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Vladimir Bukh
How should we build on the coast of Lake Baikal? Better never to build than to build like we do it at present. Or it would be better if a human being does not interfere in the lake area at all? This thought occurs more often as it becomes evident that people's presence on the coast does not do any good to Lake Baikal. It was reckless of the tsar to encircle the lake with...

Наружная реклама и город: Что было? Что будет? Чем сердце успокоится?

Elena Bagina
История наружной рекламы насчитывает много тысячелетий. Городская среда во все времена предполагала наличие вывесок, объявлений и пр. В ХХ веке в связи с развитием промышленного производства и торговли возникло резкое противоречие между объектами архитектуры и наружной рекламы, которое к концу ХХ века переросло в открытый конфликт. На Западе этот процесс шел быстрее, в России в связи со спецификой социального развития – медленнее. Новые технические средства наружной рекламы в ХХI веке еще более обострили этот конфликт....

The land reclamation along the Hai-Ho river and the birth of modern Tianjin (1897-1937)

Rui Ma
Within the early decades of the twentieth century, the city of Tianjin transformed from a traditional trade terminal to a modern city. The size of settlement expanded more than 10 times during these years which made Tianjin the second largest city in China at that time. For the special natural environment, the topography cannot be neglected in this process. By analyzing of the aquatic environment and topographic condition along the Hai-Ho River, comparing Chinese traditional...

Changes and continuities in two urban plans for the Historic Centre of Salvador: the Epucs (1943-50) and the Public Transport Plan (1982)

Nivaldo Vieira De Andrade Junior
The paper will analyze the proposals for the historic centre of Salvador presented in two urban plans designed with an interval of almost 40 years. The first is the plan conceived in the 1940s by Epucs (Office of the Urban Plan for the City of Salvador), installed in 1943 and responsible for the first modern planning experience of the city. The second is the public transport plan designed in 1982 for the central area of...

The synergy between flood risk protection and spatial quality in coastal cities

Anne Loes Nillesen
Coastal regions throughout the world are subject to flood risk challenges. This paper concentrates on the Netherlands; its coastline fulfils an important role in the protection of the Dutch delta. Due to the expected sea level rise, part of the Dutch coastline will have to be reinforced. Along most of the sparsely occupied coastline, the space needed for the reinforcement of the flood risk protection infrastructure can be found easily, either on the seaside or...

High Performance Laminated Glass

I. Stelzer
In this contribution we examine the mechanical behavior of laminated glass and show that improvements in performance may be achieved through the use of a stiff, structural, non-PVB, interlayer. Enhancements in mechanical properties, such as strength, creep, post-glass breakage coupled with enhancements in durability and materials compatibility, are provided with a stiff Ionomere interlayer that extends the performance of laminated glass well beyond the established PVB limits. The use of analysis tools based on finite...

Команда F. Площадка Якоби

Irina Afanasieva
проект байкал, No 41 (2014): temples XXI

ХАДЕЕВ Борис Алексеевич

-, -
проект байкал, No 39-40 (2014): sixtiers

The chinesenization of American zoning in the 1980s

Yun Shen
The most instrumental reform in Chinese urban planning system during the market reform in the 1980s is the introduction of so-called “regulatory detailed planning” (in Chinese pinyin, kong gui), an adaptive form of American zoning in Chinese cities. However, this episode of the reform hasn’t been closely examined from a historic and critical perspective so far. Based on archival research, mapping and interviews, this article traces the planning and development process of Shanghai Hongqiao New...

Hotterdam: mapping the Rotterdam urban heat island

Frank Van Der Hoeven & Alexander Wandl
The urban heat island is considered to be one of the contemporary health aspects that cities urgently need to respond to. The Hotterdam research project addresses the Rotterdam urban heat island, in order to explain the links between the health of the city’s population and the features of its built environment that make it more or rather less warm. The work resulted in two heat maps that make the city of Rotterdam and its inhabitants...

