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Beta and theta oscillatory dynamics in response to social evaluative feedback processing

Sophie Sweijen
Electrocortical activity to processing social evaluative feedback differed in individuals with distinct profiles in rejection sensitive personality constructs. 65 undergraduate females participated in the Social Judgment Paradigm in which they predicted if peers liked or disliked them. With EEG, beta (13-30 Hz) and theta (4-8 Hz) power was examined, which are related to anticipation of and sensitivity to social feedback, respectively. We detected an anxious and a non-anxious group. Beta power increased in anticipation of...

Traffic Management under Boundedly Rational User Equilibrium

Dawn Spruijtenburg
We consider the static traffic assignment model in which travelers are boundedly rational in their route choice. This assignment introduces uncertainty, since generally multiple Boundedly Rational User Equilibrium (BRUE) solutions exist. In this paper, we propose a day-to-day toll strategy that steers the network from an observed BRUE to a desired BRUE. We prove that the stationary state of this toll strategy is the desired flow, and we show by example that the strategy can...

The Effect of Device Type on Buying Behavior in Ecommerce

Nicolai Etienne Fabian
In this research, the effect different devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop) have on purchase behavior in ecommerce was explored. With an innovative combination of web analytics (Google Analytics/Hotjar) and a customer survey, a field experiment was conducted on the website of a Dutch retailer. It was found that smartphone devices limit the customer in ecommerce, while in the customer purchase journey several devices are used for different tasks at different times. The innovative approach used allows...

The instrument of authority: The Niger river as propaganda in Northern Nigeria, 1900-1905

Bas Rensen
This paper discusses the ways in which Frederick Lugard used the Niger river and her subsidiaries as a tool to secure funding from Great Britain between 1900-1905. The annual reports written by Lugard were propaganda to convince Parliament of the value of the Nigerian project by showing progress towards the installation of “legitimate commerce”. This paper proves that the British were, especially in these early years of colonisation, to a great degree confined to the...

Impact modifiers als high-tech toepassing van RAFT polymerisatie

Astrid Clarysse, Thibo Clicteur, Bram Kemseke, Fabian Van Den Bosch & Mieke Van De Velde
Schokweerstand is één van de belangrijkste eigenschappen van een kunststof voor succesvol gebruik in allerlei toepassingen. Om de schokweerstand te boosten, kan een impact modifier (zie Figuur 1) in de vorm van core-shell nanodeeltjes toegevoegd worden aan kunststoffen. De productie van deze core-shell nanodeeltjes is echter niet vanzelfsprekend en vergt het gebruik van een gecontroleerde polymerisatietechniek, namelijk reversibele additie-fragmentatie ketentransfer (RAFT) polymerisatie, in emulsie. Als RAFT-specifiek reagens worden xanthaten aangewend. Ondanks een verminderde controle over...

Triage van pijn op de borst klachten bij de huisartsenpost Arnhem, een mixed methods onderzoek

Monique Vaneker & Nina Drijfholt
De toepassing van de Nederlandse Triage Standaard (NTS) bij patiënten met pijn op de borst staat ter discussie. Triagisten op de huisartsenpost (HAP) kunnen initiële triagecodes op- of afschalen. Uit deze studie blijkt dat 33,1% van de initiële U1’s (levensbedreigend zieke patiënten) zijn afgeschaald. Overtriage lijkt hierdoor te existeren. Beïnvloedende factoren voor aanpassing van initiële triagecodes zijn te categoriseren in triagist specifieke, NTS specifieke, patiënt specifieke en organisatorische factoren. Ervaring en onderbuikgevoel werden frequent aangedragen...

Pose and Velocity Estimation for Soccer Robots

Johan Kon, Wouter Houtman, Wouter Kuipers & Ren´E Van De Molengraft
This paper details the design and real-time implementation of a planar state estimator for soccer robots. A camera system, encoders, gyroscope and accelerometer are combined in a two-stage Kalman filter through a constant acceleration model. Inflating Noise Variance is employed to handle slip and ensure convergence in stationary periods. The approach oers substantial improvement w.r.t. the old pose estimator.

Advancing Transnational Corporations’ Overseas Environmental Accountability

Silvia Barlassina
This paper addresses the extraterritorial dimension of transnational corporations, focusing on the corporate accountability-deficit that characterizes the current International legal framework. The analysis looks at parent companies’ civil liability for environmental harm caused abroad. By introducing a selected number of foreign direct liability cases brought before European national courts, the paper investigates whether the binding environmental and human rights reporting obligations contained in Directive 2014/95/EU contribute to the determination of a parent company’s duty of...

