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Transitions towards car-free cities

Willem Van Waas
As various cities around the world are implementing car-free policy, the need to understand it from a dynamic point of view becomes more pronounced. This paper sheds more light on the reasons to go car-free as forces of change, while further analyzing the inhibitors and dynamics of transitions towards car-free cities. Reasons to drive can be conceptualized as intrinsic and extrinsic, each with its own relevance in the light of transitions. At the same time,...

Nanovezels voor drug delivery van slecht oplosbare medicijnen

Simon De Meyer, Michiel Platteeuw, Olmo Frateur & Sofie Verschraegen
Om een ziekte te bestrijden via orale medicatie, moet het actieve farmaceutische bestandsdeel (API) van het gebruikte medicijn oplosbaar zijn in de waterige omgeving van het menselijk lichaam. Bepaalde, dikwijls veelbelovende, API’s zijn echter slecht oplosbaar, wat vaak te wijten is aan de kristalliniteit van het API. In dit project werd de solvent elektrospintechniek aangewend om het kristallijne API in amorfe toestand te brengen als solid dispersion (SD). Uit verschillende analyses bleek dat de wateroplosbaarheid...

Protests, plenums and politics: An analysis of the Bosnian Spring and its political (dis)continuity.

Lisanne Veldt
This paper discusses the protests in February 2014, Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina. While these protests resulted in the resignation of local governments, the elections that followed suggest a continuation of ethno-nationalist politics. This research explains how the characteristics that defined the collective identity of the protest movement are undermined over time and how this, together with a lack of strategy, created a negative climate for mobilization at the time of the cantonal elections, October 2014. Hereby, this...

Brideshead Revisited through the Years: Between Religion and Relationships from Novel to Screen

Anne Verhoef
Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited (1945) has been adapted on-screen twice: as a series in 1981 and as a film in 2008. Even though all three versions present the audience with the same fabula, Charles’s (sexual) orientation has been approached differently throughout the years. Whereas Waugh’s 1945 novel leaves the issue of sexuality unaddressed and focuses on Charles’s conversion to Christianity instead, the 1981 series portrays a homosexual tension between Charles and Sebastian, and the 2008...

Effect of stroboscopic training on the groundstroke in skilled youth tennis players

Sabine Schootemeijer & Lara Visch
Previous research suggested that training with stroboscopic glasses has a positive effect on visual processes like online control and transient attention in a laboratory setting. In this study the effect of six stroboscopic training sessions on the groundstroke in skilled youth tennis players was investigated. Controls participated in the same training sessions as the strobe group. The hitting accuracy of the groundstroke in the strobe group improved significantly after stroboscopic training compared to the control...

Pose and Velocity Estimation for Soccer Robots

Johan Kon, Wouter Houtman, Wouter Kuipers & Ren´E Van De Molengraft
This paper details the design and real-time implementation of a planar state estimator for soccer robots. A camera system, encoders, gyroscope and accelerometer are combined in a two-stage Kalman filter through a constant acceleration model. Inflating Noise Variance is employed to handle slip and ensure convergence in stationary periods. The approach oers substantial improvement w.r.t. the old pose estimator.

Bringer of Death: Explaining the Severity of the Black Death in Medieval England

Elvire Nadieh Landstra
What caused the Black Death in the 14th century to be more severe than any other plague outbreak? This article argues that the Bovine Pestilence, and the consequent protein malnutrition, has contributed to an inadequate immune system for the English population. As a result, the mortality rates during the plague outbreak were high. By using contemporary insights on the Y. Pestis bacterium and immunodeficiencies, and combining that with historical data on the Black Death in...

Optimizing the core business processes of financial asset management companies using blockchain technology

Nick Van De Luijtgaarden
The aim of this paper is to look at how blockchain technology can be used for the core business processes of an asset management company and what the best tools are to set up a blockchain. This study followed a qualitative and quantitive case study research methodology at a small to mediumsized asset management company. This paper argued that Corda was the best blockchain platform because of scalability, auditing for regulators and offering a specific...

Van Bouwstenen naar Smart City: wat er geleerd kan worden van Nederlandse Smart City-initiatieven

Matthijs Duenk & Dianne Scholte
De term ‘Smart City’ wordt steeds vaker genoemd als oplossing voor klimaat- en verstedelijkingsproblemen. Veel lokale overheden weten echter niet wat zij concreet kunnen doen om hun eigen Smart City-initiatief te ontwikkelen. In het onderzoek ‘Van Bouwstenen naar Smart City’ is onderzocht wat voor lokale overheden de bouwstenen zijn voor een succesvol proces tot de ontwikkeling van Smart City-initiatieven. Met behulp van een viertal Smart City-initiatieven in Nederland en gesprekken met betrokken partijen is gekomen...

