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Water quality in the Upper Citarum River Basin: towards a better understanding of a heavily polluted catchment

Kees Van Ginkel
The Upper Citarum River Basin is a heavily polluted catchment on West Java, Indonesia. Policy makers and scientist show increasing interest for the issue, but there is no recent scientific study that gives an overview of the current state of the river basin. In this paper, the six drivers of the water quality problem are described by system analysis, tracing them back to weak social and governmental institutions. Stakeholder analysis reveals a strong mismatch between...

How to Connect Artisanal & Small-Scale Gold Miners in Uganda to the International Market for Ethically Produced ASM Gold?

David Sturmes
Four artisanal and small-scale mining organisations (ASMOs) producing gold in Uganda have been subjected to a value chain analysis, showing that they currently lack access to any legal market channels. Despite receiving high per gram prices for their gold on the illegal market, these organisations do not trust current trade partners regarding the measurements of weight and purity and end up making meagre profits due to high maintenance and production costs. Opportunities for an alternative...

De adviserende rol van pedagogisch medewerkers bij peuters met stotterverschijnselen

Ilham El Harouni
Inleiding: In de praktijk valt het op dat pedagogisch medewerkers (pm-ers) niet altijd tijdig adviseren om een stottertherapeut/ logopedist te consulteren als de stotterverschijnselen/-problemen bij een peuter opvallen. Dit kan negatieve gevolgen hebben op de ontwikkeling van de stoornis. Methode: Er is een gemengd onderzoeksdesign uitgevoerd door middel van 54 ingevulde enquêtes en twee semigestructureerde interviews. Resultaten: De huidige beschikbare informatie over stotteren is bij een groot deel van de pedagogisch medewerkers onbekend. Conclusie: Een...

Whistles as Loud as their Recipients? A Framework for Analyzing Complaint Recipients

Selina Rathke
Tax avoidance, fraud, endangerment of public safety - whistleblowers are crucial for making organizational misconduct transparent. Unsurprisingly, whistleblowing is a commonly researched subject (e.g. Brown, 2008). Yet, only few studies systematically focus on the recipients of whistleblowers’ reports. This lack of attention is striking in light of the decisive role which complaint recipients play in the whistleblowing process (e.g. Lewis, Brown, & Moberly, 2014; Read & Rama, 2003). Drawing on existing literature, this study develops...

Data peeking: a quantitative and qualitative exploration of the use of interim analysis

Mandy Woelk & Esther Klinkenberg
Data peeking, quitting data collection early or adding more participants at the end, offers the advantage of saving time and money. However, performing an interim analysis without correction leads to a Type-I error inflation. Using alpha spending function could be used to solve this problem. In this paper, we simulated the effects of interim analysis with and without an alpha spending function on type-I error, power and expected sample size. We also offer a Bayesian...

The clash between mutual recognition, fundamental rights and public security

Elena Emilia Popa & Luca Pantaleo
This article focuses on the recent judgment of the Court of Justice, Aranyosi and Caldararu. After conducting a legal analysis on this case, three issues are identified and they are separately discussed in three sections. The aim of this paper is to show the impact of this judgment on public order and public security in Europe on the one hand and on the individual’s fundamental rights, on the other hand. It is going to be...

A ‘star performer’ megaproject? Linkages and the Mozal aluminium smelters in Mozambique (1998-2017)

Cindy Wilhelm
Despite the increasing appetite for precious commodities, resource- rich developing countries are confronted with numerous challenges regarding their resource-based development. This thesis analyses the case of Mozambique where the Mozal aluminium smelter ‘megaproject’ was seen as an opportunity for resource-based development. By following Hirschman’s linkages theory on resource-based development through diversification of the economy by an upscale on the value chain, this thesis comes to the conclusion that in terms of tax income, the use...

Responsible Innovation in GMO Governance

Amelie Riedesel
GMOs have caused controversy since their introduction to the European market. By relying on health and environmental risks assessment, decision-making in biotechnology excludes a diversity of concerns and stakeholders. Despite increasing efforts for public and stakeholder engagement the debate is highly polarized. Responsible Innovation might provide a way out of the stalemate. By conducting a case study of the assessment of MON810 in Norway, this paper explores the underlying elements of RI in existing frameworks...

