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Seasonal Changes in Cancer Mortality Rates among Cancer and Cardiovascular Patients in the Netherlands

Magdalena Shumanska
The burden of cancer, leading cause of death in developed countries, is increasing due to population aging and growth. In the general population there are higher mortality rates in winter than in summer. This study investigates seasonal changes in cancer mortalities (lung and breast cancer) in the Dutch population (1996-2016) and whether mortality in winter is correlated more with average temperatures, or more with influenza incidence. Results showed that temperature changes and higher influenza incidence...

Het aanleren van ergonomisch handelen is geen gespreid bedje

Hanneke Van Nistelrooij
Het merendeel van de tweedejaars Helpende studenten (n=6) van de pilotopleiding Dienstverlening ROC de Leijgraaf, handelt niet ergonomisch bij de vaardigheid ‘bed opmaken met zorgvrager erin’. Uit verkennend onderzoek blijkt onder andere dat er in lichte mate sprake is van kennistekort, maar ook dat ergonomie niet expliciet getoetst wordt. Uit interviews met studenten werd duidelijk dat zij behoefte hebben aan meer uitleg, directe feedback en een duidelijk voorbeeld. Als verbeteracties zijn hiervoor een lessenreeks en...

Exploring Links between Reparations and Development

Ingeborg De Koningh
Links between reparations and development have theoretically been explored in current literature, however claims have hardly been assessed empirically. This paper provides such assessment through a comparative case study in three departments of Peru from 2007 to 2014. Subject of investigation is the national reparations programme, the Programa Integral de Reparaciónes (PIR). It is hypothesised that this programme helped improve social integration, reduce poverty and improve higher educational and health outcomes. While strongly tentative, results...


Gijs Weijenberg
Democratic governance rests on a precarious relationship between the civilian and military branches of government. This relationship is threatened whenever civil-military relations become polarised. This theme is explored through a case study of the French Army during the Algerian War, in which tensions with the de Gaulle government grew as the Army politicised. This culminated in an attempted coup d’état in 1961 and the rise of the terrorist OAS group. The thesis conducts its analysis...

Transitions towards car-free cities

Willem Van Waas
As various cities around the world are implementing car-free policy, the need to understand it from a dynamic point of view becomes more pronounced. This paper sheds more light on the reasons to go car-free as forces of change, while further analyzing the inhibitors and dynamics of transitions towards car-free cities. Reasons to drive can be conceptualized as intrinsic and extrinsic, each with its own relevance in the light of transitions. At the same time,...

Rational Radicalisation?

Abigail Pickard
This paper examines existing psychological theories of radicalisation. An interview with a British second-generation Pakistani Muslim, arrested and charged with terrorism-related offences after attempting to join IS, was applied to two existing theories of radicalisation. The results indicated that a lack of identity, a strive for significance, social and group processes, and perceived discrimination and victimisation were the most important factors in the participant’s radicalisation process. Overall, the paper concludes that certain aspects of each...

Diagnostics Based on Acoustic Distributed Sensor Data and Machine Learning

Dennis Struver & Wouter Weekers
Accurate real-time diagnostics of high-tech systems are becoming more and more important. Therefore, the potential of distributed acoustic sensors in combination with machine learning for contactless diagnostics of machine performance has been investigated. Hereto, frequency response data of a brass plate has been gathered through experiments and a finite element model. In order to investigate the possibility of identifying the locations and weight of the masses, Support Vector Machines and Random Forest algorithms have been...

Hic situs est: occupational identity of Roman jewelers

Patricia Kret
In their grave inscriptions craftsmen – or their living relatives – mentioned their occupation and other aspects of their identity: the location of their workshop, supporting their former slaves as a patronus and being a member of/having a function in a collegium. However, they did not mention their skills. Craftsmen chose to show how successful they were, because they had to earn enough money to be able to do all this. This way they created...

Testing a sustainable source of Taxol for the treatment of RUNX cancers using Caenorhabditis elegans

David Van De Klashors & Samantha Hughes
RUNX proteins, master regulators of development, are frequently dysregulated in cancers, particularly leukaemia and breast cancer. A common drug for RUNX cancers, Paclitaxel, is derived from the bark of the Taxus plant. We tested compounds derived from leaves and needles of Taxus as a sustainable source of compounds to treat RUNX cancers. We accessed the effectiveness of Paclitaxel, Cephalomannine and 10-Deacetylbacatin III (10-DAB), in a Caenorhabditis elegans RUNX cancer model. Our results show Taxol derivatives...