Drought analysis in Tanzania using Markov Chains

Jan Den Daas
The Usambara Mountains are a region in Tanzania with a high population density, low soil fertility and high rainfall variability. The persistence of drought occurrence and the influence of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) driven sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies on drought occurrence in the Usambara Mountains was analyzed. A Markov analysis was used to calculate the rainfall probabilities and drought occurrence. The October-December rainfall season showed a higher rainfall variability than the March-May rainfall...

Dynamics of skyrmions and vortices in antiferromagnets

Joren Harms
Skyrmions are magnetic textures, that behave like particles. They exist as excitations within two-dimensional magnetic insulators and are promising candidates for future data storage. There has been a strong rise in interest in skyrmions in recent years, which is encouraged by several experimental observations of skyrmions in various magnetic thin-films. In this paper the classical dynamics of skyrmions and vortices in antiferromagnets are studied. We find that an antiferromagnetic skyrmion does not feel a Magnus...

Realization of an in-situ Fluorescence & Raman Spectroscopy Setup for studying Quantum Dot Films

Jurgen Dijkema
A new experimental setup for studying charge transfer in Quantum Dot (QD) films has been designed, built and tested. The setup combines three spectroscopic methods; Raman, Fluorescence and Absorption Spectroscopy. First data on a Cadmium Selenide (CdSe) films reveals that radiative emission quenches while charging, attributed to Auger-decay. When fully discharged, the emission remains partly quenched, indicating that not all electrons are removed. Since charge transfer is a fundamental process in solar cells, the setup...

Brideshead Revisited through the Years: Between Religion and Relationships from Novel to Screen

Anne Verhoef
Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited (1945) has been adapted on-screen twice: as a series in 1981 and as a film in 2008. Even though all three versions present the audience with the same fabula, Charles’s (sexual) orientation has been approached differently throughout the years. Whereas Waugh’s 1945 novel leaves the issue of sexuality unaddressed and focuses on Charles’s conversion to Christianity instead, the 1981 series portrays a homosexual tension between Charles and Sebastian, and the 2008...

When art makes one: Scripting narratives in the Museum of Islamic art in Cairo

Luca Bruls
When art makes one by Luca Bruls unfolds an ethnographic case study on narratives exposing the role of nationalism in the exhibition of the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Egypt. Fieldwork among museum staff documents the way they make decisions regarding scenography and organize activities. The research lays bare the motivations of museum staff to use certain techniques and exhibit particular objects. The goal of the research is to find out about ‘how’ and...

Het verband tussen religie en interetnische solidariteit

Simon De Jong
Het doel van deze verkennende studie was inzicht te verkrijgen in de relatie tussen de religieuze identiteit van orthodox-protestanten en hun solidariteit met vluchtelingen. Door de multidimensionaliteit van hun religieuze identiteit hebben orthodox-protestanten een ambigue houding tegenover immigranten. Vanuit hun horizontale identiteit in brede zin, i.e. hun relatie tot medemensen, zijn zij op microniveau solidair met vluchtelingen. Op macroniveau bepleiten orthodox-protestanten echter restricties op het immigratiebeleid uit bezorgdheid wat een numerieke meerderheid van moslims zal...

Attenuation by the debris disk of the solar-like star HD 107146 of a distant occulted galaxy

Dennis Vaendel & Lennart Van Sluijs
Observations of the debris disk around the solar-like star HD 107146 reveal the disk (nearly) transiting an extended background galaxy. By using out-of-transit observations to model the galaxy, we show it to be smooth and well modelable. When subtracting this model from the edge-of-transit observation, attenuation by dust of the debris disk in the line-of-sight can be seen. From this we calculate the column density of the dust. The results of this new way of...

Sediment ecotoxicity of the insecticide lufenuron to benthic macroinvertebrates

Lucas Jollie
Pesticides such as lufenuron are widely used in agriculture to preserve crops and maximize harvests. The application of lufenuron might cause it to inadvertently end up in surrounding ecosystems and causing unwanted damage. To assess the potential ecological damage and the fate of lufenuron, sediment toxicity tests using spiked sediment were performed, as well as a sediment aging test. Chironomids appeared as the most sensitive species and the toxicity of lufenuron decreased faster than previously...

The Decembrist Revolt of 1825 as a Tool to Assess the Modern Russian Call for Freedom: The Case of the Russian Protests of 2011-2012

Vera Ande
The article presents a comparative historical analysis of two events from the Russian history: The Decembrist Revolt of 1825 and the Russian uprising of 2011-2012. The analysis is aimed at defining features that both events have in common. Based on the aftermath of the Decembrist revolt, the implications of the Russian uprising of 2011-2012 for the Russian domestic politics in the long-run are foreseen. The study uses a multidisciplinary and holistic approach, covering political, socio-cultural,...

