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How play enhances creativity in problem based learning

Ann Charlotte Thorsted
This article draws on 20 Danish university students’ reflections in and on a Problem-based Learning process (PBL). The study showed how a more playful approach changed how the students collaborated, communicated, and approached a given task. They felt more creative, open minded and engaged compared to some of their earlier learning experiences. They sensed a change in how they interacted with each other, a different tone arose in their social bonding, which led to the...

New DNA-based Approaches for the Study of Microbial Communities

Søren Michael Karst
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Bringing the classroom into the world: three Australian cases of designing mobile technology to support blended learning for the built and landscaped environment

Wally Michael Smith, Hannah Lewi, Andrew Saniga, Lee Stickells & Dora Constantinidis
We describe and reflect on three case studies of developing fieldwork for tertiary students of architectural history, landscape history and urban design. In each case, the potential of blended learning was explored through the use of mobile technology to explore designated sites as extensions of class-based learning. Two studies involved the development of apps that worked as guides for students to explore places of significance in Melbourne, while one study invited students to develop a...

Fourth Issue of the Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education

Jacob Davidsen & Thomas Ryberg
We are pleased to introduce the fourth issue of the Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education. Current issue is composed of five research papers and two PBL cases. These address different aspects of PBL in higher education as and represent an international experiences and knowledge with contributions from Brazil, Denmark, Germany and Morocco. The first three papers and the two cases touch upon the role of the teacher in facilitating problem based learning...

Performing Sociology at a Music Festival

Katalin Halász
The white woman has been a central figure in second wave feminism. Conceptualised variously as an embracing character allured by racial difference by Mica Nava (2007) or as a racist oppressor by Hazel Carby (1992) among others, she has emerged in various disguises which all point to her centrality in feminist and anti-racist movements. This article considers The Chamber of White, a video performance that reconfigures this historical figure in contemporary relations. It explores how...

Kultur er noget vi giver til hinanden

Mogens Sparre
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

An Animated Adoration

Dale K. Andrews
Consumers of manga (comics), anime (cartoons), and video games increasingly search for alternative ways to forge a connection with their favorite characters. In Japan, many of the actual places used in such media as models for background scenery have within recent years become popular as tourist destinations. In an effort to connect with the characters from the action-adventure game Sengoku Basara, female gamers began to gather at a shrine dedicated to Japan’s war dead. At...

Seven domains for leadership mentoring and executive coaching A reflective paper

Paul O. Olson
This article discusses how coaching and mentoring can be integrated and work together as systematic tools for leadership development. The author draws on psychotherapy as a parallel for practitioner research and posits five validation hypotheses for coaching and mentoring. Arguably coaching is not sufficient to develop leaders, but a useful toolbox within mentoring. Internal mentors in particular have cultural and industry knowledge of direct relevance to the adept. Seven domains are identified for an integrated...

Business Model Disclosures in Corporate Reports

Jan Michalak, Gunnar Rimmel, Peter Beusch & Kristina Jonäll
Purpose: In this paper, we investigate the development, the current state, and the potential of business model disclosures to illustrate where, why and how organizations might want to disclose their business models to their stakeholders. The description of the business model may be relevant to stakeholders if it helps them to comprehend the company ‘story’ and increase understanding of other provided data (i.e. financial statements, risk exposure, sustainability of operations). It can also aid stakeholders...

The Poiesis of Charles Dickens’s Night Walks

Jørgen Riber Christensen
The case of the article is six of Charles Dickens’ articles based on his walks in London. The theoretical approach of the article is Heidegger’s conception of poiesis, in particular his central concept Geschehnis der Wahrheit (unconcealment of truth), which is regarded as a notable element of Dickens’ wish for social reform and his societal critique. This has the context of Dickens’ work as a reporter and editor of his periodicals Household Words and All...

