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Mechanics and Relativity

Timon Idema
In Mechanics and Relativity, the reader is taken on a tour through time and space. Starting from the basic axioms formulated by Newton and Einstein, the theory of motion at both the everyday and the highly relativistic level is developed without the need of prior knowledge. The relevant mathematics is provided in an appendix. The text contains various worked examples and a large number of original problems to help the reader develop an intuition for...

Dredging Engineering Special Topics

Sape Miedema
In dredging, production estimating is carried out mainly with analytical physical models of the different dredging processes. Slurry transport of settling slurries and cutting processes in sand, clay and rock are already covered in two other books by the author. Other processes like hopper sedimentation and erosion, water jet fluidization, cutter head spillage, pump/pipeline dynamics and clamshell dredging are covered in this Special Topics Edition. New topics may be added in the near future.

Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials

René Alderliesten
This book provides an introduction to the discipline of aerospace structures and materials. It is the first book to date that includes all relevant aspects of this discipline within a single monologue. These aspects range from materials, manufacturing and processing techniques, to structures, design principles and structural performance, including aspects like durability and safety. With the purpose of introducing students into the basics of the entire discipline, the book presents the subjects broadly and loosely...

Delftse Foundations of Computation

Stefan Hugtenburg & Neil Yorke-Smith
Delftse Foundations of Computation is a textbook for a one quarter introductory course in theoretical computer science. It includes topics from propositional and predicate logic, proof techniques, set theory and the theory of computation, along with practical applications to computer science. It has no prerequisites other than a general familiarity with computer programming.

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