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Adjusted Grid Search to Find Hyper-parameters in SARIMAX Models: Efficiently Filling The Shelves in Kruidvat Stores

William Steenbergen
Replenishment processes, promotions and assortment choices in retail are determined by forecasting sales. Sales are affected by external factors such as seasonality, weather or promotions. This relationship can differ per store or product. Currently, researchers focus on developing a SARIMAX model for one product and store specifically to predict sales, and the novelty of this research is that it develops an algorithm that automates SARIMAX modeling to allow for model generation tailored to a store...

“De Stenen Man”: strong guardian or weak link?

Marc Frankena & Koen Berends
De ‘Stenen Man’, standing on top of the Westerzeedijk near Harlingen, was built to commemorate the construction of the sea defenses. However, there is reason to believe this monument to flood safety endangers the stability of the dike. In our study, we quantify the effect of the statue on the failure probability of the dike. This is achieved through a combination of archive research, ground survey, and probabilistic assessment within the new legal framework. Results...

Are openness to trade and regional integration good for the environment?

Dang Minh Hang
Using a 26-year panel data set from 1990 to 2015, this paper aims to investigate the effects of openness to trade and regional integration among ASEAN+3 countries. With the application of fixed-effects model, trade, foreign direct investment, and regional environmental agreements beneficially affect the environment in this region, indicated by the reduction in carbon and greenhouse gas emission and forest gain. The empirical evidence supports intra-regional incentives for more trade liberalization and deep integration. Positive...

Preventing coastal erosion by biological denitrification

Manon Ligeon
Coastal erosion is a major problem along sandy coastlines. Increasing the strength and stiffness of sand could be a possible strategy to prevent land loss. Recent studies have found that denitrifying bacteria may be able to increase erosion resistance by inducing precipitation of calcium carbonate. In this study bacteria obtained from different sites have been evaluated on their activity and efficiency in seawater conditions with different substrate concentrations. Both bacteria, one obtained from freshwater the...

Reputation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Financial Performance of Banks

Christopher Nicolaas Maria De Koning
This paper investigates the joint effects of reputation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the financial performance of a global sample of banks. Firstly, reputation and CSR act as compliments rather than substitutes. Reputation positively affects return on equity, return on invested capital, and return on assets. CSR positively relates to the above, as well as net interest income. The effects on share price remain unclear. These findings are more pronounced for less reputable and...

Wireless Powering of Internet of Things Devices using Radio Frequency Harvesting

Isay Konter & Mostafa Hajian
Internet of Things (IoT) is tagging low power devices, miniaturized, with machine-readable identification tags, which are integrated with sensors to collect information and wireless technology to connect them with the Internet. These devices have a very low energy usage. Powering these devices with battery is very labor intensive, costly and tedious especially as number of nodes increases, which is in many applications, is the case. Hence the main objective of this research is to introduce...

The influence of perceived talker differences on the talker variability effect under cochlear implant simulation

Lissy Sijp
Speech recognition is harder when communicating with multiple talkers. This “talker variability effect” has not been extensively examined for cochlear implant (CI) users, who have difficulty discriminating same-gender talkers but not different-gender talkers. A shadowing task was conducted with normal hearing listeners (N=19) under CI simulation. The test consisted of a single-talker condition (ST), and two multi-talker conditions with different male and female voices (MT-M) or only different female voices (MT-F). Response times were longer...

Exploration of the ‘Mean World Syndrome’ in Dutch Older Persons

Lisa Klinkenberg
It was hypothesized that persons aged 57 and over who use more types of mass media, such as internet, television and newspapers, are more anxious and afraid. Also the effects of the different types of media as well as the different contents are explored. The sample originates from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) and consists of 1536 respondents, who were assessed in 2005/2006. It was found that reading newspapers as well as internet use...

Remigius Schrijver

Joost Verheggen
In dit onderzoek wordt ingegaan op Remigius Schrijver, organist en componist, geboren in de 17e eeuw in Zeeland. Schrijver blijkt een bijzondere rol te hebben gespeeld in de Nederlandse muziekgeschiedenis, die systematisch onderschat wordt. Hij blijkt een van de vroegste voorbeelden van een Nederlandse barokcomponist te zijn, en ook in religieuze kringen was hij samen met Joachim Oudaan een innoverende factor. Daarnaast werd in eerder onderzoek er altijd van uitgegaan dat Schrijver in Middelburg geboren...

