184 Works

Heuristics in dynamic scheduling

J.L. De Jong

Software Language Evolution

S.D. Vermolen

Bench-scale centrifuge testing to determine the hydraulic conductivity of clayey soils

G. Di Emidio, H. Peiffer, B. Malengier, P. KiĊĦon & A. Bezuijen

Physical modelling of rainfall induced landslides under controlled climatic conditions

A. Askarinejad, J. Laue, M. Iten, A. Zweidler, E. Bleiker, H. Buschor & S.M. Springman

Physical modelling of san-filled geosystems for coastal protection

L. Das Neves, M.L. Lopes, F. Veloso-Gomes & F. Taveira-Pinto

Controlled water-level system for breach analysis of levees within an enhanced acceleration field

W.F. Morales, J. Laue & S.M. Springman

Nonlinear beam mechanics

H.J.R. Westra

Use of centrifuge modelling to improve lessons learned from earthquake case histories

D Bertalot, A.J. Brennan, J.A. Knappett, D. Muir Wood & F.A. Villalobos

Centrifuge investigation of the load transfer mechanism above rigid inclusions

M. Blanc, G. Rault, L. Thorel, M.S.S. Almeida & M.C.F. Almeida

On the modelling of piles in sand in the small geotechnical centrifuge

A. Beijer Lundberg, J. Dijkstra & F. Van Tol

Deblending of seismic data

A. Mahdad

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