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A Semi-Analytical Solution to the Schr ¨ odinger Equation with Gaussian Well

Achim Byl
This paper proposes a new semi-analytical solution of the Schr¨odinger equation with Gaussian well. The approach is based on the harmonic oscillator and yields both the energy and the wave function for any specific eigenstate. Furthermore, the semi-analytical solution is compared to methods found in the literature and the Split-Operator method and deemed accurate.

About Time

Nils L.M. Van De Ven
Survival analysis is a method of analysis used to study event occurrence. Missing periods in discrete-time survival analyses are problematic, since whether an event occurs determines whether the subject is followed up upon. Seven strategies that can be used when missingness occurs (case deletion, deletion upon missing, single imputation, multiple imputation, remembrance, the Non-Event-Strategy and the Event-Strategy) are evaluated using four criteria: effect size bias, standard error bias, power and coverage rate of confidence intervals....

Determinants of Loan Performance in P2P Lending

Nilas Möllenkamp
This research paper investigates the influential factors of loan performance in the online P2P lending industry. The study analysed 143,654 P2P loans that were funded on the P2P lending platform Lending Club between 2012 and 2013 and found evidence that the assigned credit grade of loans is the most influential factor on loan success and default. Furthermore, loan amount and annual income are significant predictors. The variables debt-toincome ratio, inquires in the last 6 months,...

Economies of Scale in Household Consumption

Lisa-Marie Plag & Ewelina Dera
This research empirically analyses the influence of scale economies on household consumption and the resulting implications for birth-promoting policies. For this purpose, the relation between an increase in household size and food, clothing, household goods, healthcare, energy, transport as well as education expenditures per person was investigated. Data of 10,858 Georgian households from the Integrated Household Survey 2015 was evaluated using regressions. It was found that there are significant economies of scale in consumption of...

Antioxidant concentrations in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Ines Kathrin Weyand, Harry Robberecht, Annelies Verlaet & Annelies Breynaert
ADHD is one of the most prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder. Antioxidant concentrations are shifted in ADHD patients and antioxidant centred therapies appear to alleviate symptoms significantly1-8. This study aims to investigate antioxidant concentrations in children with ADHD of an Antwerp based population. For the ADHD-cohort, concentrations of lipid-soluble antioxidants (a-tocopherol, g-tocopherol, retinylpalmitate, b-carotene, CoQ10 and retinol) (plasma, n = 12) and glutathione (erythrocytes, n = 4) were measured and consecutively compared to a cohort of non-ADHD...

Green cosmetics via bio-oil

Laurens Cappoen, Pieter Deconinck, Kevin De Ras, Delphine De Saegher & Axel Vernimmen
The refining of crude vegetable oil results in an unused sidestream, the oil deodorizer distillate (ODD). This distillate contains valuable ‘minors’, like squalene, tocopherols and sterols, which have applications in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutrition industry. Therefore, their successful separation from this sidestream increases the viability of a refinery. The separation is achieved by supercritical esterification and supercritical CO2 extraction. The objective of this study is to simulate the process with Aspen® and model the...

The seven-factor hybrid model of PTSD and its relation to MDD and GAD

Fleur Helmink
The relation between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive disorder (MDD), and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) has been extensively examined. However, few studies have examined this relation in the context of the seven-factor hybrid model of PTSD. We examined whether specific factors of the hybrid model relate to affective depression, somatic depression, and GAD in a nonclinical student sample. Results show that the hybrid model was superior to the DSM-5 model. Also, affective depression related...


Gijs Weijenberg
Democratic governance rests on a precarious relationship between the civilian and military branches of government. This relationship is threatened whenever civil-military relations become polarised. This theme is explored through a case study of the French Army during the Algerian War, in which tensions with the de Gaulle government grew as the Army politicised. This culminated in an attempted coup d’état in 1961 and the rise of the terrorist OAS group. The thesis conducts its analysis...

Advancing Transnational Corporations’ Overseas Environmental Accountability

Silvia Barlassina
This paper addresses the extraterritorial dimension of transnational corporations, focusing on the corporate accountability-deficit that characterizes the current International legal framework. The analysis looks at parent companies’ civil liability for environmental harm caused abroad. By introducing a selected number of foreign direct liability cases brought before European national courts, the paper investigates whether the binding environmental and human rights reporting obligations contained in Directive 2014/95/EU contribute to the determination of a parent company’s duty of...

