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Commentary: On Validity and Replicability

Steven R. Brown

News, Notes & Comment

Steven R. Brown

News, Notes & Comment

Steven R. Brown

Extending blockchain technology to host customizable and interoperable community currencies

Gustav R.B. Friis & Florian Glaser
The goal of this paper is to propose an open platform for secure andinteroperable virtual community currencies. We follow the establishedinformation systems design-science approach to develop a prototypethat aims to combine best practices for building mutual-creditcommunity currencies with the unique features of blockchaintechnology. The result is a specification of an open Internet platformthat enables users to join and to host customized communitycurrencies. The hosted currencies can be classified as credit-basedfuture type of money with decentralized...

2014 Book reviews

Marie-Adélaïde Matheï & Gradon Diprose

Political Obligation: An Experimental Approach

Richard Martin & Richard W. Taylor

Harold D. Lasswell (1902-1978)


Editorial: Building community, promoting the commons, andsurfing the digital wave

Filipe Moreira Alves
A decade has passed since the great financial and economic recessionof 2008, and in many respects, it has been a rich and prolific decadefor complementary and alternative currencies worldwide. The curiosity,search for and openness to new monetary and financial solutions anddesigns brought a rapid multiplication of new experiments; the spreadand replication of good practices at different scales; the creativediversification of currency designs to fulfil new and differentfunctions; the potentiality of blockchain technology and the digitalrevolution;...

Q Methodology and Control Systems Theory

David Goldstein

Q Bibliographic Update (Continued)

Steven R. Brown

A Segmentation Study of Attitudes About Advertising

Charles R. Mauldin

A digital community bank: mapping negotiation mechanisms in its consolidation as an alternative to commercial banks

Eurídice Gomes Da Silva Hernandes, Erica Souza Siqueira, Eduardo Henrique Diniz & Marlei Pozzebon
This paper aims to map the negotiation mechanisms used by Banco Palmasin order to make Palmas Digital possible as a community digital bankin the Conjunto Palmeiras’ neighbourhood, state of Ceará,Brazil. Palmas Digital represents an alternative way to offerfinancial services in a network of community banks that was enabled bya digital payment platform called e-Dinheiro. Using a multilevelframework model proposed in Pozzebon & Diniz (2012), we seek tounderstand the interplay between different actors and technologicalartefacts in...

La Red COMAL y las Unidades de Intercambio Solidario (UDIS): una historia de apropiación y resiliencia navegando entre contradicciones

Paula Sánchez De La Blanca Díaz-Meco
¿Qué límites y oportunidades surgen cuando una organización deEconomía Social y Solidaria crece y se enfrenta a contradicciones consus valores originarios? Este artículo es parte de una investigaciónmás amplia que intenta dar respuesta a esta pregunta explorando lo queocurre cuando un proyecto social de economía alternativa adquieregrandes dimensiones. La Red de Comercialización ComunitariaAlternativa (COMAL) es el escenario elegido. COMAL es una organizacióncampesina hondureña de Economía Social y Solidaria (ESS) que apoya lacomercialización de los productos...

Reply to Gourlay

Susan E. Ramlo & Isadore Newman

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