Maximizing the Effect of Shared Top Management Team Experience on Team Performance

Robert Kroner
This paper examines the effects of shared top management team experience on team performance. Previous literature predicts that there could be positive or negative effects caused by team stability. For top management teams, a curvilinear relationship between shared team experience and performance is being proposed, resulting in a performance peak point. An empirical study of US-based top management teams confirmed both the positive effects and the diminishing returns, implying a maximum point after 10 years....

Economies of Scale in Household Consumption

Lisa-Marie Plag & Ewelina Dera
This research empirically analyses the influence of scale economies on household consumption and the resulting implications for birth-promoting policies. For this purpose, the relation between an increase in household size and food, clothing, household goods, healthcare, energy, transport as well as education expenditures per person was investigated. Data of 10,858 Georgian households from the Integrated Household Survey 2015 was evaluated using regressions. It was found that there are significant economies of scale in consumption of...

Organic soil management reduces soil water repellency

Sya Hoeke
The objectives of this study were to determine the effects of agricultural management, related to conventional and organic soil management, on the soil water repellency (SWR). Besides the relation between the agricultural variables and the SWR, the influence of soil organic matter and pH was examined. To classify SWR, the persistence and severity was measured using the water drop penetration time, respectively the water-drop contact angle. Organic soil management was shown to have a significant...

Predicting memory scores brain from resting state connectivity

Esra Freitag
While decades of neuroscientific research has detailed the brain networks underlying memory, to date the neurobiology underlying interindividual memory differences in a healthy population is not known. Here we use the behavioral and resting state fMRI data from the Human Connectome Project (HCP), and predict subjects’ scores on tests of working and episodic memory based on their whole brain functional connectivity significantly above chance. We observed that brain connectivity between regions determining differences between healthy...

Nanovezels voor drug delivery van slecht oplosbare medicijnen

Simon De Meyer, Michiel Platteeuw, Olmo Frateur & Sofie Verschraegen
Om een ziekte te bestrijden via orale medicatie, moet het actieve farmaceutische bestandsdeel (API) van het gebruikte medicijn oplosbaar zijn in de waterige omgeving van het menselijk lichaam. Bepaalde, dikwijls veelbelovende, API’s zijn echter slecht oplosbaar, wat vaak te wijten is aan de kristalliniteit van het API. In dit project werd de solvent elektrospintechniek aangewend om het kristallijne API in amorfe toestand te brengen als solid dispersion (SD). Uit verschillende analyses bleek dat de wateroplosbaarheid...

Fipronil-crisis in the Netherlands: An analysis of the financial effects of the chosen approach (detoxicate or prematurely cull hens) by farmers during the fipronil-crisis in the Netherlands

Job De Lange
The fipronil-crisis that occurred in the Netherlands in 2017, had a big impact on the poultry sector. Farmers had to make the decision to either detoxicate (a diet which attempts to eliminate the fipronil which is stored in the fat) or prematurely cull their hens. This research compares detoxification and prematurely culling in a financial way, to provide an answer for the question: Which approach would have restrained, with hindsight, the financial impact for the...

Central and Local Approaches to Transitional Justice

Julianne Subia
This paper aims to examine the relationship between central and local approaches to transitional justice in postconflict situations. It is found that these two levels are not as ‘neat’ as some may suggest, and actors from both levels behave in ways more commonly attributed to the other level. By thinking of them in dynamic and behavioral rather than static and spatial terms, the (inter)relationship might be better understood. This is important as transitional justice is...

Een Positieve Kijk op Emoties van Docenten in het Voortgezet Onderwijs

Suzanne Van Hoogstraten, Kim Severien & Maaike Van Der Veen
In het beroep van een docent is de emotionele betrokkenheid en de relatie met de leerlingen van groot belang. De emotionele betrokkenheid is enerzijds een motivatie voor dit beroep, anderzijds kan het ook voor stress zorgen. De huidige studie, onder 21 docenten in het voortgezet onderwijs, onderzoekt of en hoe sterk de voorkeur voor emotieregulatie, de emotieregulatiestrategie en de docent-leerling relatie samenhangen met de mate van bevlogenheid. De emotieregulatiestrategie reappraisal bleek een significante samenhang te...

