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Decolonised Sexualities: The Lived Experiences of Black Township Women Who Love Women

Phoebe Kisubi Mbasalaki
This database was compiled as part of the NWO funded doctoral research project entitled “Decolonised Sexualities: The Lived Experiences of Black Township Women Who Love Women” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. R.L. Buikema (Utrecht University), Prof. Dr. G.D. Wekker (Utrecht University) and Dr. Z. Matebeni (University of Cape Town). This research project centres the lived experiences of black township women in same-sex relationships in Cape Town and Johannesburg – South Africa. The main question—‘How...

Book production in the world 1500 - 2010

Eltjo Buringh
The dataset 'Book production in the world 1500 - 2010' originaly forms part of the collection of Bibliometrics, which has been dowloaded from the Centre of Global Economics website (http://www.cgeh.nl/global-historical-bibliometrics) in september 2017. The dataset consists of an excel file with two sheets, one containing the data and one containing a description of the datasources. Bibliometrics, the science that occupies itself with the application of mathematical and statistical methods to books and other media of...

World Bank's PovcalNet Distributional Data for Poverty Research

Michail Moatsos
Using materials and methods already made publicly available by Dykstra et al. (2014), I hereby make available the latest distributional data from World Bank's PovcalNet as of October 2nd, 2018. These data are used in the poverty estimates by the PovcalNet interactive online tool. Having these data locally, an independent scholar can experiment with extensive poverty line configurations that PovcalNet cannot accommodate at its present version. NOTE: the data contained here are provided under a...

Corporate network data - Taiwan

Zong-Rong Lee & Thijs A. Velema
The data is collected by including all major active Taiwanese firms in pre-war colonial period, and all listed companies in post-war period for totally eight time points since 1941 to 2003 (i.e., 1941, 1962, 1969, 1982, 1988, 1992, 1998, and 2003). Data from 1941 is based on the Taiwanese Company Yearbook published by the Taiwan Economic Research Association. The Yearbook includes the major 168 companies that were active in Taiwan during 1941 when the Taiwan...

Individual training and employees’ cooperative behavior: evidence from a contextualized laboratory experiment.

Nikki Van Gerwen
Employers are constantly seeking to improve employee performance by means of investing in employee training. The results of training are to a large extent dependent on employees’ willingness to behave productively in a cooperative manner. Yet, systematic evidence investigating the causal relation between training and employees’ cooperative behavior is rare. Here we present results from a contextualized laboratory experiment in which subjects, who differ in terms of training participation, were asked to contribute resources to...

Network entrepreneurial personality, network constraint and social learning: An experimental test of Burt’s theory

Charlotte Rutten
These data where gathered to study causal assumptions of Burt’s social network theory. The first assumption that was studied is the assumption that actors with stronger network entrepreneurial personalities more actively pursue a strategic network position of low constraint compared to actors with weaker network entrepreneurial personalities. The second assumption that was studied is whether being in a lower network constraint position leads to more success in advantageous decision making via social learning. What is...

Corporate network data - Portugal

Álvaro Ferreira Da Silva & Pedro Neves
This dataset covers the composition of the boards of the 125 largest Portuegese firms (by assets) in several benchmark years. These years reflect the different contexts faced by business firms over roughly a hundred years— 1913 to 2010. The first year— 1913— comes at the end of the ‘long nineteenth century’, which was characterized by institutional transformation, but slow economic growth and weak industrialization. The second benchmark year— 1925— marks the end of the buoyant...

Illustration of irrigation patterns for a subset area in the Central Rift Valley Ethiopia

Marjolein Vogels
These files show the output for a subset area located in the Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia (incorporates the city Adama and Koka Lake), following the workflow in the associated paper (Spatio-temporal patterns of smallholder irrigated agriculture in the Horn of Africa using GEOBIA and Sentinel-2 imagery from M.F.A. Vogels, S.M. de Jong, G. Sterk, H. Douma, E.A. Addink; Utrecht University). The studied year is September 2016 to August 2017. It contains: 1) the cropland classification,...

