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Researching Authoritarian Personality with Q Methodology Part I: Revisiting Traditional Analysis

James C. Rhoads

Technique of Factor Analysis

William Stephenson

Pathways to Improvement. Successes and Difficulties of LocalCurrency Schemes in France since 2010

Jérôme Blanc & Marie Fare

Book Review

Leonard J. Barchak


Steven R. Brown

Commentaries on the Future of Q: Factor D: "Beyond Orthodoxy"

Kai-Hung Fang

Editorial 2001 (volume 5)

C. Williams

Response to Dr. Brown's Comments on Quest-Sort

Larry W. Howard

Complementary Currency Open Source Software in 2010

M. Slater

Q Bibliographic Update (Continued)

Steven R. Brown

Discovering Communication Paradigms with Q Methodology: Ferment or Sour Grapes?

Leonard J. Barchak

Two Sciences.... Part III: Stephenson's Quantum Psychology

Mike Knight & Gabriel Rupp

An Empirical Study of the Social Effects of Community Currencies

H. Nakazato & T. Hiramoto

News, Notes & Comments

Steven R. Brown

News, Notes & Comment

Steven R. Brown

Bylaws of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity

Joan Aitken (Ed.)

Using Q Methodology as a Strategy to Explore Cultural Opinions toward Health Care

Chris M. Ray, Jerilyn Thorman, Diane Montgomery, Yann Yang & Jovette Dew

The Scientific Study of Subjectivity and the Achievement of Human Rights

Andrew R. Willard

Editorial 2009 (volume 13)

C. Williams

Book Review: Stainton Roger's Explaining Health and Illness

Robert G. Mrtek

Jacob Robert Kantor

William Stephenson

Reliability and Validity of Q-Method Results: Some Empirical Evidence

John R. Fairweather

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