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Bridging the value-action gap: Compliance with Kyoto in the Environmental Liability Directive

Nick Doggen
This paper analyses compliance with the 2004/35/CE Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Greece and Italy. Their compliance with the ELD reflects in how far pro-environmental ‘actions’ have been taken. Comparing compliance with environmental statements or ‘values’ made in their national parliaments displays to what extent there is a mismatch between values and actions, or a ‘value-action gap’. The four countries each represent one of the Four Worlds of Implementation, a model...

Organic soil management reduces soil water repellency

Sya Hoeke
The objectives of this study were to determine the effects of agricultural management, related to conventional and organic soil management, on the soil water repellency (SWR). Besides the relation between the agricultural variables and the SWR, the influence of soil organic matter and pH was examined. To classify SWR, the persistence and severity was measured using the water drop penetration time, respectively the water-drop contact angle. Organic soil management was shown to have a significant...

Hic situs est: occupational identity of Roman jewelers

Patricia Kret
In their grave inscriptions craftsmen – or their living relatives – mentioned their occupation and other aspects of their identity: the location of their workshop, supporting their former slaves as a patronus and being a member of/having a function in a collegium. However, they did not mention their skills. Craftsmen chose to show how successful they were, because they had to earn enough money to be able to do all this. This way they created...

Transitions towards car-free cities

Willem Van Waas
As various cities around the world are implementing car-free policy, the need to understand it from a dynamic point of view becomes more pronounced. This paper sheds more light on the reasons to go car-free as forces of change, while further analyzing the inhibitors and dynamics of transitions towards car-free cities. Reasons to drive can be conceptualized as intrinsic and extrinsic, each with its own relevance in the light of transitions. At the same time,...

The Menstrual Cup Effect

Iris Flamand
This research is dedicated to comparative environmental impact analyses of menstrual products – tampons with and without applicator, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups – used in modern “Western” societies and using six indicators of environmental impact. Additionally, a menstrual waste scenario analysis, with increasing menstrual cup use as variable, is performed. Due to environmental concern, especially for waste, the research question and the survey were formed. All indicators showed lowest impact with menstrual cups. Besides,...

Rechtsbescherming door de informatiebeschikking

Marieke Buijs
De informatiebeschikking uit artikel 52a Algemene Wet inzake Rijksbelastingen (hierna te noemen: AWR) is sinds 1 juli 2011 een feit. Het belangrijkste doel van deze regeling was om de rechtsbescherming voor de belastingplichtige te verbeteren binnen het stelsel van de informatieverplichting. De vraag is, zes jaar later, of inderdaad te spreken is van een verbeterde rechtspositie.

Nanovezels voor drug delivery van slecht oplosbare medicijnen

Simon De Meyer, Michiel Platteeuw, Olmo Frateur & Sofie Verschraegen
Om een ziekte te bestrijden via orale medicatie, moet het actieve farmaceutische bestandsdeel (API) van het gebruikte medicijn oplosbaar zijn in de waterige omgeving van het menselijk lichaam. Bepaalde, dikwijls veelbelovende, API’s zijn echter slecht oplosbaar, wat vaak te wijten is aan de kristalliniteit van het API. In dit project werd de solvent elektrospintechniek aangewend om het kristallijne API in amorfe toestand te brengen als solid dispersion (SD). Uit verschillende analyses bleek dat de wateroplosbaarheid...

What Determines a Bank Failure?

Polina Bochenkova
In Russia, an increasing number of banks fail every year for various reasons. Some banks get closed voluntarily, some merge with other banks, whereas others have their licenses revoked by the Central Bank for noncompliance with Central Bank rules. But is a bank’s poor performance the only reason for a failure? With a use of new datasets on bank failures, this paper shows that bank survival is determined by far more than its performance.

Historical consciousness and Hanseatic identity in Deventer 1578-1672

Kerrewin Van Blanken
This article considers the Deventer identification with the Hanse as an interregional identity that for the most part existed outside the borders of the Dutch Republic, in order to nuance and extend the discussion on the formation of a proto-national Dutch identity in the seventeenth century. There will be a particular focus on the role of history writing and conceptions of time in relation to seventeenth century identity formation.