Corporate network data - France

Pierre Francois & Claire Lemercier
According to the general principles defined by Thomas David and Gerharda Westerhuis in order to insure comparability between countries, we have selected the ca. 50 biggest French financial and the ca. 200 biggest French non-financial firms for each benchmark date. Due to constraints in our sources, we however departed from studies on other countries by always choosing share capital as our sampling criterion. Other minor peculiarities of our sampling scheme can be found in the...

Quality of Life

Tanja Van Der Lippe
QUALITY is an innovative quantitative and qualitative research project that has examined how, in an era of major change, European citizens and workers living in different national welfare state regimes and subject to different public and organisational trends and policies evaluate the quality of their lives. The project analyses international-comparative data on the social well-being of citizens and collects new data on social quality in European workplaces in the selected partner countries: UK, Finland, Sweden,...

Corporate network data - Italy

Alberto Rinaldi & Michelangelo Vasta
The source we used in this work for the benchmark years from 1913 to 1983 is Notizie statistiche sulle principali società italiane per azioni, edited by the Associazione fra le Società Italiane per Azioni (Assonime). The Imita.db database is an electronic version of this source. This dataset contains information on companies, boards of directors, and balance sheets of a large sample of Italian joint-stock companies for several benchmark years. On the whole, the dataset contains...

An Experiment on the Effects of Embeddedness in Trust Situations

Vincent Buskens
This vignette experiment was designed to study the effects of temporal embeddedness and network embeddedness in trust situations. The experiment uses a setting in which a buyer wants to buy a used car from a car dealer. We distinguish between effects on trust of the past relation and the effects of the expected future relation between the buyer and the dealer. A buyer can learn about the trustworthiness of the dealer from past transactions of...

Carsharing supply in Western European cities

Karla Münzel
Database contains carsharing supply data on all cities larger than 150,000 inhabitants in 5 European countries (UK, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands). Contains data on the offered shared cars of B2C and P2P carsharing in a city and the number of inhabitants in the city. Own collection of data Sample size: 177 (177 cities) 13 variables • City name • Shared cars in total • Shared P2P cars • Shared B2C cars • Number of...

Reciprocity MTH study

Eva Poortman
This dataset is the result of research in which we studied the effects of verb concepts on the interpretation of reciprocal expressions in Dutch and Hebrew. More about the research van be found in an article: http://doi.org/10.5334/gjgl.180. The data are structured as follows: Experiment 1 – consisting of a pretest and a main part - studies Hebrew verb concepts in a behavioral experiment using a forced-choice task. The dataset contains raw data (.xls files). Experiment...

Time Competition - pseudonymized

Tanja Van Der Lippe
The research program aims to test a new explanations for the growing tension between the competing time claims from the spheres of paid work and the household. This new explanation starts out from the changing governance structures in contemporary, flexible firms. In a second step, the governance structures of households are added to the explanation, because they codetermine the ways in which rival time-claims are accomodated. The fieldwork has been done by Survey Data, Netherlands....


Jacob Harm Nienhuis
Timeseries of wave data extracted from .grb2 files. Timeseries contain a 30-year wave climatology that has been generated with the NOAA WAVEWATCH III® using the Ardhuin et al (2010) physics package, 15 regular lat-lon grids, and the NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis and Reforecast (CFSRR) homogeneous dataset of hourly high-resolution winds. Model setup: Propagation scheme: Higher-order schemes with Tolman (2002) averaging technique (PR3) Linear input: Cavaleri and Malanotte-Rizzoli with filter (LN1) Nonlinear interactions: Discrete interaction...

Book titles per capita in the world 1500 - 2010

Eltjo Buringh
The dataset 'Booktitles per capita world 1500-2010' originaly forms part of the collection of Bibliometrics, which has been dowloaded from the Centre of Global Economics website (http://www.cgeh.nl/global-historical-bibliometrics) in september 2017. The dataset consists of an excel file with two sheets, one containing the data and one containing a description of the datasources. The set countains annual data on 70 countries and covers a period of 510 years. Bibliometrics, the science that occupies itself with the...

