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The clash between mutual recognition, fundamental rights and public security

Elena Emilia Popa & Luca Pantaleo
This article focuses on the recent judgment of the Court of Justice, Aranyosi and Caldararu. After conducting a legal analysis on this case, three issues are identified and they are separately discussed in three sections. The aim of this paper is to show the impact of this judgment on public order and public security in Europe on the one hand and on the individual’s fundamental rights, on the other hand. It is going to be...

Fipronil-crisis in the Netherlands: An analysis of the financial effects of the chosen approach (detoxicate or prematurely cull hens) by farmers during the fipronil-crisis in the Netherlands

Job De Lange
The fipronil-crisis that occurred in the Netherlands in 2017, had a big impact on the poultry sector. Farmers had to make the decision to either detoxicate (a diet which attempts to eliminate the fipronil which is stored in the fat) or prematurely cull their hens. This research compares detoxification and prematurely culling in a financial way, to provide an answer for the question: Which approach would have restrained, with hindsight, the financial impact for the...

The instrument of authority: The Niger river as propaganda in Northern Nigeria, 1900-1905

Bas Rensen
This paper discusses the ways in which Frederick Lugard used the Niger river and her subsidiaries as a tool to secure funding from Great Britain between 1900-1905. The annual reports written by Lugard were propaganda to convince Parliament of the value of the Nigerian project by showing progress towards the installation of “legitimate commerce”. This paper proves that the British were, especially in these early years of colonisation, to a great degree confined to the...

Effects of differential hillslope-scale water retention characteristics on rainfall-runoff response at the Landscape Evolution Observatory

Daniël B. Van Den Heuvel
To be able to collect the reliable data necessary for understanding and modeling various Earth system processes in real catchments, controlled experiments are being conducted at the Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) within Biosphere2, The University of Arizona. Rainfall experiments have revealed differences in hydrological response between two landscapes within LEO, despite the landscapes’ identical design and equipment. In an attempt to discover where the observed differences stem from, we use a full 3D hydrological model...

Nanovezels voor drug delivery van slecht oplosbare medicijnen

Simon De Meyer, Michiel Platteeuw, Olmo Frateur & Sofie Verschraegen
Om een ziekte te bestrijden via orale medicatie, moet het actieve farmaceutische bestandsdeel (API) van het gebruikte medicijn oplosbaar zijn in de waterige omgeving van het menselijk lichaam. Bepaalde, dikwijls veelbelovende, API’s zijn echter slecht oplosbaar, wat vaak te wijten is aan de kristalliniteit van het API. In dit project werd de solvent elektrospintechniek aangewend om het kristallijne API in amorfe toestand te brengen als solid dispersion (SD). Uit verschillende analyses bleek dat de wateroplosbaarheid...

Bridging the value-action gap: Compliance with Kyoto in the Environmental Liability Directive

Nick Doggen
This paper analyses compliance with the 2004/35/CE Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Greece and Italy. Their compliance with the ELD reflects in how far pro-environmental ‘actions’ have been taken. Comparing compliance with environmental statements or ‘values’ made in their national parliaments displays to what extent there is a mismatch between values and actions, or a ‘value-action gap’. The four countries each represent one of the Four Worlds of Implementation, a model...

The destruction of cultural property by the Islamic State in Mosul and Palmyra

Alessandra Silva
Among countless atrocities, the Islamic State (IS) is responsible for wreaking cultural artifacts in Mosul and Palmyra. This paper enquire what actions Iraq and Syria could undertake under International Law to protect cultural property and to hold IS’s fighters accountable for their crimes. After analyzing International Humanitarian law instruments, the rules on the use of force, the UNESCO Declaration on the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage and the Statute of the International Criminal Court, it...

On the role of a permeable groyne in beach morphodynamics during sea-breeze events in Yucatàn, Mexico

Anne Hofman, Pieter Roos & Alec Torres-Freyermuth
The north coast of the Yucatàn peninsula in Mexico is vulnerable to strong sea breezes, which in turn causes high waves, driving high rates of erosion due to littoral transport. To find a solution for erosion problems caused by currently applied measurements, a permeable groyne was introduced, tested and monitored during a 24h experiment. Concluded was that the permeable groyne has the potential to reduce downdrift erosion problems due to its permeability. However, long term...

The Interdependence of Economic Growth, Human Development and Political Institutions

Sebastian Krantz
The causal links between growth, human development and institutions are central to understanding the long-run development process. The turn of the millennium has seen influential research in development economics attempting to uncover some of these links, but a focus on root-causes of growth has limited its insights in both scope and method. This paper provides a fresh analysis of the interdependence of growth, human development and institutions using a general equilibrium framework. The framework is...

Onderzoek naar de maatschappelijke rol van musea en kunstencentra in de superdiverse grootstedelijke Brusselse context

Filip Permentier
Centraal in mijn paper staat de vraag of musea en kunstencentra instrumenten kunnen zijn om empowerment, inburgering en gemeenschapsopbouw te bevorderen. Vertrekkend van een sociologische en demografische beschrijving, toon ik langs verschillende wegen de maatschappelijke relevantie van musea aan. Op basis hiervan ontwikkel ik een dynamische visie op het ideale museum. Vanuit de beschrijving van verschillende (kunst)projecten en tentoonstellingsprakijken distileer ik een aantal cruciale voorwaarden om te beoordelen of musea en kunstencentra mee de essentiële...

Dynamics of skyrmions and vortices in antiferromagnets

Joren Harms
Skyrmions are magnetic textures, that behave like particles. They exist as excitations within two-dimensional magnetic insulators and are promising candidates for future data storage. There has been a strong rise in interest in skyrmions in recent years, which is encouraged by several experimental observations of skyrmions in various magnetic thin-films. In this paper the classical dynamics of skyrmions and vortices in antiferromagnets are studied. We find that an antiferromagnetic skyrmion does not feel a Magnus...

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