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Exploring Links between Reparations and Development

Ingeborg De Koningh
Links between reparations and development have theoretically been explored in current literature, however claims have hardly been assessed empirically. This paper provides such assessment through a comparative case study in three departments of Peru from 2007 to 2014. Subject of investigation is the national reparations programme, the Programa Integral de Reparaciónes (PIR). It is hypothesised that this programme helped improve social integration, reduce poverty and improve higher educational and health outcomes. While strongly tentative, results...

On the role of a permeable groyne in beach morphodynamics during sea-breeze events in Yucatàn, Mexico

Anne Hofman, Pieter Roos & Alec Torres-Freyermuth
The north coast of the Yucatàn peninsula in Mexico is vulnerable to strong sea breezes, which in turn causes high waves, driving high rates of erosion due to littoral transport. To find a solution for erosion problems caused by currently applied measurements, a permeable groyne was introduced, tested and monitored during a 24h experiment. Concluded was that the permeable groyne has the potential to reduce downdrift erosion problems due to its permeability. However, long term...

The Influence of Sleep Quality on Student Burnout

Isabelle Göhre
To prevent a further increase in the high prevalence of student burnout, this longitudinal study investigated the influence of sleep quality on burnout. The impact of engaging in university on the development of burnout was assessed in first-year psychology students (N=75) by measuring symptoms before and after their first study period. The hypothesis that a poor sleep quality is associated with higher emotional exhaustion and cynicism and lower professional efficacy was confirmed. Although the change...

“De Stenen Man”: strong guardian or weak link?

Marc Frankena & Koen Berends
De ‘Stenen Man’, standing on top of the Westerzeedijk near Harlingen, was built to commemorate the construction of the sea defenses. However, there is reason to believe this monument to flood safety endangers the stability of the dike. In our study, we quantify the effect of the statue on the failure probability of the dike. This is achieved through a combination of archive research, ground survey, and probabilistic assessment within the new legal framework. Results...

Overweight Mothers with Stunted Children

Christiaan Van Den Berg & Sebastiaan Van Kooten
This paper investigates prevalence of stunted child-overweight mother pairs using cross-sectional data (N=89,941) from 17 Low- and Middle-Income Countries. We examine the association of this ‘Double Burden of Malnutrition’ (DBM) with wealth, urbanisation and education. DBM is present in roughly 7% of all households studied. Pooled logistic regressions reveal that the probability a child-mother pair exhibits DBM increases as the mother is older and less educated, the child is older and male, and the household...

Van bio-olie tot cosmetica

Maxime Beck, Dieter Claus, Eline De Mulder, Charlotte De Vuyst & Bram Van Wettere
Het raffinageproces waarbij plantaardige oliën worden omgezet tot gebruiksklare producten leidt tot een momenteel onbenutte zijstroom, het ontgeuringsdestillaat. Dit destillaat bevat vrije vetzuren, glyceriden, koolwaterstoffen en minorcomponenten zoals squaleen, sterolen en tocoferolen. Deze laatste kunnen gevaloriseerd worden in de cosmetische, farmaceutische en voedingsindustrie. Daarom is het relevant hun isolatie uit het destillaat te evalueren. Dit kan gebeuren via een superkritische esterificatie gevolgd door een superkritische CO2-extractie. De optimale condities voor beide processen zijn bepaald a.d.h.v....

Determinants of Loan Performance in P2P Lending

Nilas Möllenkamp
This research paper investigates the influential factors of loan performance in the online P2P lending industry. The study analysed 143,654 P2P loans that were funded on the P2P lending platform Lending Club between 2012 and 2013 and found evidence that the assigned credit grade of loans is the most influential factor on loan success and default. Furthermore, loan amount and annual income are significant predictors. The variables debt-toincome ratio, inquires in the last 6 months,...

Testing a sustainable source of Taxol for the treatment of RUNX cancers using Caenorhabditis elegans

David Van De Klashors & Samantha Hughes
RUNX proteins, master regulators of development, are frequently dysregulated in cancers, particularly leukaemia and breast cancer. A common drug for RUNX cancers, Paclitaxel, is derived from the bark of the Taxus plant. We tested compounds derived from leaves and needles of Taxus as a sustainable source of compounds to treat RUNX cancers. We accessed the effectiveness of Paclitaxel, Cephalomannine and 10-Deacetylbacatin III (10-DAB), in a Caenorhabditis elegans RUNX cancer model. Our results show Taxol derivatives...

