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Den lille og den store nytte

Jesper Garsdal & Michael Paulsen
In this article, we expound a distinction between a “small” and a “large” notion of utility. We do this by linking the concept of utility to the concept of freedom. Our suggestions derive from two readings related to the Chinese history of philosophy. First, we develop the distinction in a reading of early classical Chinese philosophy, through a discussion of Confucianism, Mohism and Daoism. Secondly, we explore the relationship between utility and freedom in the...

Reassembling surveillance creep

Ask Risom Bøge & Peter Lauritsen
We live in societies in which surveillance technologies are constantly introduced, are transformed, and spread to new practices for new purposes. How and why does this happen? In other words, why does surveillance “creep”? This question has received little attention either in theoretical development or in empirical analyses. Accordingly, this article contributes by demonstrating how Actor-Network Theory (ANT) can advance our understanding of ‘surveillance creep’. Based on ANT’s model of translation and a historical study...

The Photograph as Network

Frauke Wiegand
Inspired by actor-network theory (ANT), this article develops a theoretical framework for grasping the dynamic visual work of cultural memory. It introduces three sensitizing concepts derived from Latourian actor-network methodology, namely entanglement, relationality, and traceability, operationalizing them as methodological tools for reading the net-work of images. The objects of study are two visitor snapshots of the photographic exhibition, The Story of Soweto, at the famous Regina Mundi Church in Soweto, South Africa. I demonstrate that,...

Social Reproduction and Political Change in The Wire

Mikkel Jensen
This paper examines a core tension in the political television serial The Wire (2002-2008). While several critics have argued that this show is both “bleak” and “systemic” in its portrayal of contemporary society, this paper argues that it is useful to understand these textual elements as building blocks in The Wire’s attempt to create a coherent and consistent political argument. The paper argues that had The Wire been structured as a more uplifting and redeeming...

An Empirical Study on Radio Propagation in Heterogeneous Networks

Ignacio Rodriguez
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Youth Crime, Sanctions, and Education

Britt Østergaard Larsen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

南亚地区安全治理的困境与出路 / The Predicament and Solution of Security Governance in South Asia

Qian Feng
南亚地区最突出的安全治理困境有四,一是印巴对抗僵局;二是多国间存在领土争端,如中印争端等;三是恐怖活动剧烈,并有加强之势;四是走私贩毒、非法移民、跨国犯罪等非传统安全问题积重难返。要解决这些安全治理困境,需要相关国家采取协商、对话、合作,尤其需要相关大国、尤其是中印等大国积极合作、协商对话,承担主要责任;还需要采取多边主义,包括支持联合国发挥积极作用等。此外,要解决南亚安全治理困境,发展经济、促进地区繁荣是关键。没有一个健康、稳定、繁荣与发展的经济,南亚很难走出安全治理困境。而在这方面,中国所倡导的“一带一路”倡议将能发挥巨大的推动作用。 There are four prominent security governance dilemmas in South Asia. The first one is the standoff between India and Pakistan; the second is a number of territorial disputes between countries; the third one is the increasingly violent terrorist activities; the forth is the persistence of drug smuggling, illegal immigration and transnational crimes and other non-traditional security problems. The solving of these security governance dilemmas calls for the relevant countries to coordinate, discuss and cooperate...

Metaphysics, Corporeality and Visuality: A Developmental and Comparative Review of the Discourses on Chinese Ink Painting

Eva Kit Wah MAN
This paper will address two main questions: How should we understand modern Chinese ink art and its many possibilities, when we agree that this has a great bearing on how the traditional medium of ink is being internationally recognized? Is there anything essential about ink art? The discussion begins with a recent ink art exhibition entitled, “New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond”, which shapes new ink art under its various social and cultural contexts. With...

Coaching individuals with perfectionistic tendencies When high standards help and hinder

Sarah Corrie & Stephen Palmer
Perfectionism has been widely recognised in the clinical field but has received less attention in the coaching psychology literature. Referring to overly high and unforgiving personal standards of performance that are accompanied by harsh self-evaluation when self-imposed standards are not met, perfectionism has the potential to undermine the coachee’s ability to achieve their goals as well as the coaching process itself. In consequence, it is important for practitioners to be able to identify and work...

VOIAS – et stemme-assessmentredskab til vurdering af klientens psykiske tilstand og terapeutiske proces, – en undersøgelse af dens kliniske relevans fra et case-perspektiv

Sanne Storm
VOIAS er et stemme-assessmentredskab udviklet i forskningsprojektet “Research into the development of voice assessment in music therapy” (Storm 2013). Motivationen til at udvikle et stemmeassessmentredskab til musikterapi udspringer fra mine erfaringer i klinisk praksis og som medlem af et tværfagligt behandler- og udredningsteam. Igennem mange år har jeg anvendt “Psykodynamisk stemmeterapi” som en metode og tilgang til at imødekomme klientens behov for blandt andet at håndtere angst, lindre depression eller støtte en indre oplevelse af...

Implant- related infections

Lone Heimann Larsen
The PhD Series of theThe PhD Series of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University

Enhancement of speech signals - with a focus on voiced speech models

Sidsel Marie Nørholm
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Book Review: Gustavo Moser, Rethinking Choice of Law in Cross-border Sales (Eleven International Publishing 2018)

Luca G. Castellani
The general conclusion of the book is that uniform law – namely the CISG – is often excluded because it is simply not liked by traders and their legal advisors and that the reasons for this dislike are unclear and may be unrelated to rational legal arguments. This is a dangerous approach that does not serve commercial interests and may expose involved lawyers to professional liability. Hence, this conclusion highlights the importance of capacity-building. Universities...

Interlimb communication

Andrew James Thomas Stevenson
The PhD Series of theThe PhD Series of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University

Reflections on remaining obstacles in a primary-care oriented pure PBL curriculum after twelve years of implementation

Alberto Enrique D’Ottavio & Norberto David Bassan
A pioneer primary-care oriented pure PBL curriculum, based on constructivism and adult learning theories combined with Morin’s complex thinking, was implemented in our medical school since 2002. Regardless of warnings opportunely made because the basic requirements for its successful implementation could not be fully fulfilled in practice, the experience was carried out and, while partially amended, still endures. This allows revealing several obstacles in many operational aspects, here recalled and/or characterized. Besides becoming helpful not...

Titelblad, kolofon, indholdsfortegnelse

, Redaktionelt
Titelblad, kolofon, indholdsfortegnelse

Women against feminism: Exploring discursive measures and implications of anti-feminist discourse

Alex Phillip Lyng Christiansen & Ole Izard Høyer
The present paper studies anti-feminist discourse within the tumblr-based group Women Against Feminism, and explores how the sentiments of these anti-feminists, as expressed in a multi-modal format, may help to understand the difficulty feminism has with gathering support from its female audience. The textual corpus, gathered through the site, is analysed with methods inspired by Fairclough's 2012 version of CDA, focused on discovering social issues within feminism as it relates to a female audience. By...

Patienternes oplevelse af musikterapibehandling – spørgeskemaundersøgelse på Musikterapiklinikken

Charlotte Lindvang & Inge Nygaard Pedersen
Patienternes oplevelse af musikterapibehandling – spørgeskemaundersøgelse på Musikterapiklinikken

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