Optimizing the core business processes of financial asset management companies using blockchain technology

Nick Van De Luijtgaarden
The aim of this paper is to look at how blockchain technology can be used for the core business processes of an asset management company and what the best tools are to set up a blockchain. This study followed a qualitative and quantitive case study research methodology at a small to mediumsized asset management company. This paper argued that Corda was the best blockchain platform because of scalability, auditing for regulators and offering a specific...

Bringer of Death: Explaining the Severity of the Black Death in Medieval England

Elvire Nadieh Landstra
What caused the Black Death in the 14th century to be more severe than any other plague outbreak? This article argues that the Bovine Pestilence, and the consequent protein malnutrition, has contributed to an inadequate immune system for the English population. As a result, the mortality rates during the plague outbreak were high. By using contemporary insights on the Y. Pestis bacterium and immunodeficiencies, and combining that with historical data on the Black Death in...

Rechtsbescherming door de informatiebeschikking

Marieke Buijs
De informatiebeschikking uit artikel 52a Algemene Wet inzake Rijksbelastingen (hierna te noemen: AWR) is sinds 1 juli 2011 een feit. Het belangrijkste doel van deze regeling was om de rechtsbescherming voor de belastingplichtige te verbeteren binnen het stelsel van de informatieverplichting. De vraag is, zes jaar later, of inderdaad te spreken is van een verbeterde rechtspositie.

Kennis en gedrag van vrouwelijke studenten ten aanzien van risicofactoren voor borstkanker

Willemijn Kesteloo
Dit cross-sectionele onderzoek beschrijft de mate van kennis en gedrag van vrouwelijke studenten ten aanzien van risicofactoren voor borstkanker. Aan dit onderzoek deden 158 van de 532 studenten van de academies voor Zorg & Welzijn en Educatie & Pedagogiek van de HZ mee. Bij de meerderheid van de respondenten is er een gebrek aan kennis over de borstkankerrisicofactoren. Professionals kunnen door voorlichting te geven kennis vergroten en aanzetten tot gezonder gedrag. Dit kan bijdragen aan...

Assessment of dose conversion coefficients for accident dosimetry with mobile phone components

Demi Römkens
The resistors on the circuit board of a mobile phone can be used for accident dosimetry, because they exhibit optically stimulated luminescence due to radiation. The reconstructed dose from the resistors needs to be converted to organ absorbed doses. For this, Monte Carlo simulations are made. The resulting theoretical conversion coefficients are experimentally validated within this research. The main conclusion of this research is that the theoretical conversion coefficients do not significantly differ from the...

Rational Radicalisation?

Abigail Pickard
This paper examines existing psychological theories of radicalisation. An interview with a British second-generation Pakistani Muslim, arrested and charged with terrorism-related offences after attempting to join IS, was applied to two existing theories of radicalisation. The results indicated that a lack of identity, a strive for significance, social and group processes, and perceived discrimination and victimisation were the most important factors in the participant’s radicalisation process. Overall, the paper concludes that certain aspects of each...

Van bio-olie tot cosmetica

Maxime Beck, Dieter Claus, Eline De Mulder, Charlotte De Vuyst & Bram Van Wettere
Het raffinageproces waarbij plantaardige oliën worden omgezet tot gebruiksklare producten leidt tot een momenteel onbenutte zijstroom, het ontgeuringsdestillaat. Dit destillaat bevat vrije vetzuren, glyceriden, koolwaterstoffen en minorcomponenten zoals squaleen, sterolen en tocoferolen. Deze laatste kunnen gevaloriseerd worden in de cosmetische, farmaceutische en voedingsindustrie. Daarom is het relevant hun isolatie uit het destillaat te evalueren. Dit kan gebeuren via een superkritische esterificatie gevolgd door een superkritische CO2-extractie. De optimale condities voor beide processen zijn bepaald a.d.h.v....

Empty Promises in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The inability of the labor and tenure legislation to protect South African farmwomen

Fiore Schuthof
In this study, it is shown that the post-apartheid labor and tenure legislation are unable to protect South African farmwomen. There is a tendency among scholars to attribute this weak legal position to the country’s legacy of colonialism and apartheid. This study proposes a different narrative, by focusing on the inclusive nature of post-apartheid legislation. It is the aim of this paper to examine to what extent the inability of this legislation to protect farmwomen...