Does pupil dilation indicate cognitive dissonance and strength of attitude change? Replicating the spreading of alternatives effect in a blind-choice task.

Alexander Fries & Sebastiaan Mathôt
The aim of the present research was twofold. First, we aimed to replicate a recent study by Sharot et al. (2010), which found evidence for the spreading of alternatives (SOA) effect. Second, we investigated the hypothesis that cognitive dissonance, which may explain an existing SOA effect, is accompanied by significant changes in pupil diameter. Our results provide neither support for this hypothesis nor do they replicate the SOA effect. We conclude that more research is...

How to Connect Artisanal & Small-Scale Gold Miners in Uganda to the International Market for Ethically Produced ASM Gold?

David Sturmes
Four artisanal and small-scale mining organisations (ASMOs) producing gold in Uganda have been subjected to a value chain analysis, showing that they currently lack access to any legal market channels. Despite receiving high per gram prices for their gold on the illegal market, these organisations do not trust current trade partners regarding the measurements of weight and purity and end up making meagre profits due to high maintenance and production costs. Opportunities for an alternative...

Empty Promises in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The inability of the labor and tenure legislation to protect South African farmwomen

Fiore Schuthof
In this study, it is shown that the post-apartheid labor and tenure legislation are unable to protect South African farmwomen. There is a tendency among scholars to attribute this weak legal position to the country’s legacy of colonialism and apartheid. This study proposes a different narrative, by focusing on the inclusive nature of post-apartheid legislation. It is the aim of this paper to examine to what extent the inability of this legislation to protect farmwomen...

Antioxidant concentrations in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Ines Kathrin Weyand, Harry Robberecht, Annelies Verlaet & Annelies Breynaert
ADHD is one of the most prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder. Antioxidant concentrations are shifted in ADHD patients and antioxidant centred therapies appear to alleviate symptoms significantly1-8. This study aims to investigate antioxidant concentrations in children with ADHD of an Antwerp based population. For the ADHD-cohort, concentrations of lipid-soluble antioxidants (a-tocopherol, g-tocopherol, retinylpalmitate, b-carotene, CoQ10 and retinol) (plasma, n = 12) and glutathione (erythrocytes, n = 4) were measured and consecutively compared to a cohort of non-ADHD...

The Relationship between ASD Symptomology, Performance, Experienced Problems and Benefits in Problem Based Learning (PBL) Curricula

Kristel De Groot
The attention for supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) at university has recently grown. However, no research to date has looked into the fit between ASD and a specific form of education, Problem-Based Learning (PBL). The current study uses a newly developed questionnaire that focuses on the four elements of PBL: constructive, self-directed, collaborative, and contextual learning. The questionnaire showed to be highly reliable. Although higher ASD symptomology predicted reported experience of more problems...

Seasonal Changes in Cancer Mortality Rates among Cancer and Cardiovascular Patients in the Netherlands

Magdalena Shumanska
The burden of cancer, leading cause of death in developed countries, is increasing due to population aging and growth. In the general population there are higher mortality rates in winter than in summer. This study investigates seasonal changes in cancer mortalities (lung and breast cancer) in the Dutch population (1996-2016) and whether mortality in winter is correlated more with average temperatures, or more with influenza incidence. Results showed that temperature changes and higher influenza incidence...

Performance Practice of Schubert’s Last Piano Sonata

Irene Comesaña Aguilar
Considered nowadays a milestone among some pianists’ repertoire, Franz Schubert’s Sonata in B flat Major is not only remarkably long and complex in structure, but also full of details that make this piece worthy of a deeper study. Nevertheless, the Sonata was only re-discovered by the Russian School of the 20th Century, establishing a very specific performance practice of it that was not concerned with historical approach. This paper aims to analyze different sources from...

State Aid in Europe

Jan Philip Böckers
The effect of state aid has been widely discussed in the existing literature from a policy makers point of view, yet the business perspective on obtaining state aid has not. This paper attempts to shed light on this viewpoint by examining potential factors affecting the aid intensity of state aid in Europe. It finds that the extent of state aid differs between countries, governing parties and the type of aid. Furthermore, it finds a general...