Effect of stroboscopic training on the groundstroke in skilled youth tennis players

Sabine Schootemeijer & Lara Visch
Previous research suggested that training with stroboscopic glasses has a positive effect on visual processes like online control and transient attention in a laboratory setting. In this study the effect of six stroboscopic training sessions on the groundstroke in skilled youth tennis players was investigated. Controls participated in the same training sessions as the strobe group. The hitting accuracy of the groundstroke in the strobe group improved significantly after stroboscopic training compared to the control...

Rational Radicalisation?

Abigail Pickard
This paper examines existing psychological theories of radicalisation. An interview with a British second-generation Pakistani Muslim, arrested and charged with terrorism-related offences after attempting to join IS, was applied to two existing theories of radicalisation. The results indicated that a lack of identity, a strive for significance, social and group processes, and perceived discrimination and victimisation were the most important factors in the participant’s radicalisation process. Overall, the paper concludes that certain aspects of each...

Evaluating Arabidopsis thaliana ubiquitin1 promoter activity in Solanum lycopersicum

Richard Gossens
Overexpression of genes involved in heat stress response may yield heat stress resistant plants. To bring genes into overexpression, a good constitutive promoter is key. The key question of this study was: Is the Arabidopsis thaliana ubiquitin1 promoter constitutively active in Solanum lycopersicum? S. lycopersicum plants where transformed with an A. thaliana ubiquitin1 promoter driving expression of β-glucuronidase (GUS). Six out of the ten successfully transformed explants showed expression of GUS, either in protein activity...

Wireless Powering of Internet of Things Devices using Radio Frequency Harvesting

Isay Konter & Mostafa Hajian
Internet of Things (IoT) is tagging low power devices, miniaturized, with machine-readable identification tags, which are integrated with sensors to collect information and wireless technology to connect them with the Internet. These devices have a very low energy usage. Powering these devices with battery is very labor intensive, costly and tedious especially as number of nodes increases, which is in many applications, is the case. Hence the main objective of this research is to introduce...

Green cosmetics via bio-oil

Laurens Cappoen, Pieter Deconinck, Kevin De Ras, Delphine De Saegher & Axel Vernimmen
The refining of crude vegetable oil results in an unused sidestream, the oil deodorizer distillate (ODD). This distillate contains valuable ‘minors’, like squalene, tocopherols and sterols, which have applications in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutrition industry. Therefore, their successful separation from this sidestream increases the viability of a refinery. The separation is achieved by supercritical esterification and supercritical CO2 extraction. The objective of this study is to simulate the process with Aspen® and model the...

A Semi-Analytical Solution to the Schr ¨ odinger Equation with Gaussian Well

Achim Byl
This paper proposes a new semi-analytical solution of the Schr¨odinger equation with Gaussian well. The approach is based on the harmonic oscillator and yields both the energy and the wave function for any specific eigenstate. Furthermore, the semi-analytical solution is compared to methods found in the literature and the Split-Operator method and deemed accurate.

Economies of Scale in Household Consumption

Lisa-Marie Plag & Ewelina Dera
This research empirically analyses the influence of scale economies on household consumption and the resulting implications for birth-promoting policies. For this purpose, the relation between an increase in household size and food, clothing, household goods, healthcare, energy, transport as well as education expenditures per person was investigated. Data of 10,858 Georgian households from the Integrated Household Survey 2015 was evaluated using regressions. It was found that there are significant economies of scale in consumption of...

Protests, plenums and politics: An analysis of the Bosnian Spring and its political (dis)continuity.

Lisanne Veldt
This paper discusses the protests in February 2014, Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina. While these protests resulted in the resignation of local governments, the elections that followed suggest a continuation of ethno-nationalist politics. This research explains how the characteristics that defined the collective identity of the protest movement are undermined over time and how this, together with a lack of strategy, created a negative climate for mobilization at the time of the cantonal elections, October 2014. Hereby, this...

Optimalisatie van een kraakbeen- en botkleuring in de zebravislarve

Jente Hoyberghs
Zebravisembryo’s worden door verschillende farmaceutische bedrijven gebruikt als een alternatief model om teratogene stoffen te detecteren. In vergelijking met dierproeven in zoogdieren komen echter nog steeds vals-negatieve resultaten voor, waardoor teratogene stoffen gemist worden tijdens de geneesmiddelenontwikkeling. In het zebravismodel worden nog geen skeletale eindpunten bekeken in tegenstelling tot studies in zoogdieren. Het doel van deze studie was om een dubbelkleuring op punt te stellen waarbij kraakbeen en bot in zebravislarven kan worden geëvalueerd. Uit...

