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Soil and Terrain Database for Malawi (SOTER_MW)

J.A. Dijkshoorn, J.G.B. Leenaars, J. Huting & B. Kempen
The Soil and Terrain database for Malawi (SOTER_MW,ver. 1.0), at scale 1:1 million, was compiled based on the soil map of Malawi at scale 1:250,000 (compiled by the Land Resources Evaluation Project) that was complemented with soil boundary information from the provisional soil map at scale 1:1 million. The 90m SRTM-DEM was used to define the various landform types of the SOTER units and also to adjust their boundaries. The SOTER map units were attributed...

Overview of procedures and standards in use at ISRIC WDC-Soils

Niels H. Batjes
This report serves to give an overview of main procedures and standards in use at ISRIC – World Soil Information, regular member of the ICSU World Data System. These cover the whole data life cycle from field sampling to serving quality-assessed soil data to the world community. Consistent procedures and de facto standards are used to screen (QA/QC) and standardise respectively harmonise the wide range of soil-related data that have been shared with us for...

Standardised soil profile data for the world (WoSIS, July 2016 snapshot)

E. Ribeiro, Niels H. Batjes, J. Mendes De Jesus, J. Leenaars, A. Van Oostrum & E. Ribeiro
This data set is a permanent snapshot of quality-assessed and standardized soil profile (point) data served from the ISRIC World Soil Information Service (WoSIS), as of July 2016. Citation: Batjes, N.H. et al. (2016). Standardised soil profile data for the world (WoSIS, July 2016 snapshot), http:\\dx.doi.org\10.17027\isric-wdcsoils.20160003. Supplement to: Batjes, N.H., Ribeiro, E., van Oostrum, A., Leenaars, J., and Jesus de Mendes, J. (2016): WoSIS: Serving standardised soil profile data for the world, Earth System Science...

Data and Software Policy

Rik Van Den Bosch & Niels H. Batjes
This data and software policy describes the policy of ISRIC - World Soil Information (hereinafter referred to as ISRIC) with respect to the management and citation of data, as well the access and use of software developed by ISRIC. It consists of the following sections: Preamble; Principles for Data Sharing; Data Repository; Specific Terms and Conditions, which includes a section for 1) Data Providers and 2) Data Users; Software Policy; Data Citation; and, Disclaimer. The...

Soil and Terrain database of the Republic of Malawi

Dijkshoorn, JA (Koos), JGB Leenaars, JRM Huting & B Kempen
This report describes the methodology that was used to compile the national Soil and Terrain (SOTER) database for the Republic of Malawi at scale 1:1,000,000. The GIS database provides generalized information on landform, parent material and soil conditions in digital format. The base information used to compile the database, including information on physiography, soils, agro-climate, land use and vegetation, was derived from the Land Resources Evaluation Project of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the...

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