“De Stenen Man”: strong guardian or weak link?

Marc Frankena & Koen Berends
De ‘Stenen Man’, standing on top of the Westerzeedijk near Harlingen, was built to commemorate the construction of the sea defenses. However, there is reason to believe this monument to flood safety endangers the stability of the dike. In our study, we quantify the effect of the statue on the failure probability of the dike. This is achieved through a combination of archive research, ground survey, and probabilistic assessment within the new legal framework. Results...

Onderzoek naar de maatschappelijke rol van musea en kunstencentra in de superdiverse grootstedelijke Brusselse context

Filip Permentier
Centraal in mijn paper staat de vraag of musea en kunstencentra instrumenten kunnen zijn om empowerment, inburgering en gemeenschapsopbouw te bevorderen. Vertrekkend van een sociologische en demografische beschrijving, toon ik langs verschillende wegen de maatschappelijke relevantie van musea aan. Op basis hiervan ontwikkel ik een dynamische visie op het ideale museum. Vanuit de beschrijving van verschillende (kunst)projecten en tentoonstellingsprakijken distileer ik een aantal cruciale voorwaarden om te beoordelen of musea en kunstencentra mee de essentiële...

Engaging in CSR: The effect of perceived corporate greenwashing in the CSR fit-purchase intention relationship, depending on the sector’s social responsible reputation.

Maarten Zandvoort
Corporations have increasingly been engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, there are some inconsistent findings regarding the relationship between CSR fit and purchase intention. The aim of the current study is to examine what factors influence this relationship. Based on a literature review, CSR fit is proposed to negatively influence perceived corporate greenwashing (PCG) and this is moderated by a sector’s social responsible reputation (SSRR). PCG in turn influences purchase intentions negatively as well....

Rechtsbescherming door de informatiebeschikking

Marieke Buijs
De informatiebeschikking uit artikel 52a Algemene Wet inzake Rijksbelastingen (hierna te noemen: AWR) is sinds 1 juli 2011 een feit. Het belangrijkste doel van deze regeling was om de rechtsbescherming voor de belastingplichtige te verbeteren binnen het stelsel van de informatieverplichting. De vraag is, zes jaar later, of inderdaad te spreken is van een verbeterde rechtspositie.

Structural characterization and activation of nature’s fuels of life

Rianne Van Outersterp
Hydrolysis of nucleotide triphosphates (NTPs) is known to drive highly important cellular processes. Of these NTPs, adenine triphosphate (ATP) is mainly studied as it is concerned to be the central fuel of living cells. Gas-phase studies have been performed to elucidate the conformational preference of NTPs focusing on the dependence of the nucleobase and extent of deprotonation. Therefore, a combination of infrared (IR) spectroscopy and mass spectrometry has been applied to ATP, CTP and GTP....

Cyclisch leren en onderwijzen van woordenschat

Josien Boetje
Het woordenschatonderwijs Spaans op het Revius Doorn bereikte niet het gewenste effect dat leerlingen het aangereikte vocabulaire op middellange termijn onthouden en kunnen activeren. Om dit probleem aan te pakken werd een woordenschatcompetitie ontwikkeld en getest, waarbij leerlingen 4 weken beloond werden om buiten de lessen cyclisch te herhalen. Uit de productevaluatie bleek dat leerlingen: i) extra gemotiveerd waren om eerder met leren te beginnen, ii) meer op de middellange termijn onthielden (p

The Relation between Reading Strategies and Reading Comprehension

Elisa Korthof
Since 2009, Dutch primary school teachers have started to explicitly teach reading strategies to their students, basing themselves on findings that the use of reading strategies can benefit children’s reading comprehension. The aim of the current study was to examine how often Dutch 5th grade students (groep 7) apply reading strategies during reading, and to re-examine the relationship between reading strategies and reading comprehension. The results of this study indicate that children (N = 116)...

Return of human capital development and training investments on corporate valuation

Florian Knaeple
The dynamic environments evolving in most markets led to the necessity of recruiting and retaining highly educated employees for a company's success. This research paper investigates the economic return of human capital investments on corporate valuation and identifies organizational activities that could signal these investments. For economic return estimations, an event study with the reception of training awards, as a signal for exceptional human capital activities, is used. It is revealed that training-award winners experience...

