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Scour development around Mono Bucket Foundations

Ionut Emanuel Stroescu
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Olafur Eliasson: Interdisciplinary Approaches and their Interplay with his Art

Else Marie Bukdahl
This dialogue with Olafur Eliasson investigates his interpretations of how he has merged the fields of art, architecture, science, and philosophy and has been sculpting a new interface between humanity and nature.

Værdibaseret forbrug – et paraplybegreb

Tove A. Rasmussen & Maria Majdall
Tove A. Rasmussen and Maria Majdall Værdibaseret forbrug – et paraplybegreb. (Value based consumption – an umbrella concept). In public debate as well as in research a number of different terms are used for considerate consumption, which implies both consideration for the other in the shape of nature, environment and animals and consideration for the others in the shape of people. It may be ecological, political and sustainable consumption as well as others. The article...

Introducing Multi-Stage Qualification for Micro-Level Decision-Making (MSQMLDM) Method in the Energy Sector – A case study of Photovoltaic and Wind Power in Tehran

Sami Saleki
Buildings are consuming approximately 60% of the total electricity supply and 40% of the primary energy consumption around the world. Further, they are responsible for approximately one third of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Various approaches have been adopted to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions in buildings such as green buildings and low-carbon buildings. In spite of the existing differences among these methods, some similarities are available, especially in using renewable energy. The present...

Off-Flavour Producing Bacteria in Aquaculture

Mie Bech Lukassen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Dissolving Europe?

Birgit Eriksson
When the performance Living Dead premiered in Denmark in 2016, its reception was characterized by an equal amount of praise and unease. Written and directed by Christian Lollike, Living Dead dealt with the increasing number of refugees coming to Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Controversially, it was a “horror performance” focusing on the fear, anxiety, and potential dissolution of Europe. The article examines the agency of the performance. How does it engage our...

Futures of rural and peripheral areas

Helle Nørgaard
Regional processes have transformed rural and peripheral areas throughout Europe through spatial, functional and social changes and in terms of stagnating economies as well as population decline. In response to this, the so-­‐called 'new rural paradigm' was developed where key elements are a focus on places rather than sectors and on investments rather than subsidies, stressing the need for building on local strengths and qualities. An overall goal within the EU is to pursue economic,...

Ejendomsdata – forandringer og muligheder

Peter Knudsen
I artiklen præsenteres de ændringer der følger af implementeringen af Ejendomsdataprogrammet under Grunddataprogrammet. Der redegøres bl.a. nærmere for implementeringsplanerne, samt muligheder og gevinster for anvendere. Derudover er der fokuseret på sammenhængene med resten af Grunddataprogrammet og den videre drift, vedligeholdelse og videreudvikling af ejendomsdataområdet. Artiklen er udarbejdet i sammenhæng med et indlæg på Kortdage 2017.

Professionel praksis i botilbud for mennesker med udviklingshæmning

Mie Engen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

Coachee Satisfaction and Beyond : A Systematic Review of the Coaching Relationship

Yi-Lang Lai & Almuth McDowall
This report summarises a conference paper presented at the 4th International Congress hosted by the British Psychological Society’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology in London, December 2014. A further discus- sion of a Systematic Review (SR) study which aimed to strengthen evidence-based coaching through reviewing existing studies in Coaching Psychology was presented. is SR focused on investigating e ective coaching psychologists’ attributes for a productive coaching relationship and how to facilitate desired outcomes. e coaching...

Care and calls

Bettina Sletten Paasch
The PhD Series of the Faculty of the Humanities, Aalborg University

Politiske identiteter og kønspolitiske holdninger i tre generationer

Ann-Dorte Christensen & Mette Tobiasen

Implementering af rygretningslinjer i almen praksis

Allan Riis
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University

Håndgribelige samtaler. Introduktion til et systematisk/narrativt Coaching KIT

Trine Paludan & Niels-Henrik Sørensen
Artiklen introducerer læseren til ’3D coaching’, en metode inspireret fra designverden som anvender fysiske og visuelle materialer til at styrke coachingsamtaler ved at gøre dem konkrete og håndgribelige. Teoretisk introduceres begreberne dobbelt-eksternalisering og dobbelt-kontingens som er artiklens teoretiske bidrag indenfor særlig det narrative og systemiske teorifelt. Keywords: 3D Coaching, design, narrativ og systemisk teori, eksternalisering.

Business Model Warfare: The Strategy of Business Breakthroughs

Langdon Morris
There’s a story behind every business success and every business failure, sometimes the story of a great idea; sometimes one that failed. Sometimes it’s a story of insightful management, or management that failed. But almost always it’s a story about change. Change in the market; change in the economy; change in a particular product or service that transformed a failure into a success, or vice versa. Hidden behind many of these changes, or sometimes as...

Scandinavian Egalitarianism

Andreas Pihl Kjærsgård
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

Meet your inside

Jan Eric Olsén
Jan Eric Olsén Meet your inside – endoscopic visualizations in contemporary culture. Visualizations of the body have increasingly become the primary interface between physicians and patients. CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound, scintigraphy, laparoscopy, the list is long of the imaging technologies utilized in hospitals and clinics today. This article deals with the visualization technique described by Bordowitz, namely endoscopy. Since endoscopy is based on the visual examination of the body as such, the shift towards external...

Uarbejdsdygtig og hvad så?

Anette Skals
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

试析“六方会谈”各方在朝核问题上的地缘政治博弈 / An Analysis of the Geopolitical Game among the Parties of the "Six Party Talks" on the DPRK Nuclear Issue

Lin Limin & Cheng Yake
国际社会通常认为相关国家在朝核问题上的博弈是一场扩散与反扩散博弈。本文认为,朝鲜核问题的战略本质是相关方在扩散与反扩散博弈旗号下的一场地缘政治博弈,扩散与反扩散博弈固然重要,却不是其本质。朝鲜核问题之所以进进退退,不时高潮迭起,之所以陷入“无解”僵局,是由于国际社会是按扩散与反扩散博弈的政治逻辑认知、判断、处置一个地缘政治问题,其结果必然是药不对症。要从根本上解决朝鲜核问题,需要国际社会重新认识朝鲜核问题的地缘政治本质,从地缘政治角度谋求合理解决。 The international community generally believes that the game on the DPRK nuclear issue among related countries is about proliferation and nonproliferation. This paper argues that DPRK’s nuclear issue is a geopolitical game in essence, and only looks like a game about proliferation. The struggle between proliferation and nonproliferation is an important element of the game, but it does reflect its essence. The DPRK nuclear issue is caught in a deadlock with no solution in...

Fatigue-Damage Estimation and Control for Wind Turbines

Jose De Jesus Barradas Berglind
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

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