The Influence of Sleep Quality on Student Burnout

Isabelle Göhre
To prevent a further increase in the high prevalence of student burnout, this longitudinal study investigated the influence of sleep quality on burnout. The impact of engaging in university on the development of burnout was assessed in first-year psychology students (N=75) by measuring symptoms before and after their first study period. The hypothesis that a poor sleep quality is associated with higher emotional exhaustion and cynicism and lower professional efficacy was confirmed. Although the change...

Het aanleren van ergonomisch handelen is geen gespreid bedje

Hanneke Van Nistelrooij
Het merendeel van de tweedejaars Helpende studenten (n=6) van de pilotopleiding Dienstverlening ROC de Leijgraaf, handelt niet ergonomisch bij de vaardigheid ‘bed opmaken met zorgvrager erin’. Uit verkennend onderzoek blijkt onder andere dat er in lichte mate sprake is van kennistekort, maar ook dat ergonomie niet expliciet getoetst wordt. Uit interviews met studenten werd duidelijk dat zij behoefte hebben aan meer uitleg, directe feedback en een duidelijk voorbeeld. Als verbeteracties zijn hiervoor een lessenreeks en...

The Menstrual Cup Effect

Iris Flamand
This research is dedicated to comparative environmental impact analyses of menstrual products – tampons with and without applicator, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups – used in modern “Western” societies and using six indicators of environmental impact. Additionally, a menstrual waste scenario analysis, with increasing menstrual cup use as variable, is performed. Due to environmental concern, especially for waste, the research question and the survey were formed. All indicators showed lowest impact with menstrual cups. Besides,...

Predicting memory scores brain from resting state connectivity

Esra Freitag
While decades of neuroscientific research has detailed the brain networks underlying memory, to date the neurobiology underlying interindividual memory differences in a healthy population is not known. Here we use the behavioral and resting state fMRI data from the Human Connectome Project (HCP), and predict subjects’ scores on tests of working and episodic memory based on their whole brain functional connectivity significantly above chance. We observed that brain connectivity between regions determining differences between healthy...

The Sound of Semana Santa

Jip Lensink
This anthropological research gives insight in the meaning of music for the religious experience of participants of the processions in Antigua, Guatemala. By placing the theories of lived religion, material religion and aesthetics at the central stage, the process whereby the marchas fúnebres, the music played in the processions, mediate religious experience for the participants is explained. The material-sensorial elements of the processions, the practice of carrying, and the emotional effect of the music which...

Beta and theta oscillatory dynamics in response to social evaluative feedback processing

Sophie Sweijen
Electrocortical activity to processing social evaluative feedback differed in individuals with distinct profiles in rejection sensitive personality constructs. 65 undergraduate females participated in the Social Judgment Paradigm in which they predicted if peers liked or disliked them. With EEG, beta (13-30 Hz) and theta (4-8 Hz) power was examined, which are related to anticipation of and sensitivity to social feedback, respectively. We detected an anxious and a non-anxious group. Beta power increased in anticipation of...

Een mechanistische kijk op drogende suspensiedruppels

Gea Van De Kerkhof
Het drooggedrag van watergedragen verven wordt in grote mate bepaald door de vervormbaarheid van de microscopisch kleine deeltjes waaruit ze bestaan. Om het effect van deze vervormbaarheid op het droogproces van een suspensie druppel te testen, synthetiseren wij gecrosslinkte rubber nanodeeltjes in water. De crosslinker voorkomt samenvloeiing van de deeltjes. De fenomenen die we observeren bij het drogen van zo’n druppeltje, invasie van lucht, capillaire deformatie, rimpelingen en breukvorming, blijken te veranderen rond één algemene...

Lack of FAS receptor expression in colorectal cancer patients correlates with high TNM staging

Bas Laan
Cancer cells often inhibit the expression of FAS to evade T-cell mediated apoptosis upon HLA-mediated recognition. In this study, we aim to find the prognostic value of FAS expression, next to HLA expression, in colorectal cancer (CRC) patients. Colorectal tissue was immunohistochemically stained for the FAS and HLA receptors. Results show that there are significantly more patients with no FAS and HLA expressions in higher stages corresponding with tumor node metastasis (TNM) than in lower...

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