The Contribution of the Fouchet Commission to the Fouchet Negotiations

Cas Van Der Lee
The struggle between supranational and intergovernmental visions on European integration came to dramatic heights with the little-known battle over the Fouchet Plan in 1961-62. This study examines the internal negotiations within the Fouchet Commission, its share in the failure of the Fouchet Plan and how national politicians and interests shaped its negotiations. Thanks to new archival research the understudied influence of the Fouchet Commission has been scrutinised, which provides a new perspective on the failure...

Sediment ecotoxicity of the insecticide lufenuron to benthic macroinvertebrates

Lucas Jollie
Pesticides such as lufenuron are widely used in agriculture to preserve crops and maximize harvests. The application of lufenuron might cause it to inadvertently end up in surrounding ecosystems and causing unwanted damage. To assess the potential ecological damage and the fate of lufenuron, sediment toxicity tests using spiked sediment were performed, as well as a sediment aging test. Chironomids appeared as the most sensitive species and the toxicity of lufenuron decreased faster than previously...

The Influence of Sleep Quality on Student Burnout

Isabelle Göhre
To prevent a further increase in the high prevalence of student burnout, this longitudinal study investigated the influence of sleep quality on burnout. The impact of engaging in university on the development of burnout was assessed in first-year psychology students (N=75) by measuring symptoms before and after their first study period. The hypothesis that a poor sleep quality is associated with higher emotional exhaustion and cynicism and lower professional efficacy was confirmed. Although the change...

Language Attitudes Down Under

Hooft, Ellen 'T
Perceived similarity is an uncommon construct in previous studies on attitudes towards accents. This study focuses on how Australian adolescents rate the attractiveness of four English accents and how similar the participants judge these accents to be to their own accent. This study uses a verbal-guise technique and a survey to question 66 Australian adolescents. The speakers used in this study represent a General American, a standard British (RP), an Australian, and a New Zealand...

Empathy Legality Politics and Protection: Framing Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the UK Press

Haylee Kelsall
This paper compares the frames used in UK tabloid and quality newspaper coverage of refugees and asylum seekers [RAS] from August 2015 to February 2016. Specific and general framing devices were identified, and these were found to co-occur in coverage. A number of unexpected similarities were found, indicating a possible divergence from immigration related reporting patterns of the past. Moreover, the distinction between the presses with regards RAS coverage is becoming increasingly difficult to discern,...

Optimalisatie van een kraakbeen- en botkleuring in de zebravislarve

Jente Hoyberghs
Zebravisembryo’s worden door verschillende farmaceutische bedrijven gebruikt als een alternatief model om teratogene stoffen te detecteren. In vergelijking met dierproeven in zoogdieren komen echter nog steeds vals-negatieve resultaten voor, waardoor teratogene stoffen gemist worden tijdens de geneesmiddelenontwikkeling. In het zebravismodel worden nog geen skeletale eindpunten bekeken in tegenstelling tot studies in zoogdieren. Het doel van deze studie was om een dubbelkleuring op punt te stellen waarbij kraakbeen en bot in zebravislarven kan worden geëvalueerd. Uit...

Why do women fall for money? The Effect of Gender Ideology and Culture on the Mate Preference for Resources

Marina Thomas
Women generally value a potential partner's earning capacity more than men. Patriarchal gender ideologies could explain why even financially independent females prefer a mate with resources and would also hold for migrants from more to less patriarchal countries. To examine the role of gender traditionalism and ethnicity, the present online study compared the preference for a mate with financial resources in 406 Turkish, Dutch and German students and Turkish migrants in Germany and the Netherlands....

Het verband tussen religie en interetnische solidariteit

Simon De Jong
Het doel van deze verkennende studie was inzicht te verkrijgen in de relatie tussen de religieuze identiteit van orthodox-protestanten en hun solidariteit met vluchtelingen. Door de multidimensionaliteit van hun religieuze identiteit hebben orthodox-protestanten een ambigue houding tegenover immigranten. Vanuit hun horizontale identiteit in brede zin, i.e. hun relatie tot medemensen, zijn zij op microniveau solidair met vluchtelingen. Op macroniveau bepleiten orthodox-protestanten echter restricties op het immigratiebeleid uit bezorgdheid wat een numerieke meerderheid van moslims zal...