国际移民治理视角下的欧洲难民危机研究/The European Refugee Crisis from the Perspective of International Migration Governance

Xie Tingting & Huang Rihan
2015年以来涌入欧洲的难民人数大幅增加,不仅影响到欧洲社会秩序的稳定与团结,更对欧洲经济社会的发展造成一定压力。面对不断上升的难民危机,是拒绝还是接纳,欧洲面临人道主义和国家利益的两难选择。本文从国际移民的跨国流动对国家边界内的治理能力所带来的冲击和挑战切入,结合国际移民政策理论分析了国家的三类基本选择,并进一步从国际移民治理机制公共产品的角度为欧洲难民危机的解决提供全新的思考路径。当然,中国也应抓住机会成为国际移民治理机制的倡导者,参与到全球治理的规则制定之中。 The influx of refugees in Europe in 2015 has greatly increased, which not only affects the stability and unity of European society, but also exerts certain pressure on its economic development. In the face of the refugee crisis, it is a dilemma for the European countries to choose either humanitarian or national interests. Starting from the impact and challenge that international migration has had on effective governance within national boundaries, this paper uses the...

Praktikerperspektivet og oplevet evidens – nye veje til forståelse af evidens?

Lillith Olesen Løkken & Ole Michael Spaten
Med udgangspunkt i en fremstilling af den fremherskende (medicinske) forståelse af evidensbegrebet vil artiklen diskutere formålet med evidens i den psykologiske praksis. Begreber som ’praksisbaseret evidens’ og ’oplevet evidens’ vil blive fremstillet og sat i forhold til det klassiske evidensbegreb. Med et kritisk lys på evidenshierarkier, som kan føre til en forsnævret virksomhed i forhold til såvel forskning som praksis, diskuteres såkaldte ’endegyldige sandheder’ i forhold til det unikke og kontekstbundne. Fra praktikerperspektivet plæderes endelig...

Throwing the Body Into the Fight: The Body as an Instrument in Political Art

Max Ryynänen
Thinking about the body in contemporary art leads easily to an exaggerated focus on extremities and excess. Beginning from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s violently radical life, and ending up in Martin Jay’s critique of Richard Shusterman’s somaesthetics, the first part of this article discusses different conceptions regarding the role of the body in art. I aspire to show the need to rearticulate the role of the body in contemporary art. In the second part of the...


Banphot Nobaew
The PhD Series of the Faculty of the Humanities, Aalborg University

MED PASIENTEN I FØRERSETET – Recovery-perspektivets implikasjoner for musikkterapi i psykisk helsearbeid

Hans Petter Solli
Artikkelen introduserer recovery-perspektivet i forhold til psykiske lidelser og psykisk helse, og ser på dets mulige implikasjoner for musikkterapien. Det gjøres greie for historiske utviklingstrekk og rasjonale bak den medisinske modellen i behandling og psykoterapi, og for recovery-perspektivets historiske utvikling og konseptualisering. En case-vignett danner bakgrunn for en diskusjon av bedringsperspektivets implikasjoner for meta-perspektiv, praksis og forskning. Humanistiske -, ressursorienterte - og samfunnsorienterte tilnærminger til musikkterapi foreslås som konstruktive veier mot en mer recovery-orientert musikkterapi....

Ensemble, Entrainment, and Movement in the Mess of the Matter: Non-anthropocentric Design of Responsive-Media Environments

Garrett Laroy Johnson, Todd Ingalls, Britta Joy Peterson & Xin Wei Sha
In this paper, we describe an experimental approach to the study of coordinated group activity (ensemble) through the development of a responsive media system and enacted movement-based research. Interested in how ensembles emerge, we take into account the material conditions of phenomena associated with coordination and entrainment. To this end we share about the development of a responsive media system and as well as a series of movement experiments with the system. As a unframing...

Stelarc: On the Body as an Artistic Material

Stahl Stenslie
In this dialogue with Stahl Stenslie, Stelarc discusses his use of the body as an artistic material. He explains his own experience from the inside his own performance based artworks, disclosing a unique insight into somaesthetical matters representative of bodybased performance art.

Matriklens udvidelse - ændringer i ejendomsprocessen

Bent Hulegaard Jensen & Anne Kristine Mouritsen
Nærværende artikel har fokus på de kommende ændringer i ejendomsdannelsen. Ændringerne får en række konsekvenser for de centrale aktører i ejendomsdannelses-processen; kommunerne, Tinglysningsretten, Geodatastyrelsen samt de praktiserende landinspektører. Baggrunden for ændringerne bygger på de målsætninger, der er opstillet i Grund dataprogrammet og herunder delprogrammet for ejendomsdata, iværksat af Digitaliseringsstyrelsen. Implementering af programmet ledes af Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Eff ektivisering og udmøntes igennem et samarbejde mellem Kommunernes Landsforening, Domstolsstyrelsen og Geodatastyrelsen.

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