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Assessment for Learning in Inquiry Based Science Education

Cristina Carulla Fornaguera
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Novel Microorganisms and Their Function on Anaerobic Digesters

Rasmus Hansen Kirkegaard
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University


Hugo Cancino
Sociedad y Discurso, No 7 (2005)


Bent Sørensen
This article examines some aspects of the phenomenon of popular fiction, using the terminology proposed by Pierre Bourdieu in his works on distinction and cultural production, including ‘position taking,’ ‘field,’ and ‘capital(s).’ After the theoretical groundwork is laid, the second half of the article analyzes specifically the case of popular postmodern author Paul Auster, with regards to the role of genre and dual readership/reading protocol inscribed in his fictions, the mechanisms of gatekeeping, consecration and...

Paving the Way for Heat. Local Government Policies for Developing Bioenergy

Bente Johnsen Rygg
Local governments play dual roles in developing renewable energy projects. They are the targets of many goals concerning energy and climate, set by national and international actors, and they are important actors in energy planning, regulation setting, and the development of infrastructure and residential areas. In this paper, I study how local governments’ technology policies affect the actual outcome of project development based on experiences from 14 local governments. Technology policies are studied from the...

On the use of the transferrin receptor as a target for brain drug delivery

Kasper Bendix Johnsen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University

Batteries in Space

Erik Ramsgaard Wognsen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Anmeldelse: Ulla Charlotte Becks ”Psykodynamisk coaching”

Philip Kjær
Coaching Psykologi - The Danish Journal of Coaching Psychology, Årg. 3, Nr. 1 (2014)

Customer perspectives on district heating price models

Kerstin Sernhed, Henrik Gåverud & Annamaria Sandgren
In Sweden there has been a move towards more cost reflective price models for district heating in order to reduce economic risks that comes with variable heat demand and high shares of fixed assets. The keywords in the new price models are higher shares of fixed cost, seasonal energy prices and charging for capacity. Also components that are meant to serve as incentives to affect behaviour are introduced, for example peak load components and flow...

Globale fortællinger i den skandinaviske krimi

Gunhild Agger
Gunhild Agger's Global Tales in Scandinavian Crime Fiction - Myths, History, Christianity and Moral Philosophy presents us with some of the reasons behind the Scandinavian crime fiction success at home and globally. One of the best known reasons is that crime fictions contain a critique of liberalism and capitalism that show the downside of this ideology and this system. However, Agger claims that there are other important reasons that can help explain the worldwide success...

Meningsskabelse i det nære sundhedsvæsen

Vibeke Just Andersen & Holstebro Kommune
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

Ambulant individuel langtidsmusikterapi – er det en god idé?

Lars Ole Bonde, Lars Rye Bertelsen & Peter Niedermann
Oplæg ved musikterapiklinikkens 20 års jubilæum oktober 2014, Aalborg Universitetshospital – psykiatrien.

The Interpretation of Problem Based Learning: A Case Study

Huichun Li
Currently, there are a large number of higher education institutions transforming their traditional educational approaches to PBL. In order to address the challenges for PBL implementation for a university, it is quite necessary to investigate how the managers and staff members interpret PBL in practice. Through the exploration of a university which is in the process of transforming its traditional educational paradigm to PBL, we note that there is a lack of unified understanding of...

Seize the moment!

Christel Tarber
Using the methodology of conversation analysis, this study focuses on patients’ disclosures of psychosocial problems during moments of suspended interaction, i.e. when the doctor is otherwise engaged. Contrary to most activities in the medical encounter, these disclosures are initiated by patients themselves. However, they are placed and designed so as not to require the doctor to respond, but rather to minimise the imposition on the doctor. Uptake, therefore, is not guaranteed. The placement of such...

试析“六方会谈”各方在朝核问题上的地缘政治博弈 / An Analysis of the Geopolitical Game among the Parties of the "Six Party Talks" on the DPRK Nuclear Issue

Lin Limin & Cheng Yake
国际社会通常认为相关国家在朝核问题上的博弈是一场扩散与反扩散博弈。本文认为,朝鲜核问题的战略本质是相关方在扩散与反扩散博弈旗号下的一场地缘政治博弈,扩散与反扩散博弈固然重要,却不是其本质。朝鲜核问题之所以进进退退,不时高潮迭起,之所以陷入“无解”僵局,是由于国际社会是按扩散与反扩散博弈的政治逻辑认知、判断、处置一个地缘政治问题,其结果必然是药不对症。要从根本上解决朝鲜核问题,需要国际社会重新认识朝鲜核问题的地缘政治本质,从地缘政治角度谋求合理解决。 The international community generally believes that the game on the DPRK nuclear issue among related countries is about proliferation and nonproliferation. This paper argues that DPRK’s nuclear issue is a geopolitical game in essence, and only looks like a game about proliferation. The struggle between proliferation and nonproliferation is an important element of the game, but it does reflect its essence. The DPRK nuclear issue is caught in a deadlock with no solution in...

As a matter of fact

Patrik Kjærsdam Telléus
In this day and age, facts seem to be equally relevant and irrelevant, depending on your view of the so-called post-factual society. In this article, I look closer at facts by using the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, supplemented by J.L. Austin and others. I analyze facts in terms of a) true and real, b) a propositional trait and a narrative trait, and c) independent and dependent on the knower/teller of facts. The analysis forces facts...

Compressive Sensing Simulation Framework

Patrick Steffen Pedersen & Christian Schou Oxvig

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