Van Bouwstenen naar Smart City: wat er geleerd kan worden van Nederlandse Smart City-initiatieven

Matthijs Duenk & Dianne Scholte
De term ‘Smart City’ wordt steeds vaker genoemd als oplossing voor klimaat- en verstedelijkingsproblemen. Veel lokale overheden weten echter niet wat zij concreet kunnen doen om hun eigen Smart City-initiatief te ontwikkelen. In het onderzoek ‘Van Bouwstenen naar Smart City’ is onderzocht wat voor lokale overheden de bouwstenen zijn voor een succesvol proces tot de ontwikkeling van Smart City-initiatieven. Met behulp van een viertal Smart City-initiatieven in Nederland en gesprekken met betrokken partijen is gekomen...

Insulin sensitivity and fat mass in young male sedentary adults

Gereon Hecht, Esther Phielix, Yvo Op Den Kamp & Joris Hoeks
We live in an obesogenic environment, spending a lot of time sitting neglecting physical activity. This study aims to determine the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on insulin sensitivity by comparing insulin sensitivity of healthy athletes and sedentary subjects. Twelve athletes and 12 sedentary subjects underwent a two-step hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp test to assess insulin sensitivity and a DEXA scan to assess body fat mass. Insulin sensitivity was significantly lower in sedentary subjects (p=0.009) and...

Tricked by transparency: Security made in Europe

Iana Gein
Transparency is generally recognised as an effective policy instrument to increase accountability and fight misconduct. To further our understanding of transparency impact in arms exports, it is thus useful to investigate the EU transparency framework, and analyse the extent member states are adhering to it. This research does it by examining contribution of France, Germany, and the UK to the Annual Reports in relation to their arms exports to the Middle East during 2010-2016. The...

Are Paid Influencers Bad Influencers?

Philippa Josefsson, Lou Rougié & Iris Verboom
This research paper aims to explore the effect of source credibility on persuasion of a message recipient, and how authenticity mediates this relationship. We begin with an introduction to the research question, a discussion on the managerial relevance of this topic and the theoretical background. We outline variables and the research strategy, and develop an experimental design. The study goes on to analyze responses collected from 125 students at Erasmus University. Disclosure of incentives has...

Cyclisch leren en onderwijzen van woordenschat

Josien Boetje
Het woordenschatonderwijs Spaans op het Revius Doorn bereikte niet het gewenste effect dat leerlingen het aangereikte vocabulaire op middellange termijn onthouden en kunnen activeren. Om dit probleem aan te pakken werd een woordenschatcompetitie ontwikkeld en getest, waarbij leerlingen 4 weken beloond werden om buiten de lessen cyclisch te herhalen. Uit de productevaluatie bleek dat leerlingen: i) extra gemotiveerd waren om eerder met leren te beginnen, ii) meer op de middellange termijn onthielden (p

The Interdependence of Economic Growth, Human Development and Political Institutions

Sebastian Krantz
The causal links between growth, human development and institutions are central to understanding the long-run development process. The turn of the millennium has seen influential research in development economics attempting to uncover some of these links, but a focus on root-causes of growth has limited its insights in both scope and method. This paper provides a fresh analysis of the interdependence of growth, human development and institutions using a general equilibrium framework. The framework is...

Rechtsbescherming door de informatiebeschikking

Marieke Buijs
De informatiebeschikking uit artikel 52a Algemene Wet inzake Rijksbelastingen (hierna te noemen: AWR) is sinds 1 juli 2011 een feit. Het belangrijkste doel van deze regeling was om de rechtsbescherming voor de belastingplichtige te verbeteren binnen het stelsel van de informatieverplichting. De vraag is, zes jaar later, of inderdaad te spreken is van een verbeterde rechtspositie.

De adviserende rol van pedagogisch medewerkers bij peuters met stotterverschijnselen

Ilham El Harouni
Inleiding: In de praktijk valt het op dat pedagogisch medewerkers (pm-ers) niet altijd tijdig adviseren om een stottertherapeut/ logopedist te consulteren als de stotterverschijnselen/-problemen bij een peuter opvallen. Dit kan negatieve gevolgen hebben op de ontwikkeling van de stoornis. Methode: Er is een gemengd onderzoeksdesign uitgevoerd door middel van 54 ingevulde enquêtes en twee semigestructureerde interviews. Resultaten: De huidige beschikbare informatie over stotteren is bij een groot deel van de pedagogisch medewerkers onbekend. Conclusie: Een...

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