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Migrants’ Acculturative Stress

Menthe Wilhelmina Maria Catharina Rijk
Research on the different causal factors of acculturative stress – with an emphasis on cultural distance as causal factor – was conducted by interviewing British and Japanese female migrants residing in the Netherlands. The results showed that besides actual cultural distance, perceived cultural distance might also cause acculturative stress. Moreover, the behaviour of others (e.g. locals, family) during the migration process also appeared to influence acculturative stress experience. Additionally, if (perceived) cultural distance was the...

Wave attenuation by vegetation applied on dike design

Joost Remmers
Wave attenuation by vegetation on the foreland can reduce hydraulic loads on dikes. Literature study showed the reliability issues within several methods. The currently most popular method is based largely on an empirical constant, called the bulk drag coefficient. Several datasets were analyzed to find a relation for this coefficient. With the use of this data a quantitative method and tool was developed for computations of this effect. The impact of the vegetation on the...

The influence of measurement density on micro-instability testing

Nika Daling
Protection from water flooding by dikes is an important issue in the Netherlands. Therefore dikes have to be regularly tested for possible failure, for example caused by micro-instability. Micro-instability occurs in the upper layer of the dike, due to water flowing through it. The goal of this research was to determine the influence of the measurement density on safety assessment of river dikes for micro-instability and in addition to give a confidence interval for these...

Strawson's take on responsibility applied to AI

Laura Cromzigt
This paper investigates the attribution of responsibility to artificial intelligent systems (AI). It argues that traditional approaches to the subject are insufficient because they encounter some of the same problems that one encounters when attributing responsibility to humans. Peter Strawson's take on responsibility is introduced as an alternative approach. He claims that theoretical considerations miss the point when we ponder the responsibility of human agents. Instead, we should understand responsibility as part of the practice...

Adjusted Grid Search to Find Hyper-parameters in SARIMAX Models: Efficiently Filling The Shelves in Kruidvat Stores

William Steenbergen
Replenishment processes, promotions and assortment choices in retail are determined by forecasting sales. Sales are affected by external factors such as seasonality, weather or promotions. This relationship can differ per store or product. Currently, researchers focus on developing a SARIMAX model for one product and store specifically to predict sales, and the novelty of this research is that it develops an algorithm that automates SARIMAX modeling to allow for model generation tailored to a store...

Water quality in the Upper Citarum River Basin: towards a better understanding of a heavily polluted catchment

Kees Van Ginkel
The Upper Citarum River Basin is a heavily polluted catchment on West Java, Indonesia. Policy makers and scientist show increasing interest for the issue, but there is no recent scientific study that gives an overview of the current state of the river basin. In this paper, the six drivers of the water quality problem are described by system analysis, tracing them back to weak social and governmental institutions. Stakeholder analysis reveals a strong mismatch between...

Participatory Design of a Social Robot Toolkit for and with Adults with Autism

Suhaib Aslam
Autism impacts around 5 million people in the EU (Autism-Europe). Research has shown that social robots, due to their deterministic nature, simplified appearance and technological capabilities, can enable therapy or become assistive technology for empowering autistic individuals with household activities. Consequently, toolkits have emerged for prototyping social robots. Regarding such toolkits, there is a methodological, inclusion gap: there is no comprehensive co-design process to include cognitively disadvantaged users in decision-making regarding robots’ fundamental design choices....

Reputation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Financial Performance of Banks

Christopher Nicolaas Maria De Koning
This paper investigates the joint effects of reputation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the financial performance of a global sample of banks. Firstly, reputation and CSR act as compliments rather than substitutes. Reputation positively affects return on equity, return on invested capital, and return on assets. CSR positively relates to the above, as well as net interest income. The effects on share price remain unclear. These findings are more pronounced for less reputable and...

Tangoing with Sexuality

Margaux Haimé
This paper aims to explore character development in the BBC-series Last Tango in Halifax through a ultimodal analysis using conversation analysis and politeness theory. It analyses the expression of homosexuality by one of its characters, and how language reflects the growth in character and confidence. Both the content (written) and manner of speech (spoken) are examined, and a decrease in politeness strategies and normal nonfluency markers could be observed over the course of the series.

Lack of FAS receptor expression in colorectal cancer patients correlates with high TNM staging

Bas Laan
Cancer cells often inhibit the expression of FAS to evade T-cell mediated apoptosis upon HLA-mediated recognition. In this study, we aim to find the prognostic value of FAS expression, next to HLA expression, in colorectal cancer (CRC) patients. Colorectal tissue was immunohistochemically stained for the FAS and HLA receptors. Results show that there are significantly more patients with no FAS and HLA expressions in higher stages corresponding with tumor node metastasis (TNM) than in lower...

Is EU regulation effective in ensuring children’s online privacy and data protection?

Andrada-Cristina Mateiciuc
Following the rationale of the current EU legal framework protecting personal data, children are entitled to the same privacy and data protection rights as adults. However, the child, because of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection. In the online environment, children are less likely to make any checks or judgments before entering personal information. Therefore, this paper presents an analysis of the extent to which EU regulation...

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