Investigating The Modality Dependent and Independent Representations of Letters and Numbers

Dora Gözükara
Multimodal neural representations require a system in which both different aspects of the physical stimuli are represented, and also a multimodal abstraction is. In this study, we compared the representational systems of numbers and letters by using an fMRI experiment. Our findings can be summarized in two points: (1) The left intraparietal sulcus is involved in representing multimodal numbers and letters. (2) There are shared visual and auditory areas in the representations of numbers and...

Feasibility study of nano plating for the visualisation of hydrogen in steels

Renee Coryn, Liesbet Deconinck & Ellen Lambrechts
Visualisation of hydrogen in metals is a very challenging topic as microscopic techniques are not yet able to visualise hydrogen atoms accurately. Several micrometre sized techniques were already developed to visualise hydrogen in a qualitative way and link it to the metal’s microstructure. However, many disadvantages still limit these techniques. Two innovative approaches have been evaluated in the present work. Both are based on the nano plating principle where a redox reaction occurs between metal...

The influence of measurement density on micro-instability testing

Nika Daling
Protection from water flooding by dikes is an important issue in the Netherlands. Therefore dikes have to be regularly tested for possible failure, for example caused by micro-instability. Micro-instability occurs in the upper layer of the dike, due to water flowing through it. The goal of this research was to determine the influence of the measurement density on safety assessment of river dikes for micro-instability and in addition to give a confidence interval for these...

Empowerment though Indignation

Hannah Nonnenberg
This research investigates activists of the Indignados movement in Spain. It identifies and explores what empowerment mechanisms said activists use in order to overcome alienation. Alienation is the condition they are in, which is greatly shaped by globalization and the Spanish economic crisis. The name chosen by the movement ‘indignados’, meaning indignation, is the reason for the present focus on emotions in academic research on social movements. The movement finds itself in an alienated context,...

The influence of perceived talker differences on the talker variability effect under cochlear implant simulation

Lissy Sijp
Speech recognition is harder when communicating with multiple talkers. This “talker variability effect” has not been extensively examined for cochlear implant (CI) users, who have difficulty discriminating same-gender talkers but not different-gender talkers. A shadowing task was conducted with normal hearing listeners (N=19) under CI simulation. The test consisted of a single-talker condition (ST), and two multi-talker conditions with different male and female voices (MT-M) or only different female voices (MT-F). Response times were longer...

Determinants of Loan Performance in P2P Lending

Nilas Möllenkamp
This research paper investigates the influential factors of loan performance in the online P2P lending industry. The study analysed 143,654 P2P loans that were funded on the P2P lending platform Lending Club between 2012 and 2013 and found evidence that the assigned credit grade of loans is the most influential factor on loan success and default. Furthermore, loan amount and annual income are significant predictors. The variables debt-toincome ratio, inquires in the last 6 months,...

Exploring Links between Reparations and Development

Ingeborg De Koningh
Links between reparations and development have theoretically been explored in current literature, however claims have hardly been assessed empirically. This paper provides such assessment through a comparative case study in three departments of Peru from 2007 to 2014. Subject of investigation is the national reparations programme, the Programa Integral de Reparaciónes (PIR). It is hypothesised that this programme helped improve social integration, reduce poverty and improve higher educational and health outcomes. While strongly tentative, results...

Lack of FAS receptor expression in colorectal cancer patients correlates with high TNM staging

Bas Laan
Cancer cells often inhibit the expression of FAS to evade T-cell mediated apoptosis upon HLA-mediated recognition. In this study, we aim to find the prognostic value of FAS expression, next to HLA expression, in colorectal cancer (CRC) patients. Colorectal tissue was immunohistochemically stained for the FAS and HLA receptors. Results show that there are significantly more patients with no FAS and HLA expressions in higher stages corresponding with tumor node metastasis (TNM) than in lower...

The Menstrual Cup Effect

Iris Flamand
This research is dedicated to comparative environmental impact analyses of menstrual products – tampons with and without applicator, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups – used in modern “Western” societies and using six indicators of environmental impact. Additionally, a menstrual waste scenario analysis, with increasing menstrual cup use as variable, is performed. Due to environmental concern, especially for waste, the research question and the survey were formed. All indicators showed lowest impact with menstrual cups. Besides,...

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