Friction and compaction data of simulated fault gouges derived from the Basal Zechstein caprock of the Groningen gas field

Luuk Bernd Hunfeld
We investigated the rate-and-state frictional properties of simulated anhydrite-carbonate fault gouge derived from the Basal Zechstein caprock overlying the seismogenic Groningen gas reservoir in the NE Netherlands. Direct shear experiments were performed at in-situ conditions of 50-150 °C and 40 MPa effective normal stress, using sliding velocities of 0.1-10 µm/s. Reservoir pore fluid compositions were simulated using 4.4 Molar NaCl brine, as well as methane, air and brine/gas mixtures. Brine-saturated samples showed friction coefficients (µ)...

Mechanical data from rotary shear experiments on material derived from outcrops felsic and mafic rocks in the East African Rift Zone

Nina Hellebrekers
In all experiments, multiple series of velocity-steps were performed to obtain the velocity dependence of friction. The data can be modeled using rate-and-state friction equations (see Marone, 1998). We used the rate-and-state friction tool included in the XLOOK program to invert the data for all RSF parameters. For more details on the inversions scheme, see e.g. Reinen and Weeks, 1993. The excel-files included give the best fit values for the different parameters and different velocity...

Multi-scale Dynamics of Ultrafast Laser Nano-Ablation of Water: Simulation code

D. Van Oosten & J. Hernandez-Rueda
In this work, we present Python code to run the FDTD simulations, as well as the OpenFOAM cases (and the custom OpenFOAM solver code required by that case), that were used to prepare the figures in the manuscript with the title "Multi-scale Dynamics of Ultrafast Laser Nano-Ablation of Water" by J. Hernandez-Rueda and D. van Oosten

The impact of verbal insults

Marijn Struiksma
The archive contains the following folders and content: Raw data EEG GSR: raw bdf data; Raw data behavioral: Presentation logfiles; Procedure: all forms used in the project; Pretest: the pretest on the words used in the experiment; Experimental setup: Presentation files and sitmulus material; Analysis GSR: history template, matfiles, SPSS files; Analysis EEG: history templates, SPSS files; Analysis description: codebook and description of workflow

Corporate network data - Germany

Paul Windolf
This data set consists of samples of the largest German firms for the years 1896, 1914, 1928, 1933, 1938, 1992 and 2010 (for sources see the sources and methods file). Sample size for each year: 1896: N= 211 1914: N= 346 1928: N= 377 1933: N= 405 1938: N= 363 1992: N= 614 2010: N= 252 For the years 1914, 1928, 1933, 1938 and 1992 a standardized firm sample of size N=250 has been selected....

Credit transactions by aldermen and notaries in the Low Countries

Oscar Gelderblom
This database was compiled as part the EURYI/VIDI research project ‘The Evolution of Financial Markets in Pre-Industrial Europe (1500-1800): A Comparative Analysis’, led by Oscar (O.C.) Gelderblom and Joost (J.P.B.) Jonker. The research project explores why sophisticated capital markets emerge in some economies, but not in others. To explain the divergent development of capital markets in pre-industrial Europe, this project will compare the financial instruments and intermediaries that entrepreneurs in various parts of Europe used...

Reviewed publications 'The living lab as a methodology for public administration research'

Rianne Dekker
This document provides a full list of 84 publications that were included in a systematic literature review of applications of the living lab methodology in the social sciences. This article is published in the International Journal of Public Administration, DOI:10.1080/01900692.2019.1668410.

Density Distribution of a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Photons in a Dye-Filled Microcavity: Code and Data

S. Greveling, K. L. Perrier & D. Van Oosten
In this work, we present the data and an implementation of the theoretical model that were used to prepare the manuscript with the title "Density Distribution of a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Photons in a Dye-Filled Microcavity" by S. Greveling, K. L. Perrier, and D. van Oosten. The folder ManuscriptFigures contains the figures in the manuscript as well as the Python scripts used to generate them. The (relative) paths used in these scripts can be used...

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