A ‘star performer’ megaproject? Linkages and the Mozal aluminium smelters in Mozambique (1998-2017)

Cindy Wilhelm
Despite the increasing appetite for precious commodities, resource- rich developing countries are confronted with numerous challenges regarding their resource-based development. This thesis analyses the case of Mozambique where the Mozal aluminium smelter ‘megaproject’ was seen as an opportunity for resource-based development. By following Hirschman’s linkages theory on resource-based development through diversification of the economy by an upscale on the value chain, this thesis comes to the conclusion that in terms of tax income, the use...

Responsible Innovation in GMO Governance

Amelie Riedesel
GMOs have caused controversy since their introduction to the European market. By relying on health and environmental risks assessment, decision-making in biotechnology excludes a diversity of concerns and stakeholders. Despite increasing efforts for public and stakeholder engagement the debate is highly polarized. Responsible Innovation might provide a way out of the stalemate. By conducting a case study of the assessment of MON810 in Norway, this paper explores the underlying elements of RI in existing frameworks...

Diagnostics Based on Acoustic Distributed Sensor Data and Machine Learning

Dennis Struver & Wouter Weekers
Accurate real-time diagnostics of high-tech systems are becoming more and more important. Therefore, the potential of distributed acoustic sensors in combination with machine learning for contactless diagnostics of machine performance has been investigated. Hereto, frequency response data of a brass plate has been gathered through experiments and a finite element model. In order to investigate the possibility of identifying the locations and weight of the masses, Support Vector Machines and Random Forest algorithms have been...

Whistles as Loud as their Recipients? A Framework for Analyzing Complaint Recipients

Selina Rathke
Tax avoidance, fraud, endangerment of public safety - whistleblowers are crucial for making organizational misconduct transparent. Unsurprisingly, whistleblowing is a commonly researched subject (e.g. Brown, 2008). Yet, only few studies systematically focus on the recipients of whistleblowers’ reports. This lack of attention is striking in light of the decisive role which complaint recipients play in the whistleblowing process (e.g. Lewis, Brown, & Moberly, 2014; Read & Rama, 2003). Drawing on existing literature, this study develops...

Effects of differential hillslope-scale water retention characteristics on rainfall-runoff response at the Landscape Evolution Observatory

Daniël B. Van Den Heuvel
To be able to collect the reliable data necessary for understanding and modeling various Earth system processes in real catchments, controlled experiments are being conducted at the Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) within Biosphere2, The University of Arizona. Rainfall experiments have revealed differences in hydrological response between two landscapes within LEO, despite the landscapes’ identical design and equipment. In an attempt to discover where the observed differences stem from, we use a full 3D hydrological model...

Budget Advocacy for Child Rights in the Philippines

Teun Van Leeuwen
Policy advocates for child rights work around the world on their mission to realize child rights for all children. In recent times, policy advocates have realized that important policies are often inadequately funded. Policy advocacy must be complimented with budget advocacy which targets the national budget. Budget advocacy is complex and has, therefore, not been widely adopted by advocates. This is an impactful problem. This thesis discusses state of the art budget advocacy literature and...

Return of human capital development and training investments on corporate valuation

Florian Knaeple
The dynamic environments evolving in most markets led to the necessity of recruiting and retaining highly educated employees for a company's success. This research paper investigates the economic return of human capital investments on corporate valuation and identifies organizational activities that could signal these investments. For economic return estimations, an event study with the reception of training awards, as a signal for exceptional human capital activities, is used. It is revealed that training-award winners experience...

Hearing the Shape of a Trapezoid Drum

Luuk Verhoeven
In this article we take a small step in answering the famous question “Can one hear the shape of a drum?” Recently, Grieser and Maronna have shown that if the drum is shaped like a triangle, the answer is yes. In this article we investigate this question for trapezoid drums. We define a subset of trapezia and prove that for drums of this shape the answer to the question is also yes. To do this,...

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