Language Attitudes Down Under

Hooft, Ellen 'T
Perceived similarity is an uncommon construct in previous studies on attitudes towards accents. This study focuses on how Australian adolescents rate the attractiveness of four English accents and how similar the participants judge these accents to be to their own accent. This study uses a verbal-guise technique and a survey to question 66 Australian adolescents. The speakers used in this study represent a General American, a standard British (RP), an Australian, and a New Zealand...

Afvalwater als alternatief voor ruwe aardolie: feit of fictie?

Bert Biesemans, Laura De Saedeleer, Laura Truyens & Christophe Naessens
In rioolwaterzuiveringsinstallaties kan met een fijnzeef cellulose van de afvalstroom worden afgescheiden. Het is mogelijk om vertrekkend van deze cellulose bio-ethanol te produceren. In dit project werd een methode voor de productie van bio-ethanol uit afgezeefde cellulosevezels ontworpen en uitgebreid getest. Deze methode verloopt in twee stappen: een enzymatische hydrolysestap met het enzym Celluclast® en een fermentatie met de gist Saccharamocyes cerevisae. Beide stappen zijn experimenteel onderzocht en kunnen middels een Michaelis-Menten kinetiek beschreven worden....

A ‘star performer’ megaproject? Linkages and the Mozal aluminium smelters in Mozambique (1998-2017)

Cindy Wilhelm
Despite the increasing appetite for precious commodities, resource- rich developing countries are confronted with numerous challenges regarding their resource-based development. This thesis analyses the case of Mozambique where the Mozal aluminium smelter ‘megaproject’ was seen as an opportunity for resource-based development. By following Hirschman’s linkages theory on resource-based development through diversification of the economy by an upscale on the value chain, this thesis comes to the conclusion that in terms of tax income, the use...

Discovering the Core of the Russian Interbank Market

Marije Sluiskes
This paper investigates to what extent the structure of the Russian interbank market over the period 1998-2004 can be described by applying the core-periphery model as defined by Craig and von Peter (2014), using a greedy algorithm. It finds that the fit is significant, although the error score of 54 percent is relatively high compared to earlier studies which applied this core-periphery model to more mature interbank markets. Additionally, this paper finds that the fit...

How to Connect Artisanal & Small-Scale Gold Miners in Uganda to the International Market for Ethically Produced ASM Gold?

David Sturmes
Four artisanal and small-scale mining organisations (ASMOs) producing gold in Uganda have been subjected to a value chain analysis, showing that they currently lack access to any legal market channels. Despite receiving high per gram prices for their gold on the illegal market, these organisations do not trust current trade partners regarding the measurements of weight and purity and end up making meagre profits due to high maintenance and production costs. Opportunities for an alternative...

Snack Frequency and Relative Weight in U.S. Toddlers and Preschoolers

Desi Beckers
Most previous research found that snack frequency (SF) and relative weight (RW) were inversely or not associated, but may be biased by misreporting of energy intake. Main aim of this study was to examine the association of SF with RW in toddlers and preschoolers participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (N = 3618). Multiple linear regressions revealed that SF was positively associated to RW after adjusting for confounding factors including reporting accuracy,...

Realization of an in-situ Fluorescence & Raman Spectroscopy Setup for studying Quantum Dot Films

Jurgen Dijkema
A new experimental setup for studying charge transfer in Quantum Dot (QD) films has been designed, built and tested. The setup combines three spectroscopic methods; Raman, Fluorescence and Absorption Spectroscopy. First data on a Cadmium Selenide (CdSe) films reveals that radiative emission quenches while charging, attributed to Auger-decay. When fully discharged, the emission remains partly quenched, indicating that not all electrons are removed. Since charge transfer is a fundamental process in solar cells, the setup...

State Aid in Europe

Jan Philip Böckers
The effect of state aid has been widely discussed in the existing literature from a policy makers point of view, yet the business perspective on obtaining state aid has not. This paper attempts to shed light on this viewpoint by examining potential factors affecting the aid intensity of state aid in Europe. It finds that the extent of state aid differs between countries, governing parties and the type of aid. Furthermore, it finds a general...