Vitruvius Neerlandice. Een nieuwe vertaling van het Romeinse 'handboek bouwkunde'

J.A.K.E. De Waele
The significance of Vitruvius's manual for the later periods of art history is unmistakable. The Latin text - often elaborate and quite lapidary in style - poses translation problems for even the most expert classicist or archaeologist. The more welcome is the new, easily readable translation of Ton Peters (l 997), thus opening up Vitruvius' work to the professional, the student or the interested layman. In the accompanying article the person of Vitruvius and his...

Новости «домопечатания»

Anna Grigorieva
проект байкал, No 51 (2017): oh sport

Команда B

Evgenia Yamova
проект байкал, No 36 (2013): fences

De Sint-Servaaskerk te Maastricht in de vroege middeleeuwen

Titus A.S.M. Panhuysen
Till recently only very concise sources revealed something on the previous collegiate, now parish church of St. Servatius' predecessors. Thus Gregorius of Tours (538/9-594/5) mentions a wooden tomb house on the site of the grave of Bishop Servatius (departed about 380) and, to Servatius' honour, the erection of a templum magnum by Bishop Monulf in the second half of the 6th century. During the 9th century the Gesta sanctorum patrum Fontanellensis coenobii describe a monastery...

Bridging: The Spatial Construction of Knowledge in Architectural Research

Klaske Havik
This contribution proposes an interdisciplinary approach to architectural research, and states that composition is a methodological act of research. It will first argue that architectural research and practice can gain from a multi-perspectival approach, bringing in knowledge from different fields – in this case the field of literature. Referring to the author’s recently finished dissertation, it proposes a literary approach to architecture and the city, and explains how the ambiguities of architecture (subject-object, author-user and...

Towards a sustainable plan for new tube houses in Vietnam

Phan Anh Nguyen
In Vietnam, the history of cities can easily be seen through their urban patterns, landscapes and housing typologies. Most recently, the economic reform in 1986 has resulted in huge impact on the Vietnamese society. The rapid economic growth and privatisation of the market has resulted in the appearance and significant development of the “new tube house” which soon became the most dominant housing type in Vietnam. Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, has a long...

Morphology systems for databases on buildings with curved façades

K. Vollers
Buildings are emerging with an increasing degree of geometrical variation. As yet no scheme categorises data on the basis of non-orthogonal geometries applied. The author proposes an easily accessible morphological scheme which for example, enables data to be retrieved on sustainable performance of glass types as related to the distinctive building shapes. The scheme focuses on high-rises; in a later version buildings with less prominent vertical character will be included. The shaping of most non-orthogonal...

Ледокол «Ангара»

Alexander Dulov
Ледокол «Ангара» – древнейшее судно ледокольного типа, сохранившееся в России, которое было построено в английском городе Ньюкасле в 1899 году, и в настоящий момент стоит на берегу Иркутского водохранилища. Оно имеет статус памятника регионального значения. По многим техническим показателям корабль является единственным в нашей стране. Уникальному памятнику, в котором переплелись вековые традиции борьбы нашего народа с суровой природой, новаторство русских изобретателей, мастерство английских корабелов, бурные события Гражданской войны, будни байкальских матросов, борьба общественности за сохранение...

Amsterdams werelderfgoed. De grachtengordel na 400 jaar

Lex Bosman
Review of a book authored by Marleen Sloof and Jaap Evert Abrahamse

«Знаки препинания»

Alexandra Kozak
проект байкал, No 28 (2011): after tomorrow

Многофункциональный комплекс «Китайский Центр Пекина»

Han Linfei
проект байкал, No 10 (2006): neighbours

Powerful and large regional authorities are needed to preserve green open space for urban agglomerations

Carmen Aalbers & Stephan Pauleit
Identification and assessment of strategies for the conservation and multifunctional development of green open space in the urban fringe of European urban regions is a challenge to both the academic and the real life world. Comparisons of strategies and their wider policy contexts are often complicated by the numerous differences in policy regimes at different levels. To understand what we can learn from them we first have to know how we can learn from them:...

Историческая застройка Иркутска. Сурикова, 9

Evgeny Baranovsky
проект байкал, No 7 (2006): coast

Реконструкция территории кампуса ИрГТУ и общежитий № 1–4

Irina Dagdanova
проект байкал, No 44 (2015): university

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