Bridging the value-action gap: Compliance with Kyoto in the Environmental Liability Directive

Nick Doggen
This paper analyses compliance with the 2004/35/CE Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Greece and Italy. Their compliance with the ELD reflects in how far pro-environmental ‘actions’ have been taken. Comparing compliance with environmental statements or ‘values’ made in their national parliaments displays to what extent there is a mismatch between values and actions, or a ‘value-action gap’. The four countries each represent one of the Four Worlds of Implementation, a model...

Green cosmetics via bio-oil

Laurens Cappoen, Pieter Deconinck, Kevin De Ras, Delphine De Saegher & Axel Vernimmen
The refining of crude vegetable oil results in an unused sidestream, the oil deodorizer distillate (ODD). This distillate contains valuable ‘minors’, like squalene, tocopherols and sterols, which have applications in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutrition industry. Therefore, their successful separation from this sidestream increases the viability of a refinery. The separation is achieved by supercritical esterification and supercritical CO2 extraction. The objective of this study is to simulate the process with Aspen® and model the...

State Aid in Europe

Jan Philip Böckers
The effect of state aid has been widely discussed in the existing literature from a policy makers point of view, yet the business perspective on obtaining state aid has not. This paper attempts to shed light on this viewpoint by examining potential factors affecting the aid intensity of state aid in Europe. It finds that the extent of state aid differs between countries, governing parties and the type of aid. Furthermore, it finds a general...

Hearing the Shape of a Trapezoid Drum

Luuk Verhoeven
In this article we take a small step in answering the famous question “Can one hear the shape of a drum?” Recently, Grieser and Maronna have shown that if the drum is shaped like a triangle, the answer is yes. In this article we investigate this question for trapezoid drums. We define a subset of trapezia and prove that for drums of this shape the answer to the question is also yes. To do this,...

About Time

Nils L.M. Van De Ven
Survival analysis is a method of analysis used to study event occurrence. Missing periods in discrete-time survival analyses are problematic, since whether an event occurs determines whether the subject is followed up upon. Seven strategies that can be used when missingness occurs (case deletion, deletion upon missing, single imputation, multiple imputation, remembrance, the Non-Event-Strategy and the Event-Strategy) are evaluated using four criteria: effect size bias, standard error bias, power and coverage rate of confidence intervals....

The destruction of cultural property by the Islamic State in Mosul and Palmyra

Alessandra Silva
Among countless atrocities, the Islamic State (IS) is responsible for wreaking cultural artifacts in Mosul and Palmyra. This paper enquire what actions Iraq and Syria could undertake under International Law to protect cultural property and to hold IS’s fighters accountable for their crimes. After analyzing International Humanitarian law instruments, the rules on the use of force, the UNESCO Declaration on the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage and the Statute of the International Criminal Court, it...

Creative Media Advertising: Het begin van het einde van de groeiende plastic soep?

Ellis Okkema
De huidige studie onderzocht de effectiviteit van creative media advertising (CMA) in vergelijking met traditional media advertising (TMA) in sociale marketing rondom milieuproblemen door plasticgebruik. Met behulp van een online experiment (N = 107) is gekeken of CMA tot een milieuvriendelijkere gedragsintentie leidt dan TMA en of deze relatie gemedieerd wordt door bewustzijn van het probleem. Er is een direct positief effect gevonden van CMA versus TMA op milieuvriendelijke gedragsintentie met betrekking tot eenmalig plasticgebruik...

Triage van pijn op de borst klachten bij de huisartsenpost Arnhem, een mixed methods onderzoek

Monique Vaneker & Nina Drijfholt
De toepassing van de Nederlandse Triage Standaard (NTS) bij patiënten met pijn op de borst staat ter discussie. Triagisten op de huisartsenpost (HAP) kunnen initiële triagecodes op- of afschalen. Uit deze studie blijkt dat 33,1% van de initiële U1’s (levensbedreigend zieke patiënten) zijn afgeschaald. Overtriage lijkt hierdoor te existeren. Beïnvloedende factoren voor aanpassing van initiële triagecodes zijn te categoriseren in triagist specifieke, NTS specifieke, patiënt specifieke en organisatorische factoren. Ervaring en onderbuikgevoel werden frequent aangedragen...

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