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A Novel Approach to Assess Opioid-Induced Bowel Dysfunction

Matias Nilsson
The PhD Series of theThe PhD Series of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University

Accounting for Business Models: Increasing the Visibility of Stakeholders

Colin Haslam, Nick Tsitsianis, Tord Andersson & Pauline Gleadle
Purpose: This paper conceptualises a firm’s business model employing stakeholder theory as a central organising element to help inform the purpose and objective(s) of business model financial reporting and disclosure. Framework: Firms interact with a complex network of primary and secondary stakeholders to secure the value proposition of a firm’s business model. This value proposition is itself a complex amalgam of value creating, value capturing and value manipulating arrangements with stakeholders. From a financial accounting...

Algorithms for Reconstruction of Undersampled Atomic Force Microscopy Images Supplementary Material

Christian Schou Oxvig
Two Jupyter Notebooks showcasing reconstructions of undersampled atomic force microscopy images. The reconstructions were obtained using a variety of interpolation and reconstruction methods.

w-IST/w-IHT Figures

Christian Schou Oxvig
An IPython Notebook showcasing reconstructions of undersampled atomic force microscopy images. The reconstructions were obtained using weighted iterative thresholding compressed sensing algorithms.

Magni Reproducibility Example

Christian Schou Oxvig, Thomas Arildsen & Torben Larsen
An example of how to use the magni.reproducibility package for storing metadata along with results from a computational experiment. The example is based on simulating the Mandelbrot set.

Refleksion i og om musikalsk improvisation i musikterapi

Niels Jørgensen Hannibal
Refleksion i og om musikalsk improvisation i musikterapi

How do SMEs collaborate with Academia?

Diane Filip
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Optimizing Analytical Queries over Semantic Web Sources

Dilshod Ibragimov
The PhD Series of The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Aalborg University

Home-based businesses: An Exploration of Business Model

Isla Kapasi & Laura Galloway
Purpose Home-based business (HBB) literature identifies variation in the sector, such as differences in technology use, knowledge capital. It also asserts HBB may have specific value for specific groups of business starters. Despite this diversity, HBB is treated as one conceptualisation, as a single business model. Consequently, our knowledge is based on disparate studies with different research agendas and results are inconsistent and sometimes contradictory. This paper outlines a means by which the heterogeneity of...

Network Coding Using Superregular Matrices For Robust Real-Time Streaming

Jonas Hansen
The PhD Series of The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Aalborg University

Towards spatially enabled digital government

Lise Schrøder & Bent Hulegaard Jensen
Geographical information (GI) and spatial data infrastructure (SDI) has gained increasing awareness among researchers as well as among executive level managers and politicians. In Europe especially the adoption of the INSPIRE Directive has put spatial data infrastructure on the agendas of the parliaments combined with national e-Government strategies. In Denmark this top-down approach to development of e-Government has been combined with an informal, bottom-up approach with a focus on standardisation, the use of geographical information...

The Value Generating Mechanisms of Open Government Data

Thorhildur Jetzek
Recent trends towards openness and technical connectivity have offered the ability to drive massive social and economic change; however they demand a redefinition of relationships. We have observed a move from a polarized world where companies operate in economic markets while governments drive social progress, to an interconnected, networked world of shared resources and co-creation. One of the trends driving this change is open government data. This paper presents a framework of four value generating...

全球伦理与国际话语权 / Global Ethics and International Discourse Power

Yingchun Sun
Global ethics is based on the accumulation and integration of ethnical awareness, social norms, and related traditions which are shared by different societies, interrelated through the universally-accepted values and morals of global society which apply in international affairs. The equal and open interaction of international actors, along with the common engagement of the construction of global ethics, are the rational basis for the existence and evolution of the so-called “human community”. Global ethics also provides...

The ‘Tutorless’ Design Studio: A Radical Experiment in Blended Learning

Glen Andrew Hill
This paper describes a pedagogical experiment in which blended learning strategies were used to replace the traditional role of design tutors in a first year architectural design studio. The pedagogical objectives, blended learning strategies and outcomes of the course are detailed. While the quality of the student design work produced by the blended learning design studio was independently assessed as being of a very high standard, the student feedback on the course was mixed. Given...

Freedom of Expression in the Era of the Privatization of Reason

Henrik Jøker Bjerre
The importance of free speech is beyond dispute in liberal democracy, and is today hardly challenged by anyone, but fundamentalist, religious groups. But which purpose should free speech serve, and how should it be (re)defined and administered in order to fulfill this purpose? I claim that these questions are more important than they may seem, and that they are easily overlooked, if free speech is treated as an end in itself or as something that...

E-Learning Course Design from a Cross Cultural Perspective

Sandra Safwat Youssef Fahmy
The PhD Series of the Faculty of the Humanities, Aalborg University

Social Structures of households' Heat Consumption

Anders Rhiger Hansen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Ten Years of the Sino-European Strategic Partnership: Achievements and Problems

Mingjin Wang
Ten years after the establishment of the strategic partnership between China and the EU, this relationship has continued to flourish. However, publicly they have often been at odds, and even created doubts about the real existence of the comprehensive strategic partnership. The drawbacks of this relationship in recent years are mainly caused by the increased competitiveness in economy and trade, and the outbreak of quarrels concerning human rights and other areas. Since Sino-EU relations are...

PBL and the Postmodern Condition - Knowledge Production in University Education

Ole Ravn & Annie Aarup Jensen
In this article we discuss the contemporary conditions for running the Aalborg Problem Based Learning-model (PBL). We try to pinpoint key characteristics of these conditions emphasising Lyotard’s conception of knowledge production referred to as the move towards a postmodern condition for knowledge. Through discussions of this alleged condition for university curricula development we investigate its connections to the PBL-model. Some of the explored conditions highlight strong potentials for the PBL-model but the postmodern condition also...

Laboured Learning

Karin Topsø Larsen
The PhD Series of The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Aalborg University

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