Maximizing the Effect of Shared Top Management Team Experience on Team Performance

Robert Kroner
This paper examines the effects of shared top management team experience on team performance. Previous literature predicts that there could be positive or negative effects caused by team stability. For top management teams, a curvilinear relationship between shared team experience and performance is being proposed, resulting in a performance peak point. An empirical study of US-based top management teams confirmed both the positive effects and the diminishing returns, implying a maximum point after 10 years....

Hearing the Shape of a Trapezoid Drum

Luuk Verhoeven
In this article we take a small step in answering the famous question “Can one hear the shape of a drum?” Recently, Grieser and Maronna have shown that if the drum is shaped like a triangle, the answer is yes. In this article we investigate this question for trapezoid drums. We define a subset of trapezia and prove that for drums of this shape the answer to the question is also yes. To do this,...

Van Bouwstenen naar Smart City: wat er geleerd kan worden van Nederlandse Smart City-initiatieven

Matthijs Duenk & Dianne Scholte
De term ‘Smart City’ wordt steeds vaker genoemd als oplossing voor klimaat- en verstedelijkingsproblemen. Veel lokale overheden weten echter niet wat zij concreet kunnen doen om hun eigen Smart City-initiatief te ontwikkelen. In het onderzoek ‘Van Bouwstenen naar Smart City’ is onderzocht wat voor lokale overheden de bouwstenen zijn voor een succesvol proces tot de ontwikkeling van Smart City-initiatieven. Met behulp van een viertal Smart City-initiatieven in Nederland en gesprekken met betrokken partijen is gekomen...

Feasibility study of nano plating for the visualisation of hydrogen in steels

Renee Coryn, Liesbet Deconinck & Ellen Lambrechts
Visualisation of hydrogen in metals is a very challenging topic as microscopic techniques are not yet able to visualise hydrogen atoms accurately. Several micrometre sized techniques were already developed to visualise hydrogen in a qualitative way and link it to the metal’s microstructure. However, many disadvantages still limit these techniques. Two innovative approaches have been evaluated in the present work. Both are based on the nano plating principle where a redox reaction occurs between metal...

Evaluating Arabidopsis thaliana ubiquitin1 promoter activity in Solanum lycopersicum

Richard Gossens
Overexpression of genes involved in heat stress response may yield heat stress resistant plants. To bring genes into overexpression, a good constitutive promoter is key. The key question of this study was: Is the Arabidopsis thaliana ubiquitin1 promoter constitutively active in Solanum lycopersicum? S. lycopersicum plants where transformed with an A. thaliana ubiquitin1 promoter driving expression of β-glucuronidase (GUS). Six out of the ten successfully transformed explants showed expression of GUS, either in protein activity...

Optimalisatie van een kraakbeen- en botkleuring in de zebravislarve

Jente Hoyberghs
Zebravisembryo’s worden door verschillende farmaceutische bedrijven gebruikt als een alternatief model om teratogene stoffen te detecteren. In vergelijking met dierproeven in zoogdieren komen echter nog steeds vals-negatieve resultaten voor, waardoor teratogene stoffen gemist worden tijdens de geneesmiddelenontwikkeling. In het zebravismodel worden nog geen skeletale eindpunten bekeken in tegenstelling tot studies in zoogdieren. Het doel van deze studie was om een dubbelkleuring op punt te stellen waarbij kraakbeen en bot in zebravislarven kan worden geëvalueerd. Uit...

Data peeking: a quantitative and qualitative exploration of the use of interim analysis

Mandy Woelk & Esther Klinkenberg
Data peeking, quitting data collection early or adding more participants at the end, offers the advantage of saving time and money. However, performing an interim analysis without correction leads to a Type-I error inflation. Using alpha spending function could be used to solve this problem. In this paper, we simulated the effects of interim analysis with and without an alpha spending function on type-I error, power and expected sample size. We also offer a Bayesian...

Tricked by transparency: Security made in Europe

Iana Gein
Transparency is generally recognised as an effective policy instrument to increase accountability and fight misconduct. To further our understanding of transparency impact in arms exports, it is thus useful to investigate the EU transparency framework, and analyse the extent member states are adhering to it. This research does it by examining contribution of France, Germany, and the UK to the Annual Reports in relation to their arms exports to the Middle East during 2010-2016. The...

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