De Mediërende Rol van Lichaamsschaamte in de Relatie tussen Zelf-objectificatie en Veiligheidsangst

Aafke Swinkels
In deze studie werd onderzocht of zelf-objectificatie (het internaliseren van seksuele objectificatie) en veiligheidsangst (in publieke en interpersoonlijke privésituaties) samenhangen en of lichaamsschaamte daarin een mediërende rol speelt. Dit is belangrijk aangezien zelf-objectificatie (en zelfobservatie) kans op schaamte en angst verhoogt. Bij 56 vrouwelijke studenten zijn vragenlijsten afgenomen. Uit de eerste analyse bleek een positief verband tussen zelfobservatie en veiligheidsangst (in publieke situaties) en een volledige mediatie van lichaamsschaamte. Uit de tweede analyse bleek geen...


Gijs Weijenberg
Democratic governance rests on a precarious relationship between the civilian and military branches of government. This relationship is threatened whenever civil-military relations become polarised. This theme is explored through a case study of the French Army during the Algerian War, in which tensions with the de Gaulle government grew as the Army politicised. This culminated in an attempted coup d’état in 1961 and the rise of the terrorist OAS group. The thesis conducts its analysis...

Creative Media Advertising: Het begin van het einde van de groeiende plastic soep?

Ellis Okkema
De huidige studie onderzocht de effectiviteit van creative media advertising (CMA) in vergelijking met traditional media advertising (TMA) in sociale marketing rondom milieuproblemen door plasticgebruik. Met behulp van een online experiment (N = 107) is gekeken of CMA tot een milieuvriendelijkere gedragsintentie leidt dan TMA en of deze relatie gemedieerd wordt door bewustzijn van het probleem. Er is een direct positief effect gevonden van CMA versus TMA op milieuvriendelijke gedragsintentie met betrekking tot eenmalig plasticgebruik...

The Contribution of the Fouchet Commission to the Fouchet Negotiations

Cas Van Der Lee
The struggle between supranational and intergovernmental visions on European integration came to dramatic heights with the little-known battle over the Fouchet Plan in 1961-62. This study examines the internal negotiations within the Fouchet Commission, its share in the failure of the Fouchet Plan and how national politicians and interests shaped its negotiations. Thanks to new archival research the understudied influence of the Fouchet Commission has been scrutinised, which provides a new perspective on the failure...

Language Attitudes Down Under

Hooft, Ellen 'T
Perceived similarity is an uncommon construct in previous studies on attitudes towards accents. This study focuses on how Australian adolescents rate the attractiveness of four English accents and how similar the participants judge these accents to be to their own accent. This study uses a verbal-guise technique and a survey to question 66 Australian adolescents. The speakers used in this study represent a General American, a standard British (RP), an Australian, and a New Zealand...

Remigius Schrijver

Joost Verheggen
In dit onderzoek wordt ingegaan op Remigius Schrijver, organist en componist, geboren in de 17e eeuw in Zeeland. Schrijver blijkt een bijzondere rol te hebben gespeeld in de Nederlandse muziekgeschiedenis, die systematisch onderschat wordt. Hij blijkt een van de vroegste voorbeelden van een Nederlandse barokcomponist te zijn, en ook in religieuze kringen was hij samen met Joachim Oudaan een innoverende factor. Daarnaast werd in eerder onderzoek er altijd van uitgegaan dat Schrijver in Middelburg geboren...

Afvalwater als alternatief voor ruwe aardolie: feit of fictie?

Bert Biesemans, Laura De Saedeleer, Laura Truyens & Christophe Naessens
In rioolwaterzuiveringsinstallaties kan met een fijnzeef cellulose van de afvalstroom worden afgescheiden. Het is mogelijk om vertrekkend van deze cellulose bio-ethanol te produceren. In dit project werd een methode voor de productie van bio-ethanol uit afgezeefde cellulosevezels ontworpen en uitgebreid getest. Deze methode verloopt in twee stappen: een enzymatische hydrolysestap met het enzym Celluclast® en een fermentatie met de gist Saccharamocyes cerevisae. Beide stappen zijn experimenteel onderzocht en kunnen middels een Michaelis-Menten kinetiek beschreven worden....

Why do women fall for money? The Effect of Gender Ideology and Culture on the Mate Preference for Resources

Marina Thomas
Women generally value a potential partner's earning capacity more than men. Patriarchal gender ideologies could explain why even financially independent females prefer a mate with resources and would also hold for migrants from more to less patriarchal countries. To examine the role of gender traditionalism and ethnicity, the present online study compared the preference for a mate with financial resources in 406 Turkish, Dutch and German students and Turkish migrants in Germany and the Netherlands....

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