empirical determination of thefactors involved in the rise and fall of alternative currenciessystems in Poland and conditions for their survival – that is,sustainability factors....

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