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Great Escapes from the Past

Andreas Widholm

The Winding Road on the Media Landscape

Andres Jõesaar

Open access

Irfan Zuberi

In-Vision Continuity Announcers: Performing an Identity for Early Television in Europe

Sonja De Leeuw & Mustata Mustata

The Golden Stag Festival In Ceausescu’s Romania (1968-1971)

Alexandru Matei

Memory, Television and the Making of the BBC’s 'The Story Of Wales'

Steve Blandford & Ruth McElroy

Comunicar Europa / Communicating Europe

Manuel Palacio & Concepción Cascajosa

Hello, Lenin?

Kateryna Khinkulova

Retro Reappropriations

Veronika Pehe

Histoire Parallèle/die Woche vor 50 Jahren (la SEPT/ARTE 1989-2001)

Jean Christophe Meyer

I’m Sorry I Don’t Have a Story

Adrian Miles

Measuring Transnationalism

Edward Larkey, Ibrahim Er & Landry Digeon

If Content Is King, Context Is Its Crown

Pelle Snickars

Did Grace Kelly Shed a Tear?

John Ellis


Jérôme Bourdon & Berber Hagedoorn

TV Commercials' Second Life

Krystyna Biernawska

Scratch's Third Body

Leo Goldsmith

Old Stories and New Developments

Alexander Badenoch, Jasmijn Van Gorp, Berber Hagedoorn, Judith Keilbach, Eggo Müller & Daniela Mustata

Parallel Stories, Differentiated Histories

José Carlos Rueda Laffond, Carlota Coronado Ruiz, Catarina Duff Burnay, Susana Díaz Pérez, Amparo Guerra Gómez & Rogério Santos

Meet the Predators

Sabine Baumann & Ulrike Rohn

De Nederlandse Documentaire Film 1920-1940

Bert Hogenkamp

The Life and Afterlife of a Socialist Media Friend

Kinga S. Bloch

Rising Star: a Game-Changing Format in a Dying Genre

Merav Schiffmann

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