KENNIS IS MACHT, KENNIS DELEN IS KRACHT Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar de kennisdeling binnen kennisveld Natte Kunstwerken bij Rijkswaterstaat

Pamela Daccache
Wegens de nieuwe technologieën en innovaties in de bouwsector is het verzamelen, waarborgen en ontwikkelen van kennis essentieel. Het waarborgen en delen van kennis kunnen leiden tot innovatieve oplossingen en houden een organisatie kennisrijk, ondanks uitstroom van mensen met kennis. Volgens het kernteam van de afdeling Natte Kunstwerken bij Rijkswaterstaat kan de mate waarin er kennis geborgd en gedeeld wordt beter en efficiënter. Het doel van deze studie is om de knelpunten van kennisdeling betreffende...

Onderzoek naar de maatschappelijke rol van musea en kunstencentra in de superdiverse grootstedelijke Brusselse context

Filip Permentier
Centraal in mijn paper staat de vraag of musea en kunstencentra instrumenten kunnen zijn om empowerment, inburgering en gemeenschapsopbouw te bevorderen. Vertrekkend van een sociologische en demografische beschrijving, toon ik langs verschillende wegen de maatschappelijke relevantie van musea aan. Op basis hiervan ontwikkel ik een dynamische visie op het ideale museum. Vanuit de beschrijving van verschillende (kunst)projecten en tentoonstellingsprakijken distileer ik een aantal cruciale voorwaarden om te beoordelen of musea en kunstencentra mee de essentiële...

The seven-factor hybrid model of PTSD and its relation to MDD and GAD

Fleur Helmink
The relation between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive disorder (MDD), and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) has been extensively examined. However, few studies have examined this relation in the context of the seven-factor hybrid model of PTSD. We examined whether specific factors of the hybrid model relate to affective depression, somatic depression, and GAD in a nonclinical student sample. Results show that the hybrid model was superior to the DSM-5 model. Also, affective depression related...

The influence of perceived talker differences on the talker variability effect under cochlear implant simulation

Lissy Sijp
Speech recognition is harder when communicating with multiple talkers. This “talker variability effect” has not been extensively examined for cochlear implant (CI) users, who have difficulty discriminating same-gender talkers but not different-gender talkers. A shadowing task was conducted with normal hearing listeners (N=19) under CI simulation. The test consisted of a single-talker condition (ST), and two multi-talker conditions with different male and female voices (MT-M) or only different female voices (MT-F). Response times were longer...

Overmatig alcoholgebruik bij ouderen

Yvonne Van Arts-Van Haastrecht & Annet Van Der Horn
Als gevolg van de vergrijzing groeit de groep oude-ren met overmatig alcoholgebruik. Dit leidt tot gerontologische problematiek bij ouderen maar ook tot extra druk op maatschappelijke en gezondheids-voorzieningen. Een vroege signalering en een betere bespreekbaar-heid van dit voor ouderen en hulpverleners lastige onderwerp zijn belangrijke voorwaarden voor de aanpak van het probleem. Uit Nederlands onderzoek in de stad Zwolle en omgeving blijkt dat zowel ou-deren als zorgprofessionals veel heil zien in alcohol-preventiecampagnes die zich specifiek...

Empathy Legality Politics and Protection: Framing Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the UK Press

Haylee Kelsall
This paper compares the frames used in UK tabloid and quality newspaper coverage of refugees and asylum seekers [RAS] from August 2015 to February 2016. Specific and general framing devices were identified, and these were found to co-occur in coverage. A number of unexpected similarities were found, indicating a possible divergence from immigration related reporting patterns of the past. Moreover, the distinction between the presses with regards RAS coverage is becoming increasingly difficult to discern,...

Preventing coastal erosion by biological denitrification

Manon Ligeon
Coastal erosion is a major problem along sandy coastlines. Increasing the strength and stiffness of sand could be a possible strategy to prevent land loss. Recent studies have found that denitrifying bacteria may be able to increase erosion resistance by inducing precipitation of calcium carbonate. In this study bacteria obtained from different sites have been evaluated on their activity and efficiency in seawater conditions with different substrate concentrations. Both bacteria, one obtained from freshwater the...

The clash between mutual recognition, fundamental rights and public security

Elena Emilia Popa & Luca Pantaleo
This article focuses on the recent judgment of the Court of Justice, Aranyosi and Caldararu. After conducting a legal analysis on this case, three issues are identified and they are separately discussed in three sections. The aim of this paper is to show the impact of this judgment on public order and public security in Europe on the one hand and on the individual’s fundamental rights, on the other hand. It is going to be...

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