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EuroCAT Umbrella Protocol for NSCLC

Cary Oberije, Esther Troost, Michael Eble, Paul Bulens, Philippe Coucke, Katrien De Jaeger & Philippe Lambin

Data from: Nitroglycerin in non-small cell lung cancer: does it impact tumor hypoxia and tumor perfusion? A window-of-opportunity clinical trial.

Ludwig Dubois, Dirk De Ruysscher, Wouter Van Elmpt, Ala Yaromina, Cary Oberije, Catharina M.L. Zegers, Aniek J.G. Even, Marike W. Van Gisbergen, Philippe Lambin & Bart Reymen

Data from: Quantitative assessment of Zirconium-89 labeled cetuximab using PETCT imaging in patients with advanced head and neck cancer - a theragnostic approach

Aniek Even, Olga Hamming-Vrieze, Wouter Van Elmpt, Véronique Winnepenninckx, Jolien Heukelom, Guus Van Dongen, Harry Bartelink, Felix Mottaghy, Frank Hoebers & Philippe Lambin

Data from: Benefit of particle therapy in re-irradiation of head and neck patients. Results of a multicenter in silico ROCOCO trial

Danielle B.P. Eekers, Erik Roelofs, Urszula Jelen, Maura Kirk, Marlies Granzier, Filippo Ammazzalorso, Sean Walsh, Esther G.C. Troost, Johannes H.A.M. Kaanders & Philippe Lambin

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  • 2016

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